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  1. Cam Newton compared to Pablo Escobar

    This from a guy who probably has a Dez Bryant jersey and rooted for Terrell Owens.
  2. The Ginger Dalton is upset by Watt's Comments

    The way Dalton responded I wouldn't be surprised if the woman in Nashville who wrote the letter is his sister.  People are too damn sensitive.
  3. Hospice?

    As people have said Hospice is for end of life care at a person's home to give a patient comfort, as well as giving the family relief of constantly having to care for a terminally ill family member.  I'm sorry for your father's condition and I wish him and you peace.
  4. Thanksgiving meats

    I'm going to brine and then deep fry a turkey plus we usually do one traditional oven roasted turkey as well as a ham.
  5. Getting redirect program on this website

    I've checked the extensions and don't have any.  It started after I updated Adobe.  I deleted Adobe and anything associated with it and that seemed to have done the trick.  Appreciate the help people offered.  The first trouble I've had with the Apple, but it was a major nuisance.
  6. It only happens on my iMac, I click on the main Panthers forum and I get directed to some site called  It then shows an ad for another website and there is a countdown in the upper corner that says site will resume and when it hits zero the page goes blank.  This is the only site I visit that has this problem.  Anyone else get it or anyone no how to get rid of it on an Apple?  It is preventing me from visiting the huddle on my computer which is intolerable.
  7. Just checked their gofundme page.  They are asking for $10,800 and have raised a massive.........$155.  Almost 1.5% raised. They say they need the money by today to get the billboards up.  Don't think they are going to make it.
  8. This was at the bottom of the article.  I like El Terrible and El Confessor.   Some of the nicknames Jaime and Luis Moreno use for Panthers players during game broadcasts in Spanish: El Sonorense: Center Ryan Kalil. His grandmother is from the Mexican state of Sonora. El Dinosaurio (“The Dinosaur”): Quarterback Cam Newton. A nickname that began at Auburn. “He’s one of a kind. There are no more like him.” El Bandolero (“The Bandit”): Cornerback Josh Norman. “He steals from everybody that throws his way.” El Terrible: Running back Jonathan Stewart El Confesor (“The Confessor”): Linebacker Luke Kuechly. “In medieval times, you had the punisher. The guy who would get anything out of you.” El Aristócrata (“The Aristocrat”): Wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr., because “what he does on the field is difficult to find anywhere else. It’s an aristocracy.” El Capitán: Linebacker Thomas Davis Jr. El Bolichero (”The Bowler”): Tight end Ed Dickson. “He loves bowling a lot.” Rico: Coach Ron Rivera, but “he doesn’t know it. We have to ask for his permission.” (During his playing days in Chicago, Rivera’s nickname was Chico.) El Tanque: Mike Tolbert. “He’s a tank whenever he gets the ball.”  Read more here:  
  9. We have won more games in the first half of this season then we did all of last season.  Love this team.
  10. Packer fans today at BOA Stadium

    Probably 70-30.  Lot of green and yellow there today.  But when your franchise has been around as long as theirs and won 5 or so Superbowls, you are going to have fans everywhere.
  11. What about Bene?


    Great team this year. I hope Tyus Jones stays, but I have a feeling he, Winslow and Okafor are gone next year. Time for Allen to take over.