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  1. California is pulling for Cam Newton to win...

    That's just ridiculous. Congratulations on getting to the peak of your chosen field, you won't need any of the compensation that you earned.
  2. What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

    How about the Kawannolina Camthers?  Then only 8 other pro bowlers would be insulted. I keed, I keed. 
  3. Vontaze burfict 3 game suspension

    I wonder if part of Burfict getting 3 games vs OBJ getting 1 is that Norman didn't go down after his hit like Brown did. Maybe the league didn't think Norman's was as vicious a hit since it didn't seem to do any "damage" to him and he stayed upright.  I wonder if Josh collapsed like Brown did if OBJ wouldn't have gotten a more severe penalty because it was definitely a more calculated and egregious hit.
  4. Saw it yesterday and liked it.  Introduces all the new characters, has a basic story but more than anything I think it gives a very solid foundation for the conclusion of the entire series which will be played out in the last two movies.  Am on vacation with the family but my son and I will see it again back in Charlotte.
  5. Pro Bowlers announced at 8pm!

    I think either Oher or Coleman should have made it over Kalil this year, IMO. The rest of the Panthers choices, absolutely.
  6. Panthers sign CB Robert McClain

    I thought it was this guy
  7. Home stereo speakers... Looking to upgrade...

    If you want really in depth talk about anything home stereo or home theater related go to  They have forums on everything including stereo speakers.  Guys are extremely knowledgeable and you will get personal reviews for just about any speaker on the market.
  8. Funny Cam and Greg Gatorade Commercial

    I like that Greg is listening to something hard rock/heavy metal and not Macklemore like Puss Wilson.
  9. Cam doubters GTFO the door

    Yes. Cam had 5 tds but he had a couple of open receivers he missed.  Amazing to say not his best game, but the receivers also left 2 tds out there. This game should not have been this close.  Don't get me wrong, Cam is the man but he wasn't his best tonight.
  10. My favorite quote: "And I say 'we' because I still consider myself a Panther." That is awesome.  Love me some Jake.
  11. scott weiland dead?

    Man, has to be herion overdose.  Guy had lots of trouble with drugs.  I remember back in '96 or '97 STP were supposed to open for the Rolling Stones on their Steel Wheels tour and he got nabbed for heroin right before the tour and had to go to rehab.  Blind Melon wound up opening instead. First Kurt Cobain then Layne Staley and now Scott Weiland.  Only Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell are left from the (in my opinion) really good grunge singers.  Shame.  Time to listen to "Piece of Pie", what a great heavy song.
  12. Spanish radio calls the Luke Kuechly pick 6

    Pieces of watermelon? Pieces of Papaya?  That'
  13. Is Kalil 100%?

    My neighbor who has coached football said its actually the right guards job to watch the clock and tap the center when it the clock is winding down.  He said the center is busy with setting up the blocks and the guard will touch him when it is time to snap the ball. On a few other plays I did see Norwell hit Kalil on the hip and then he snapped it.
  14. Anybody know or have a link?  I couldn't find one.  I would love to hear their enthusiasm for the two defensive touchdowns.
  15. Cam Newton compared to Pablo Escobar

    This from a guy who probably has a Dez Bryant jersey and rooted for Terrell Owens.