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  1. I lol'd

    Too soon.
  2. Who Are Your Top 10 Panthers on the Roster?

    Cam, Luke, KK, Trai, TD, Olsen, Kalil, Star, Kony, Stew.
  3. Is he left handed though?
  4. Jeremy Cash moved to LB

    He may have had a stroke.
  5. Jeremy Cash moved to LB

    reported the day we signed him i believe
  6. Civilization VI just announced!

    Is it too late for me to try and get into Civ? What's the learning curve like for noobs?
  7. New to Star Trek

    A few episodes in I'm digging it. Spock is my spirit animal.
  8. 2nd Wave Free Agency Starts May 12th

    Hardy for free and Boldin vet min.
  9. Uncharted 4

    Buy me a ps4 pls
  10. New to Star Trek

    So I've never seen Star Trek before but they're all available and waiting to be binged on Netflix. Should I start with the 1968 original or somewhere else?
  11. Thanks for the kick in the nuts again Nintendo

    Nintendo peaked with 64.
  12. About those corners...

    Well said sir. Starbucks>
  13. Panthers Tango with Cash

    i love and miss your face
  14. Falcons Produce UDFA Recruitment Video

    i lost it at "being part of a championship organization."