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  1. What position did you play?

    Does TUBA count?
  2. Coach Braylon Beam is Superbowl Bound!

    I can't pie this enough!
  3. Along the Sidelines - NFC Championship Game

    This was the best one to date Jeremy. Great photos as usual. I love the one of Luke on page 18. We WILL WIN the SUPERBOWL! Keep Pounding!
  4. Huddle Contest: Tickets and Pregame Field Passes

    Good.... I hope you randomly decide to select me.
  5. Huddle Contest: Tickets and Pregame Field Passes

    I absolutely love this team and organization. I can remember in 95 when they first entered the league, I was 7 years old and didn't have a team. I have stuck with them through thick and thin and never given up hope. I remember the 1-15 season, I also remember being at the stadium after the NFC Championship game and touching the Trophy. I would want these tickets more than the $1.5 billion power ball. I will be loud, I will lose my voice and I will make an impact. PICK ME! I will not let the Huddle down.
  6. Pie Leaderboard

    ​Fake Internet Point....
  7. Darrelle Revis anyone?

  8. Darrelle Revis anyone? AND........................................... GO!