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  1. Pro Football Talk

    Saw it this morning on their "radio row" live show on NBCSports network
  2. Pro Football Talk

    watched florio and r harrison this morning and they both said a couple of times that "Panthers just aren't reaaly that good a team". Harrison even said that our receivers were terrible amazing that this lack of respect still exists
  3. Fans who wear team gear to a game that teams not playing in

    Idiots..........i'm talking to you cowgirl fans
  4. Refs

    The most blatant no call was when Julie peppers went full blown straight at cam,s knees in the first qtr and refs just looked away
  5. with all of this trade talk

    rather take my chances on sammy watkins
  6. Charleston Panthers bar

    OK......thanks guys..rusty rudder sounds good as i'll be in Chas National
  7. Charleston Panthers bar

    Where are Panthers bars in Charleston?