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  1. Should Dex be banned?

    His boiled ribs and Montreal seasoning was felonesk
  2. Carolina Panthers OTA thread - May 24

    Your tears are a little premature, no?
  3. Boykin was never more than a one year rental. Went ahead and ripped the bandaid off
  4. Arian Foster?

    Foster would be interesting here, but he won't necessarily be cheap. I think CAP is the only young back with potential so we will see more of him this year. While in theory Foster is not a bad option, it is very unlikely.
  5. Well at least it isn't Bill Romanowski
  6. Falcons training with Navy Seals

    Maybe they will sneak into the playoffs this year
  7. 2nd Wave Free Agency Starts May 12th

    Only people trying to be funny in all caps mention him
  8. Bucky Brooks: NFC South Draft Grades

    I don't value Buckys opinion and find him to be wrong more often than not. His statements are more troublesome than anything else unless this is his one outta ten
  9. Now imagine two of these guys next to eachother...

    Pressure up the middle is much harder to counter than outside
  10. He uses his hands well at the LOS, re routing the WR meaning he only has to keep up for a couple seconds. Straight line speed is the most overrated attribute by casual fans.
  11. Nothing is more disruptive than pressure up the middle
  12. So what does Gettleman do with this money?

    Front load the fug out of some contracts
  13. Brandon Boykin playing outside?

    fug it let Shaq be our nickel
  14. Norman was not a production of a system

    And safety play was more stable. Plus they didn't have the 5 yard rule