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  1. Peppers90 NC

    Cam to CMC for 6

    it's a man killer, unless the defender anticipates. reacting will rarely be a win
  2. i bid $25 and never dropped out so it was just me and Diddy going for the lowest bids remaining
  3. Peppers90 NC

    NFL Top 100

    KK, Cam and Luke are all top 30 players in the league.
  4. you have the inside scoop on that too huh?
  5. Peppers90 NC

    Report Mobile Redirects Here

    I haven’t had a problem with it until yesterday. I just ran into this one a minute ago. http://us.anodized408cl.top/amazongo/index_n.html?model=iPhone&brand=Apple&osversion=IOS 11.3&ip=
  6. Peppers90 NC

    Report Mobile Redirects Here

    http://m.hipstarclub.com/vvip/com-us-amz-html-h/lp3.html?c=1hzfyxkezcz0&k=e5f6ee29b419df540ef99a3e64b45fbf&country_code=US&country_name=United States&region=North Carolina&city=Matthews&isp=Time Warner Cable Internet LLC&lang=en-us&ref_domain=&os=iOS&osv=11&browser=Chrome&browserv=66&brand=Desktop&model=&marketing_name=&tablet=0&rheight=0&rwidth=0&e=4 iphone 11.3 chrome
  7. Peppers90 NC

    Good vibes at practice

    Yea sucker punching and bashing someone’s head in the film room, same thing.
  8. Peppers90 NC

    Steve Smith....lets put this to a end

    i love smitty but he wasnt the best teammate
  9. It just goes to show, that despite being a major inconvenience to some, that the biggest stage and loudest megaphone is during the games. People suggest the players should protest in a more appropriate (really just a less inconvenient time), but who would be there to listen?
  10. Peppers90 NC

    NK, Trump Nobel Peace Prize, LMAO

    that $2 chicken biscuit is kinda good, damn it
  11. after that ridiculous group of receivers we touted out there in the playoff game last season, we definitely need to keep 6.
  12. Peppers90 NC

    Tuesday OTA tweets

    Luke's combine numbers were better than most DBs
  13. Peppers90 NC

    Home Theater Projector

    that air duct pipe may present a small challenge
  14. Peppers90 NC

    "Why would I care?"

    college is for preparing students to be professionals. to not prepare them to be such is not doing their job.
  15. CJ is better than AP at this point in their respective careers.