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  1. Tagging Landry gives the Dolphins an opportunity to sign a deal. And it wont be 16M/yr so some of you guys can save your panties for another non-Panther issue.
  2. Thats the quality material you get from Saca when he doesnt copy and paste content
  3. Norwell & Star

    are you sure you arent confusing the two? No Adams is not our long term solution at SS but he is way better than Coleman both at playing in the box and in coverage. Coleman had a few interceptions fall in his hand a couple years ago but hasnt done anything since then. He was the guy that was 10 yards in Julios dust and we were fortunate Julio dropped that easy TD pass. Adams at least made plays, Coleman was just there.
  4. Norwell & Star

    Adams played significantly better than Coleman, dont cut him
  5. Some Safety Options

    he was the huddle whipping boy, the huddle would have cut him way before that
  6. DeMarco Murray?

    Marginal if at all, Tennessee was better without him. And you realize after we take a cap hit for cutting Stew and then signing Murray, we would have more money invested in the position than before? Sounds like a great idea.
  7. DeMarco Murray?

    This thread has more tread than Murray does. 5 pages wow
  8. He is a long way from hitting his ceiling
  9. DeMarco Murray?

    Rather keep Stew than take a cap hit for him then pay Murray who struggled with injuries this year and end up paying more for the position with little to no improvement.
  10. The NE game felt like one of the few times we really attacked another team's weakness or strategy. NE plays a ton of man coverage and we really exposed it.
  11. I was a fan of that guy when played them earlier this year, they scored a TD and we had a personal foul, the ref's assumed they would take the yardage on the kickoff and he was like hell naw, we are going for 2 from the 1 yard line.
  12. Where is Cam?

    Hopefully not planning his next lip sync rap birthday video.
  13. Jealousy turned to Envy

    So how good is Wentz really?
  14. Does anyone mine bitcoin around here?

    if you havent been mining for a few years at this point, then no reason to start now