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  1. letter to mike shula

    Dear Mike Shula, Oh why oh why didnt Gettleman resign Norman? We obviously would have made the Super Bowl with him last year but instead he is laughing at us even though we beat his team. And I am sure he would have made the offense better too. But at least Gettleman is fired for that one bad move. Sincerely, Salty Fan
  2. 16.7% TD rate in the redzone.

    We used to do the PA right and Olsen would block for a split second, then cross to the left side of the field and be wide open. I think it was early 2015 last time that was used. Still, we have guys that should be able to run the ball right up the gut, or let Stew jump over the pile. Instead we tried to run a stretch play and penetration got us for a 3 yard loss and was over after that last game.
  3. letter to mike shula

    I completely disagree. And why the fug is this being brought up in this thread? It's about Shula and the offense.
  4. letter to mike shula

    Shula can string together some beautiful drawn up plays in small stints and the rest of the game it seems he goes to sleep. I'm not jumping off the ledge yet, and I know its a strategy to use some plays to set up others later in a game, but we shall see this "new evolution" if it even exists these next 3 - 5 weeks as the level of opponents stiffen up.
  5. Over if the plan all along is to do the bare minimum on offense because our defense can beat the first two opponents on their own. Under if we continue the same game plans.
  6. I love Love, thought it was criminal he was cut off the 53 last year. That said, he is no Star.
  7. 16.7% TD rate in the redzone.

    1st and goal on the one, too many times in recent years we have failed to punch it in and we are a supposed power run-first team. I just dont get it.
  8. Star if I had to pick one, there is been too much penetration in the backfield so far from our O-Line. Hopefully that changes. It has been a trend for it to take weeks for the Panthers line to gel so keep our fingers crossed.
  9. Trade | TE Hunter Henry

    They have 4 WRs that are better than Funchess
  10. Our best defenses in no ranking order - 96 ,02, 03, 08, 13, 15 and... 17?
  11. yea i got that too, i guess the first couple guys here are worse or at least as bad as the guys they were suggesting
  12. Snap Counts - Bills at Panthers

    My hope is that we will start to unveil this supposed "evovled" offense once the games get competitive in terms of talent equality. Im saying we should have bee the 9ers and Bills on talent alone. But we will see.
  13. yea maybe they expected us to trade Dickson for Kelce or find the best TE on the market that doesnt really exist
  14. had nothing to do with that shotty defense?