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  1. New Dilly Dilly commercial

    Just saw this new one for the first time yesterday, major dissapoint
  2. Guy, I obviously dont have a brain and I am a retard. I blame Shula and coaches and all players except Cam for everything ever.
  3. A couple of those gifs are not very good seeing that Ginn has to do a 180 to try and catch it while running full speed. I personally blame Shula.
  4. New Dilly Dilly commercial

    the commercial isnt bad just the drones who repeat it like they are part of some special inner circle.
  5. I'm done

    what a soft-ass weak libtard you are.
  6. if anything, prevent the Falcons from getting him
  7. New Dilly Dilly commercial

    easy to attract to the lowest common dominator
  8. Panthers coming off a bye is already reason for concern. Couple that with the blowout win from last game, sub .500 this week and a division rival next week in the Saints, it is the perfect recipe for what you would call a let-down game. We should win, but no one should be shocked if we dont.
  9. We still control our destiny for #2 seed

    yea the J-E-T-S aren't winning out.
  10. Epic collapse by the Skins.

    Saints won that game as much as the Skins lost it. I know it's fun and convenient to downplay our rivals but let's not act like it was flukey.
  11. Eagles would need a major collapse for us to pass them
  12. thats probably a good thing. the fda is controlled by lobbyists getting back seat handjobs.
  13. Big Ben

    We can assume that guy isn’t drinking Knobb or Buffalo Trace or anything decent if he needs a chaser.