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    Comin for some Denver booty next!!   SO EXCITE.
  2. Since this year has a 'revenge' tour feel to it, what better revenge than for that Super Bowl loss!
  3. Holy FUDGEBALLS PIE!!! 12-0

  4. Disrespect - You mean Dynasty!

    It's not really a bold statement as much as the talking heads would like to pretend that it is...  this year would be 3 straight divisional titles We have the two most important positions filled with arguably two of the most dynamic, unique, young players that are signed long-term and look to lead our team for many years to come in Cam and Kuechly. We have J-No, lock him up for the next 2-3 years. Keep the Gettlemagic draft classes churning out great players and in another 2-3 years time, this team could be SCARY good! 
  5. Come get your warm Thanksgiving apple PIE!!!

    So thankful for some amazing Carolina Panthers football this year!! Hard not to love 11-0!!!
  6. 11-0 Pie

    Beating the Cowgirls never felt so good! 12-0 here we come!!!!
  7. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    There were so many people here back during the 2012 draft that thought we were out of our mind drafting Kuechly and not Coples...and while I think Coples is actually a servicable player....just have to laugh and enjoy armchair GMing at it's finest.
  8. Official Redskins at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Despite the Redskins looking and playing terrible, it's very clear this team is special.

    Oh football gods, how funny you are! 10-0 Panthers?? 11-0 HERE WE COME!~!!!!1!!
  10. Falcons lose Pie!

    Failcants just being accurate to their name.
  11. 9-0 PIE!!!!

    The dream continues!! 10-0 here we come!!
  12. PackerfaninCarolina lolz

    10/10 for the "all out of Luke" at the end
  13. At times I felt like I was listening to the Green Bay Packers radio network.   I can only hope for 15-20 years from now we have guys like Cam and Kuechly cruising in retirement calling games and being absolute Panther homers. That would be a first!
  14. Sad adults with cheese on their heads...

    Let's not forget how important not smoking in the stadium is.   I'm sure the clouds of unimaginable flatulence coming from GB fan heavy areas could have been combustible to say the least.
  15. Refs

    Not to mention the no-call screen/pick play that they ran for Cobb on their 4th down. Rodgers didn't see him, but they call that poo all the time on Greg and there was no laundry to be seen.   Watching it, I'm thinking "what benefits the pack" and that's basically how the calls went, specifically replay reviews