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  1. Panfan35 added a post in a topic referee assignment for week 4   

    if cam would get fine then that would be a admission of guilt by the league.  So there will be no fine for cam except maybe more flags to come his way.
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  2. Panfan35 added a post in a topic I really wish Shula would steal GB playbook.   

    no but how about just a few things..
    When cam has 4+ sec in the pocket yet has nowhere to throw to cause all three wr are converging in the same part of the field.
    predictable run formations.
    Game time adjustments like when the defense is giving 12 yards cushions cause all your routes 15 to 20 yards down field. Change it up with quick routes. I can go on and on here.
    The talent on this team has skewed alot of shula's problems as a oc he is just horrid plain and simple.
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  3. Panfan35 added a post in a topic I really wish Shula would steal GB playbook.   

    GB wrs did well because of the system and coaching putting them in situations to succeed.  How many times did they run that quick 5 yard crossing route, taking what the defense gives and counter it they are good at it.
    Take cam giving greg a hand signal to run a route he came up with for huge gain, at least shula is letting the players have some input now thats encouraging.  However  this talk of shula calling a good game is absurd. 
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  4. Panfan35 added a post in a topic Do we start Allen this week?   

    I went to the bears board and the majority said he has been poo for two years and slow, happy he is gone. There is a you tube video where he is mic ed up check it out. He is very vocal on the field his rush looks good off the line but he did look slow in coverage. 
    I think he will thrive being in our top defense. In Chicago they were trying to put a round peg in a square  hole using him as a 3-4 outside linebacker. Iam tempering expectation but i would not be surprised to see him produce big time here.
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  5. Panfan35 added a post in a topic We outplayed them today, but they outcoached us   

    I would have to agree...
    When olsen caught that drag running free the announcers said that kills zone defenses which makes sense cause we get killed with those all the time. Then they went on to say that the saints show man then go into zone. Why didnt we show more of this using wr. Slants and drags and quick crossing routes would have been a nice adjustment but our coaches dont know what that is. 
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  6. Panfan35 added a post in a topic Bias Confirmed   

    Not to mention all the non holding calls was absurd.
    On a side not i have been watching nfl network for a hour trying to get a recap of our game, still waiting but they showed the falcons about 10 times...
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  7. Panfan35 added a post in a topic Funchess getting pushed around still   

    Just the league trying to keep the panthers from winning but its not working lol this was the worst called game i have seen in a while. Funchess made a tough catch and to a big hit and got up with ball in hand. For being low on the depth chart right now to come off the bench its a positive.
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  8. Panfan35 added a post in a topic Notes and Memos - Saints   

    Hi, game time adjustment here still wating...
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  9. Panfan35 added a post in a topic Monday Night Countdown: Andrew Luck needs more around him.   

    no not really go to their board look they are saying the same poo. That the media overhyped luck,  jesus he has led the league in turnovers the 2 years thats right number 1. While he played like crap and threw 60 times a game and won against crappy teams no one said anything now that those crappy team got better and they are losing its everyone else fault. Cam has been dealing same thing as luck but had to play better teams doing it and getting negative criticism from the media along the way. Just sit back and enjoy some luck bashing.
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  10. Panfan35 added a post in a topic Five teams with worse records rank ahead of Panthers in ESPN Power Rankings   

    You can just tell the media will avoid talking about carolina. They will probably talk about how tampa and falcons are the class of the division and how the sanits will bounce  back meanwhile we are and will be undefeated after next week and we're a after thought. 
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  11. Panfan35 added a post in a topic Trai Turner destroys JJ Watt on Ginn TD [x-post from Twitter]   

    Total beast thats all i got to say our o line is very underrated 
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  12. Panfan35 added a post in a topic Cam is about to Paint a Picasso... one of those $150 million ones.   

    Is this you shula.......
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  13. Panfan35 added a post in a topic Monday Night Countdown: Andrew Luck needs more around him.   

    I think i just threw up in my mouth.. maybe we can trade for andre Johnson they are not using him.
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  14. Panfan35 added a post in a topic Cotchery "could be" out 4-6 weeks according to Rappaport   

    Not that iam glad but maybe its a blessing to give norwood and funchess more playing time and show they can make plays. How many chances did philly get before he made a play just saying, coaches can be blind by favoritism and this forces the right action.
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  15. Panfan35 added a post in a topic Cam is this generations Brett Favre   

    Did anyone see rogers post game interview where he talks of in game adjustments, wrs giving input on what routes they think will succeed. It might be crazy to think cam is playing with one hand behind his back. I cant remember cam ever changing plays, when shula calls the play is that it no matter what the defense is doing well sometimes it seems that way. 
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