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  1. 2015 Philly Brown is our 2012 Doug Balwdin

    That and Doug produced almost 3 times the amount of Philly with 2 less games starting his rookie year
  2. Huddle Contest: Tickets and Pregame Field Passes

    I love the Panthers! Jeremy I love them so much I listened to you tell us at Picasos years ago for a pre draft party that the Panthers were ready to move on from Jake and start Weinke! (i probably won't get picked now but there is a chance!)
  3. Dale Earnhardt Jr is Benedict Arnold!!!

    Gordon and even his mother are regular at my store that I run, very nice and down to earth to everyone there.
  4. Dale Earnhardt Jr is Benedict Arnold!!!

    Jr. Owns a very small share of whiskey river. I'm ready to grab my pitch fork just like the next person but get mad at the real people behind it. BFG is the parent company and owns most of the bars etc at Epicentre. Get mad at them for doing this every Cowboys redskins  steelers etc game that is ever played here at home 
  5. Roman Harper: Why We’re Undefeated (A Must Read)

    "that is a name I haven't heard in a long time"
  6. So this happened on the way to Charlotte

    So basically the new mustangs
  7. 4 tickets MNF

    Billy how do I contact you?
  8. Title says it all, looking for 4 tickets for Mondays game. Will be my self and my girlfriend and two other friends, not looking for anything crazy or expensive. Let me know if there is anything out there.    
  9. Game in Mexico City

    especially since they totally not credit any PSL owners on the money they "invested"
  10. All Black Uniforms

    yet in college teams like Virginia Tech who has done multiple studies, have had engineer's design helmets and has had measurable tests completed says it has no affect and wears a different helmet almost every game....   So who is right? Youd think the NFL would want their "investments" taken care of for 4 years before they get to the NFL especially when they can have damage done before they go pro.   Honestly I think it's a dumb rule/excuse by the NFL.
  11. The new sione fua

    the 4 other teams the Seahawks played didn't really have a problem with Jimmy and we've played him twice a year for the past couple years
  12. Can anyone explain QBR to me?

    It's a made up stat by ESPN to help them promote their "flavor of the week"
  13. what guitar should i get?

    had a Ibanez for about 10 years and yes it's till had that issue
  14. An Hour with Panthers RB Brandon Wegher

    so I missed the fun? Ha but seriously great job 
  15. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection Update

    when did he get hurt? I may have missed him ggetting injured