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  1. Falcons - Saints GameDay Thread

    Freeman has looked good, but look at the holes he has to run through. Stewart would look very good running through those holes as well. I give credit to the Atlanta o-line more than Freeman
  2. How about those RED SOX!

    a series victory away against a team that could be playoff bound. great start to the year!
  3. How about those RED SOX!

    Yeah, I gotta say that I am very impressed with the young pitching that the Cardinals have. If all those guys pan out, you guys are going to be a lock for playoffs every year
  4. How about those RED SOX!

    THE BOSTON RED SOX ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!! Seriously, this team was a team of destiny....all year improbably comebacks and amazing wins. What a fun, fun, fun team to watch
  5. How about those RED SOX!

    Ellsbury with the pickoff not getting caught!!!!!
  6. How about those RED SOX!

    Wacha is out....let's feast upon their bullpen
  7. How about those RED SOX!

    Victorino is so clutch man. So clutch. We need to get Wacha out of this game still. I want more runs.
  8. How about those RED SOX!

    Well, Wacha being unflappable might be true, might not. We will see tomorrow i guess, but when I was referring to our guys seeing Wacha, I meant for the first time ever. The Cards had guys on their team, such as Beltran, Holliday, etc, who knew what Lackey threw and had faced him before, the Sox didn't have that going into last game. They do now. The reason I said Red Sox looked like a team of destiny is because we have had 11 walk off's this year, tops of anybody in the league. When it gets to the breaking point, for most of this season, we've come out ahead. Of course the Cards could win the next two games, but I feel good about us winning. Let's hope that doesn't blow up in my face.
  9. How about those RED SOX!

    Here's why i feel atleast a little confident. 1. This is an elimination game in a hostile environment. True, he did have alot of pressure on him before, but elimination game, it is the max you can get. 2. Our guys have seen him before. Nobody on our team had seen him the previous game, and now that we've seen him, hopefully we can get more comfortable with what he has to offer 3. We feel like a team of destiny...this entire year has. We have had almost EVERY player on our roster be a hero at some point in the season or post-season. I say we win tomorrow and take home the trophy.
  10. How about those RED SOX!

    AMAZING job by Lester today, absolutely amazing. David Ross HAS to start next game...we are 3-0 when he is behind the plate, and his bat has been huge. Let's win this in six guys. I don't want the stress of seven.
  11. How about those RED SOX!

    Well, i called Red Sox in 6, and I'm praying we just win these next two in blowouts.....no heart attacks for me
  12. How about those RED SOX!

    Great win tonight. Honestly if it gets to 7, EVERYBODY will be on deck, including Lester. The starter won't be going for more than 4 unless he dominates
  13. How about those RED SOX!

    ok, so after thinking about the play the last play of the game, here are my thoughts: 1. Great play by Pedroia to get the ball and get it to home in time 2. WTF are you thinking Salty throwing that ball to third? You have the #9 hitter on deck, and Koji on the mound. We already got burned throwing to third once. STOP DOING THIS!!!!! 3. WMB DID look like he moved his feet up in the air, but if you watch the replay, the guy trips on WMB's body, NOT his legs. Therefore, it is the runner's fault, and the wrong call. I can't blame Joyce that much for making the call, because off the bat, it did look like interference, but I hate that it decided the game, and that so many other calls went against us already. I don't want to see Salty playing anymore this series. He isn't good offensively or defensively....put in Ross and just stick with him.
  14. How about those RED SOX!

    I want this ump to have a consistent good zone....not gonna happen though
  15. How about those RED SOX!

    I agree there....Miggy being hurt definitely helped us. Their starting pitching is filthy though.