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  1. I'm a homer because I'm a member and the only tailgate I attend but the Roaring Riot.. nuff said
  2. Guess no one listens to "It is what it is"
  3. Panther bars in the Greensboro Area??

    I believe fainting goat is the riot spot... My sister in law goes to that one
  4. Are you a member? If so make sure you bring your membership card. It's over by Ceder yard and you can purchase tickets once in and they have some good brews on tap and a liquor station if memory serves me correctly.
  5. Josh from the riot report broke down this play also on the it is what it is podcast that was released yesterday. I would suggest giving it a listen.
  6. Over in 315 there were a few bad apples but for the most part the pats fans were pretty classy.
  7. I know I had a blast with the crew last night
  8. The Roaring Riot tailgate

    1. Going 2. N/A
  9. Buying tickets at the game

    I know people are hesitant to buy online because of the fees but places like seat geek have coupon codes for like 20% off your first order. Sometimes the prices are dramatically reduced the day of the game because people are trying to get rid of them
  10. Panthers @ Patriots Oct 1

    I'm going, booked it with the roaring riot. Can't wait
  11. He's got to test that arm somehow
  12. I didn't think that beer I gave you in the other thread was real haha
  13. Panthers @ Saints

    Went last year, bought my daughter tickets for her 10 birthday because she's been begging to go to a game. Had a blast with the exception of a saints fan who started talking poo to my kids at halftime but the saints fans who were sitting behind us told my brother and I to step back and head to concessions while they got security to handle the asshole. Had a blast at the house of blues the night before even though I didn't drink a lot to make sure I was a reasonable parent. Riot throws the best parties.
  14. To all the fans attending the game... Give'em hell from all of us who can't be there
  15. Umm I love in Texas and would love nothing more to give these to my brother who lives in Salisbury and his girlfriend to represent on my behalf especially since they just graduated from ECU
  16. Speaking of which I am already to your weekly rendition of masterful anecdotes for this season since purchasing your book at 2 this morning. Thankfully my subordinates know my expectation otherwise I would be in a poo storm when my GM came in. Unfortunately I didn't have the ingredients for an Uptown but this dogfish ipa is keeping my interest peeked.
  17. Just read this after buying your book... Ready for a good ol fashioned ass kicking this weekend
  18. Per Ian Rappoport Bobby Wagner isn't playing today
  19. I just came in so I wouldn't be fined