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  1. Was this the same interview where they asked him about if he had any familiarity with Charlotte and raising his family here and he said something along the lines and he said you can't drop roots because you never know where you'll be once the contract is up. I know I paraphrased a lot but I remember either after he was drafted or the year after he said something along those lines.
  2. Mine would have to be watching Peppers come out that tunnel the first time at the bills game and partying with the riot in Boston on my birthday and not hearing a single sound from any Pat's fans as we were walking back to the bus.
  3. With this, the newspaper headline, and the brooms I'm already looking forward to playing them next year
  4. I'm a homer because I'm a member and the only tailgate I attend but the Roaring Riot.. nuff said
  5. Guess no one listens to "It is what it is"
  6. To all the fans attending the game... Give'em hell from all of us who can't be there
  7. Umm I love in Texas and would love nothing more to give these to my brother who lives in Salisbury and his girlfriend to represent on my behalf especially since they just graduated from ECU
  8. Speaking of which I am already to your weekly rendition of masterful anecdotes for this season since purchasing your book at 2 this morning. Thankfully my subordinates know my expectation otherwise I would be in a poo storm when my GM came in. Unfortunately I didn't have the ingredients for an Uptown but this dogfish ipa is keeping my interest peeked.
  9. Just read this after buying your book... Ready for a good ol fashioned ass kicking this weekend
  10. Per Ian Rappoport Bobby Wagner isn't playing today
  11. I just came in so I wouldn't be fined