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  1. TD goes after Rodney Harrison

    TD is one of about 5 players in the league that you have zero ammo against. Just take your L and move on Rodney
  2. Broncos plan to test Thomas Davis "extensively"

    I'm a little sympathetic towards their safeties and their bad knees. I wouldnt wish running down the field with Ted Ginn with bad knees on anyone
  3. Per Broncos Stream   Be our guests, bitches
  4. Stephen A. Smith

    Stephen A is a moron. If you want an honest and fair assessment on race listen to Bomani Jones. Stephen A is the guy calling for the head of a white coach with 2 Super Bowls (Coughlin) but then screaming racism when 8-24 Lovie Smith gets fired
  5. They beat the Steelers JV team only because a guy fumbled that wouldnt have even dressed for the game if not for injuries. One of the best kickers of all time missed an extra point and the Patriots scored 6 points in the 4th quarter despite having the ball inside the 30 on 3 occasions. Compare that to a team that hung 31 in a half on the #1 scoring defense and beat the "most complete team" by 5 touchdowns
  6. This is a team that snuck into the Superbowl against a team that forcefully put themselves in the Superbowl. Play our game and we should win
  7. Todd McShay Mock Draft 2.0

    Lol at all the other teams in the division trying to beef up the DLine to be able to play against us. I guess the 11 safety defense didnt work
  8. Lets dispel the "small market" persona

    Market size doesnt mean anything, its about who has the most marketable players. We arguably have the most marketable player in the league now. Same goes for the NBA, Curry and Lebron have made teams from Cleveland and Oakland the most popular teams with the most exposure. If we win the Super Bowl and Cam gets the inevitable MVP award he's receiving, I guarantee we probably get at least 5 primetime games next year
  9. Calvin Johnson to retire

    We dont play for another week, which is causing the boards to start discussing whether or not the NFL will rig the Super Bowl for Peyton to retire on top, and the thought of Megatron lined up across from KB was giving half the huddle a fat chubby. Im now telling them they can keep the idea in their pants for good now
  10. Calvin Johnson to retire

    Per Adam Schefter   Just something to think about as Panthers fans, we've been very fortunate to not have players still in their prime walk away from the game. Guess we can put the Megatron from Cam visuals to rest
  11. Be Honest, How Many of You Were Cam Fans When He Was At Auburn?

    I never thought he would be a bust, because he's a physical freak and even the scouts that had their reservations still noted that he had an incredible work ethic, so even before we drafted him I thought the Jamarcus Russell comparisons were just lazy journalism and just idiots comparing them because theyre both 6'6 and black.  I never expected him to be literally the Lebron of the NFL though. Which i think doesnt even do Cam justice because Lebron tends to be passive and scared of the big and clutch moments while Cam embraces them and even elevates his game in them. To be honest I thought his ceiling was Donovan McNabb and I was actually pretty excited about that.
  12. Where Are They Now? 2003 Panthers

    Mark Fields lives here in AZ and has a real estate firm. His son will be playing CB for Clemson next year. Im surprised that hes sort of a forgotten name around our fanbase. He was an absolute stud in Fox's first year before getting Hogkins disease during the Super Bowl year and played a part in the Keep Pounding phrase becoming the moniker of our franchise. He even came back and made the Pro Bowl the year after his recovery before it sadly came back the next year and he had to hang it up. Im honestly surprised he doesnt have much of a presence around the franchise anymore. Was there ever some kind of falling out?   Edit: did some more digging and saw that he had an incident where he allegedly beat the mother of one of his kids. Unfortunate to hear
  13. I have that same fat cat shirt signed by Kevin Donnally i wish i could find it
  14. Clete Blakeman to ref Super Bowl

    SB48 ref was Terry McAuley
  15. Clete Blakeman to ref Super Bowl

    Its the guy that reffed our MNF against the Pats where they picked up the flag against Luke. As long as we don't see some Joey Crawford/Lebron treatment towards Peyton I don't think its a big deal