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  1. Deion, I still love you, but COME ON MAN

    I wouldnt mind losing our next 6 to go 10-6 if it meant we would get hot and win the Super Bowl
  2. Horton suspended 4 games

    Im all for giving Coples a look. Always thought he'd be better suited as a 4-3 DE and hes a local guy. Plus Rivera did wonders with Hardy Id be interested to see if he can resurrect Coples's career
  3. GETTLEMAN freaking MAGIC!!

    Hurney brought in good players that were a good starting piece but whats put us over the top are the homeruns he hit with KK, Short, KB, Turner, Bene and finding diamonds in the rough with Norwell, Oher, Coleman, etc. We had talent before he got here but what separates the good from  the great teams in depth and plugging holes where youre weak and he's mastered that.
  4. Official Redskins at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Kick the ball into the fugging endzone wtf Gano thats on you
  5. So this happened on the way to Charlotte

    I don't think it is, its missing the handicap symbol on the license plate
  6. Top 3 teams in the NFC. (Be thou Pissed)

    Dome team? The Metrodome closed two years ago dude
  7. Top 3 teams in the NFC. (Be thou Pissed)

    Double standards are funny   we get slack for not playing anyone but the Vikings got their ass whooped by the 49ers and the Cardinals got ran off the field by Landry Jones
  8. I still can never get my head across the narrative that we're an overacheiving team that's winning in spite of a lack of talent. If you look at what many would consider our "core" players, there aren't many teams I would trade with. The Broncos with all their stars on defense and their stud receivers are in the discussion, but at this point Peyton is a liability. You could make a case for the Bengals and Seahawks, but look at the level our guys are playing at:   Cam Newton: one of two or three MVP candidates this year Stewart: 6th in rushing yards this season, you could certainly replace him with KB when healthy if you choose Olsen: consensus top 5 tight end Kalil: consensus best or 2nd best center Short: looks like a lock for Pro Bowl. Only DT outplaying him this year is Donald out of St. Louis Luke: consensus best MLB in the NFL TD: consensus best 4-3 OLB in the NFL Norman: getting alot of praise as the best CB in the league this year   not to mention we also have guys like CJ and Star that would be the best D-Lineman on a number of teams, and Trai Turner looks to be on his way to becoming a pro bowl guard. Fan bias aside, would you trade our "core 8" for any team's in the league right now?
  9. I hope the hate keeps coming. Cam is even better when he has a chip on his shoulder
  10. I just wanna win the super bowl so Ron can get on the podium with the Lombardi and dab
  11. The Tolbert Effect

    Going back to the beginning of last season, our record with Tolbert on the field is 14-2 Without him? 1-6-1 Coincidence or contribution? I think his value to the team is one of the most underrated aspects of the team. Blocking, catching out of the backfield, goaline TDs and getting first downs on 3rd and short.  Something to consider as he approaches free agency this offseason
  12. Titans new coach changes team captain

    They should let Byron Bell be captain
  13. Next Four-Who do we beat?

    Im definitely spoiled after us going 4-0 through that gauntlet we thought we had at the beginning of the year. There's not a team left of the schedule we SHOULD lose to, but i think its realistic to expect 12-4 or 13-3
  14. I don't think much has changed

    It was hilarious hearing Rodney Harrison complain about Jeff Fisher teams being dirty. Sounds like Bill Laimbeer complaining about a hard foul
  15. I don't think much has changed

    In my observations of watching all the other teams this week, I can't help but think our biggest threat in the NFC is, was, and will be the Seahawks. The Packers have obvious problems on defense, the Falcons are pretenders, and I don't think the Vikings and Cardinals have the pieces to be major players. When healthy the Cowboys are legit as well but I think they'll be in too much of a hole record wise when Romo gets back.    Who do you guys see shaping up as the contenders in the NFC?