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  1. Archie Manning Defends Cam

    What's funny is Cam wasnt part of football royalty from the minute he was born and didnt have the luxury of growing up with an NFL quarterback as a father so he could see firsthand how to carry himself as a professional athlete. And despite that, he's still never done anything as shameful as the Manning brothers have done. I certainly don't remember Cam refusing to play for the team that drafted him because he thought so highly of himself before even playing a down in the NFL, or throwing his lineman under the bus after losing in the playoffs, or walking off the field before the Super Bowl was over and refusing to acknowledge the winning team.  But yeah, let's ridicule Cam for not rubbing the media's nuts after the Super Bowl like they feel theyre entiled to. The majority of these reporters never played a down in the NFL and still feel like the players that actually play the game and give them a job and something to write about owe them something. It's hilarious
  2. Dude predicted Carolina vs Denver on Dec 7

    I was positive the Panthers and Broncos would be the Super Bowl matchup last year, turns out I was a year off. The scandal thing wasnt much of a prediction, as it happens almost every year. The Ray Lewis dear antler stuff, Deflategate, and the Seahawks PED accusations have all had something to do with the Super Bowl the last few years. 
  3. What might a Charles Johnson extension look like?

    He really hasnt been the same since the leg whip against New England on MNF. After what Ealy did in the Super Bowl it's hard to justify keeping him because there's no way he doesn't start if he's on the team
  4. This team in built to win NOW and losing him makes us take a step back. And giving us another year where he has to produce gives us more leverage
  5.   As much as I hate ESPN, this has to be one of their best articles ever written
  6. To the fans who are in a deep depression after this loss

    What sucked the most was that up until the strip sack with about 3 mins left I was sure we were still gonna win. It felt like the first Seattle game all over again where the other team got every break and Cam was having an off night. When we got the ball down 6 with a chance to win I knew Cam was gonna take control and solidfy himself as the new kingpin. But it didnt happen.  The thing that sucked is that it was our best chance to win a Super Bowl that we've ever had and we still couldnt do it. I've been spoiled by being born a UNC basketball fan and been able to see 2 titles in my lifetime and even one in person in 09, but Im so much more invested in the Panthers and Ive wanted nothing more in sports than to finally see my lifelong team win a Super Bowl, but I have all the faith in the world that our core of Cam, Luke, Short and co will deliver very soon. I'll be absolutely sick for TD though if it happens after he hangs it up. Ive never wanted one person to sit at the top of the mountain as a champ than him.
  7. "Show me a good loser... "

    Cam has turned us into the Miami Hurricanes of the 80s, without the cocaine and arrests. Huffington Post published an article today calling us "the most unapologetically Black team in football." People hate to see us win, and have a field day when we lose. Despite that, we've established ourselves as the team that everyone sees on our schedule and says "oh poo." I for one am starting to enjoy it, it's gotten old watching this team come up short and saying "it's okay, at least we're still the "good guys." after seeing how hard our guys took the loss, especially our two most polarizing players in Cam and Norman, I can't wait to see this team start to take the field with slaughtering and embarrassing their opponents as the goal in their minds.
  8. JNo - To Tag or Not to Tag?

    He either negotiates a long term deal with us or he gets franchised. It's already been announced. Unless he has a Hardyesque disaster of an offseason off the field he will be a Panther on opening day
  9. Harper and Cotchery already gone?

    Itd only be fitting for Harper's last play as a Panther to be getting burned and being completely out of position on a basic slant route
  10. Uninjured; Do we beat the Broncos?

    This. I said before the game we would beat them 7/10 times and I still feel the same way. Hats off to them though because they won the only game that counted. This isnt the NBA where the better team always wins because you get 7 games to prove it
  11. Mike Remmers

    I know he sucked but you can't expect an undrafted player to contain arguably the best pass rusher in the league. Its like asking a DLeague player to guard Lebron. I blame Shula more for not utilizing screens and read options to counter it
  12. Lol we played an AFC West team on the West Coast and we're a team from the South. Did you really expect anything different? If the game was in Atlanta or Tampa if wouldve been the complete opposite
  13. Super Bowl 51 Is Ours

    What sucks to me is that I still think top to bottom we are a much more talented and complete team than them. But the coaching battle was an absolute mismatch from the getgo
  14. Super Bowl 51 Is Ours

    Anyone that thought we were blowing them out was delusional. The NFL is all about matchups, and their greatest strength was matched against our biggest weakness. I thought we would win, but this matchup concerned me more than any game all season
  15. I hope DG learned something tonight

    Smh again this is not a bashing thread. This is about the moves he needs to make going forward now that he actually has money to play with going forward. I know you guys are just as disappointed as I am but reading comprehension would be useful