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  1. If you go to Seattle's forum, they are all impressed with Carolina, and gained respect for the team. They seem more impressed then people here haha
  2. Id say not so bad. Take away Olson's drop and DWill's fumble, and we possibly have 21 points. Lets say we only got field goals, that would be 13 and enough to win. Not to mention the special teams fumble that cost us a drive. Yes, we only scored 7 points, but thats not all on the offense play calling,
  3. Hey guys. Here is some of my Panthers PC im trying to move. PM me if interested in buying any: 8/25 3/10 80/150 left card only 7/20 299/575 80/225 (L to R) 8/10, 27/250, 46/50
  4. Hey guys.I have this for sale for $300 (cash) if anyone is interested: Cam only