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  1. Good article on Gettleman

    So much props to gman.  Just imagine where or how far behind we would be had he fired ron and/or the scout and management team.  It amazes me to watch the likes of the browns continue fugging that up.
  2. Cam being Cam

    I don't take anything you've said as rude, but I wasnt talking about his play on the field, only his interactions in the community.  I've been a huge Cam supporter on the field since he got here, especially after suffering through years if not decades of subpar qb play.  I was simply making an observation that as a 26 year old, same as any of us, he's matured over time since a first-hand observation my wife had of him when he was a rookie, a first impression he left her with that was not a good one.  However, with this story, we both were impressed with him, and the first impression she was left with, an impression I didn't disagree with though I didn't personally observe, has been reversed.  That's not to say he hasn't been doing great things outside of football as the years have rolled on; we were just impressed with what he did for this young boy and the expression of his character through it.
  3. Cam being Cam

    My wife works at the hospital and has never been a fan of cam after witnessing his actions personally in his rookie year.  Always thought he plays up to the camera.  After following this story last night we both have a newfound respect and appreciation of the man.  Think he has matured and is representing very well.  FWIW, smitty is awesome, what he does people don't know about is fantastic.