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  1. Besides Breeland...who else wants to duck a D
  2. Either...both an upgrade over Dickson. Would be happy with both.
  3. Tried to say that yesterday and got the ban hammer for 24 hrs...maybe I shouldn't have told a newb to go suck a D
  4. And with KK, Luke, and TD pushing him...the culture, etc...he'll be great i think
  5. Sorry I couldn't like this fast enough...I got my first 24 hour ban hammer
  6. Played 70 less games (mostly due to injury)...has 100 yards more receiving. Faster, better hands...what else do you want ot know?
  7. Or maybe you can suck a dick
  8. If you can get him for 8.5-9M go get him...we haven't spent hardly a dime this offseason and it doesn't look like we will. No need to sit on unspent cash with a good long term investment out there. Breeland, Bradberry, Mathieu for the next few years would be really nice.
  9. Yes, he is definitely better than Dixon.
  10. Stonehands Lafell? McClain...You know poo...but you'd be a perfect GM for us though
  11. One player out of 7 picks doesn't make the draft good which was the point...and he was a dick
  12. One pick doesn't make a good draft unless you draft a generational talent...and Hardy is a woman beating asshole so...
  13. NO! The 2010 Draft was fuging horrendous...absolutely terrible. Hell, 2009 wasn't better...it was poo too
  14. Stoolie ladies and gentlemen. Barstool strikes again