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  1. He walked right into that one...lol
  2. same...except for the napping...a little day drinking never hurt anybody (well maybe some people)
  3. Isn't his mom like the Levar Ball of parents in the NFL?
  4. Huddle on Huddle crime...when will this madness end?
  5. To the Pit of Misery for you a-holes who poo'd on my Dilly Dilly
  6. Not sure if this is another Joe Person troll job but if not Munnerlyn needs to put his extremely small, little person persona aside and suck it up and stop being a little person bitch
  7. Our weekly controversy should be "Every media outlet is burying the Panthers because Rodgers is going to play on Sunday" fug that guy fug his shoulder fug the Packers fug Packers fans who try to hang banners in our stadium fug the sports media
  8. Also, would prefer our controversies come from without the organization and not generated from within...could produce a negative affect.
  9. No but that's not the point...go to practice, stop being a bitch.
  10. Regardless of the game plan (if that is what this truly is) that's a bitch move....get your ass back to practice.
  11. If Amini gets the start I'll pay for a banner....
  12. So there's a giant penguin out there as big as a person... Giant Penguin Story