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  1. Greenville/Spartanburg Panther Fans

    https://roaringriot.com/collections/full-chapters# Chapter in Greenville
  2. Used car price haggling question

    You're assuming that terms are being extended, I'm not, if you need to extend terms you need to find another vehicle or save a little longer for a better down payment.
  3. Used car price haggling question

    I don't negotiate by determining the final cost of the vehicle. I negotiate by determining what I can afford per month. Not the MAXIMUM I can afford but fits within our budget comfortably. When a salesman thinks they are giving me a good deal by taking "$2,000 off!" ....I say...is it with in x-amount of dollars per month? You will always save more money by knowing your budget and terms before walking in the door...the cost of the vehicle doesn't matter.
  4. Scrambled Eggs

    My dad went from 300 to 216 by going no/low carb (no more than 20grams of carbs/day) in 8 months. He walked on a treadmill 30 minutes a day 5 days/week, uses 3 to 5 weight machines at the gym. He no longer has to take 2 of his diabetic medications, his triglycerides are normal, BP is awesome, both cholesterol numbers are normal as well. He is 68 years old...it can be done.
  5. I had this feeling for the Detroit game in which we SHOULD have won by 20 points before our illustrious leaders decided to take their foot off the gas midway through the 3rd quarter. We stomp a mudhole in the collective asses of Da Bears. 36-10 Panthers
  6. Mindhunter on Netflix

    Just watched the first episode...I'm hooked. I love smart shows.
  7. What if we don't look past them and we lose? Did we not fan hard enough?
  8. The point is moot since he got drafted ahead of us and we weren't going to trade up.
  9. Star Trek: Discovery

    To hell with all you Enterprise Archer haters...i love him
  10. If he continues at this year's rate he won't get there obviously. If you let Cam be Cam then he has an excellent chance. I'd rather he be healthy and win a Super Bowl and not break this record.
  11. Stephen King is one twisted fugger...especially that flashback scene with her dad as a little girl. You have to be demented to even think of something like it, or at least thought of it yourself...
  12. Except we don't run the read option that much anymore...a few plays last game and that was it. When we did run it it worked
  13. Star Trek: Discovery

    If it is truly the Prime timeline than the spore drive doesn't make sense.
  14. Game etiquette

    When the whole place was jumping during the Cardinals NFC playoff game a couple years ago I sat for most of it out of respect for the 2 octagenarians behind me
  15. Star Trek: Discovery

    From the Interwebs...you decide: The other issue that has sparked ever since Discovery‘s trailer first aired is the question of what timeline the series is set in. Discovery‘s producers – original showrunner Bryan Fuller (Hannibal), who parted ways with the series last year over creative differences, and current executive producers Alex Kurtzman (The Mummy), Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts (Pushing Daisies) – have each insisted Discovery takes place in the Prime Timeline of Star Trek. However, the visuals of Discoveryalone lend some doubt to that claim. Star Trek: Discovery is a prequel series set approximately 10 years before the Original Series’ first five year mission of Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) and the Starship Enterprise. This also places Discovery roughly a century after the Captain Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula)-led Star Trek: Enterprise in the Prime timeline. While Discovery‘s cool and sleek starship design and blue uniforms do aesthetically meld as continuations of the designs of Star Trek: Enterprise, its visual style and bombastic special effects seem to make it more akin to the J.J. Abrams-produced Star Trek films, which are set in the rebooted Kelvin timeline.