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  1. If Green Bay would've lost this week they would have been effectively out of the playoffs and I can almost guarantee they would've shut Rodgers down for the year if that had happened. But of course they were playing us the next week and had to win making our lives a little less uneasy. We win anyway.
  2. Let's go D! Luke needs to call the plays and tell RR and Wilks to fug off
  3. Play not to lose and that's what fugging happens
  4. Star and KK need to collapse the middle on pass rush...Keenum is killing us up the middle on scrambles
  5. AGAIN! On third down we play 10 yards off the receiver...good lord
  6. 2 weeks in a row a WR cuts off a route short of the sticks on 3rd down...coaching
  7. If Worley Would have had his eyes up that would've been an INT or pick-6
  8. Olsen wide open standing in the endzone
  9. Horrible technique by Adams....Rudolph didn't even make a move, just ran a seem