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  1. More info on Dawson

    I disagree...the people with Dir of Pro Personnel jobs or the equivalent next step is GM or Asst GM if a ream has one. Their input is nearly penultimate
  2. More info on Dawson

    As VP & Dir of Pro Personnel he would've had the ear of his GMs moreso than anyone else in the organization when it came to the draft....who are his notable drafted players?
  3. Trump is getting his military parade

    Tomorrow the city of Philadelphia is having a parade to honor a football team. Why do we have parades to honor sports teams? The parades lift the morale of the city and bring otherwise divided communities together. The team parades honor our current sports “heroes” and show them our appreciation for what they do on the field. Kids see our sports heroes being treated like royalty and often dream of one day being a professional athlete. Maybe it would be a good idea to honor our current members of the military for a change. Maybe, we should teach our children who the true heroes are. Maybe it would be nice to show our military how much we appreciate what they do for our country. Maybe, a parade would boost morale in the military and even inspire our young boys and girls to dream of becoming military heroes... true heroes. Maybe, a parade could bring back a sense of pride for our country and our military. Maybe, it would inspire unity across our divided nation. But then again, maybe these are the reasons why the liberal heads are spinning at the thought of a parade honoring our military.
  4. Accused vs Actually doing something are 2 different things. I'm waiting for someone to bust Jeanne Hurney's balls for filing a bullshit report. Bullshit according to the judge and her own attorney. Don't care if he's our GM or not but I do care when a woman has the ability to drag her ex into court over some non-sensical bullshit. Now he's being investigated by the NFL even though nothing was found and dismissed by the courts. Trying to ruin him...he ought to drag her into court for defamation.
  5. Ludwig knocked a dude out

    I'm your huckleberry
  6. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

    I've been playing for a little over a year. Best mobile game out there imo.
  7. Tired of hurt, old cast offs
  8. I'd be absolutely fine with it. As a matter of fact if they make the SB we should openly cheer for them.
  9. Top 32 players

    I want offense, I want a WR, I want weapons for Cam...then draft whoever the hell you want after that.
  10. I would just like to interject.... The Jags have won more playoff games in the last 8 days than the Cowboys have in 20 years.
  11. Bell hasn't been picked up by a linebacker out of the backfield the entire game...time to spy him
  12. Go get Josh Gordon...our locker room veteran presence will benefit him...hes a fuging beast