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  1. Jimmy

    Graham Gano

    Y'all better put some respect on my boy Gano's name!
  2. Not clocking it baffled me as well...the timeout can be used whenever but not clocking it and letting damn near 40 seconds just run off the clock overall is fugging asinine
  3. One interception never costs you the game...the overall performance of the defense cost us the game.
  4. No pressure on matt Ryan today. No sacks and the poo stain ran for 2 TDs. We got gashed in the running game giving up the 1st 100 yard rusher in 22 games. Missed tackles galore. Sure there were drops by the WRs on offense but Cam still threw for 71%. Butler, Mayo, Munnerlyn, Adams...poo the bed today. Addison, Peppers, Horton, KK...where were you? Luke...4 missed tackles that i know of but damn you can only ask so much from one guy Shitty performance by the defense.
  5. Mayo and Butler look fugging lost out there today
  6. All of you defending Munnerlyn and Adams can suck my dick...told you for years that Munnerlyn is trash and that Adams is too fuging slow
  7. Cam needs to recognize pocket collapse just a little better...not a criticism Cam is finally checking down..people are losing their minds bc he isnt throwing deep...can you blame him, Funch where you at
  8. Can we get a fuging pass rush please...damnit
  9. That was on Cam boys...3-4 secs in the pocket, throw it or get moving.
  10. Jimmy

    Browns just cut Josh Gordon

    Guarantee one of those teams is the Raiders
  11. I screamed this poo when he was here the first time...screamed it when he came back...screaming it now...HE SUCKS!! He replaces Byron "The Turnstile" Bell as my all-time worst offensive lineman
  12. Fug them somabitches