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  1. Jimmy added a post in a topic How do You Just Pick up And Leave?   

    I hear Seattle is going to fall in the Pacific because of an impending super earthquake, so there's that.  Degrees are overrated depending on what path you want to take.  I have 3 of them and my drop out high school buddies make tons more money than I do because they learned a trade and now own their own businesses.  If I had it to do over again I would never work "for" another person again. 
    Find a job you're interested in, find roommates to share the rent, and learn learn learn whatever it is you decide to do and become an expert at it, start your own business, kick ass, move out and buy your own place, put your former employer out of business, sell your business, retire at 35.
    Caveat to earning a 4-year degree...some jobs require it, I really want my medical doctors to have degrees.
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  2. Jimmy added a post in a topic what's the maddest you've ever been as a panthers fan?   

    Can I blame it on spell check?
    Actually I think I meany Casey Cramer.  No I think it was Casey Crawford.  No they weren't in the SB.  Casey Moore, that's it.
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  3. Jimmy added a post in a topic what's the maddest you've ever been as a panthers fan?   

    Casey...Super Bowl XXXVIII
    Delhomme....Arizona Interception Party
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  4. Jimmy added a post in a topic Jonathan Martin Retiring from Football   

    Back injury? From what? Never heard that before and I'm sure G'Man hadn't either or he wouldn't have tried to put him on the team. Sounds like he just doesn't want to play anymore.  Whatever, if thats how he feels then I'm glad he's not on the team.
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  5. Jimmy added a topic in The Lounge   

    Eyeballs in the Butt
    You thought a dead man with 1,200 guns was interesting....I'll see your dead man & 1,200 guns and raise you with a man who had 30+ bovine eyeballs in his rectum.  
    Yes!  This dude had a bunch of cow eyeballs stuffed in his arse when he was stopped by police in Wyoming.  A couple rolled out of his pants leg when he stepped out of his car.
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  6. Jimmy added a post in a topic Found Someone At Chipotle   

    Why is Frank the Tank working at Chipotle?
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  7. Jimmy added a post in a topic What are You Drinking Right Now?   

    Stone Lofi & Hifi IPA @ The Brewers Kettle in Kernersville. Not too shabby 

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  8. Jimmy added a post in a topic Food thread   

    I heard on tv the other day from a cooking expert that you should let your steaks/meat rest after taking them off the grill for as long as you grilled them. i.e. grill for 10 minutes rest for 10 minutes. Is this true? He said because the heat causes the juices to run to the edge of the meat leaving the middle drier. By letting it rest the moisture recedes back to the middle. Sounds legit to me but I normally just throw it on a plate a start eating.
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  9. Jimmy added a post in a topic Cardinals rookie shot in the face outside his home   

    Hate poo like that. Hope he recovers and beats the hell out of Seattle and the 49ers this year.
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  10. Jimmy added a post in a topic Worst places to live in NC   

    That'll be easy. We will be at the Ale House every Sunday in Winston with the newest chapter of the Roaring Riot...the Twin City Riot. We probably did talk about it but after your bromance with Josh Norman i forgot everything that happened. That poo was funny as hell.
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  11. Jimmy added a post in a topic Why do I love this place   

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  12. Jimmy added a post in a topic Worst places to live in NC   

    You grew up in K'ville? That's where I live.  Been here since 86'.  Yeah, I think you need to drop by and have a drink soon.
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  13. Jimmy added a post in a topic Worst places to live in NC   

    I used to teach in Rockingham County, Reidsville & Eden both blow.  When the textile industry left for China and SE Asia that county turned into a pile crap.  It is slowly rebounding from what I hear with Remington and one other large company (I can't remember the name) coming in.  
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  14. Jimmy added a post in a topic Set your DVR...   

    After watching that I might need to call a doctor in 4 hours.
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  15. Jimmy added a post in a topic Training Camp trip - Back to Football Party   

    Hey Zack, can you bring an XL RR shirt for me? I 'll pay you whatever it costs.  Mine shrunk in the wash...I told her to wash in cold and hang dry....uggh!
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