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  1. Panthers Get SI Cover

    When I saw this yesterday I ran to the mailbox...nothing.  Maybe it would come today...nothing.  Grrr...I want my SI so I can promptly display this cover in my mancave.
  2. And a 36% chance we annihilate these fuggers back to the 1970s.
  3. I remember Josh Norman, people, and some hot girl getting beers. It was awesome...oh and Philly B basically putting Norman in a head lock and Tommy challenging Norman to a foot race.   Oh and Moldavans...lots of Moldovans.
  4. Why Geene isn't already in the HoF is a mystery to me.  
  5. The greg hardy vs michael oher matchup

    So if they went to the same high school why didn't Sandra Bullock adopt him too?   I'll see myself out....
  6. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    Dude is still young...give 'em a look. THat rookie contract is about up and he wouldn't resign for much anyway.
  7. Cowboys Steelers Eagles 49ers Patriots **In no particular order (except for Dallas, they are clearly #1)**
  8. THat sucks and I hate it for him. Chris Scott came in and played very well, I thought he actually did better than Amini.
  9. Oher and cam

    I think Cam was just trying to calm him down but Oher was still hot from the previous play. I don't know about the rest of you but I freaking love seeing some fire from Oher. Watch out NFL!
  10. Game ball, who gets it?!!

    Cam obviously. But I'd like to give a nod to Big Play Bene. Had arguably his best fantasy a pro. 
  11. I fuging love Josh Norman

    That's my CB!
  12. Cam tied a franchise record for TD passes in a game and set a new record by hitting 5 different receivers in the process.  I'm so freaking happy right now. We are destroying teams and we are not even at full strength.  Bring it Dallas!!
  13. Does anyone else feel uneasy about him testing the free agent waters?  I do. He loves this team, he is an "in the moment" guy who will do what he needs to to win, he love Igo & Sammi Jo, and he has done everything the orgnization has asked of him, he is "local".  I love the guy.  But there have been a couple of comments he's made this year ($$ wise) that make me uneasy.  I think he will stay and I wholeheartedly want him to. 
  14. If you have time while your in the Springs, do you mind swinging by Fort Carson and taking a picture of the sign outside of the main gate entrance?  I would really like to have one. I served there from '98-'99 while in the Army and would like to add it to my Army stuff.  Have fun with the Mile High Cats!  336 Represent!