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  1. Jimmy added a post in a topic Military Storytime   

    1997-2001, Army, All-Source Intelligence Analyst
    BasicTraining: Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.   AIT: Ft. Huachuca, AZ.  
    First Duty Station: Ft. Carson CO, 1/12 INF BN (Mech), 3rd BDE, 4th ID
    PCS'd to the Defense Language Institute/Foreign Language Center at the Presidio in Monterey, CA. Russian.  Stayed there as cadre until I ETS'd.  
    No conflicts while I was in so no deployments but a hell of a lot of back 40 training and going to Ft. Irwin for NTC. 
    One funny story from basic.  We had this guy in our platoon who was born in Iraq but was an American citizen; last name Butros.  He had a thick accent so he couldn't have been naturalized for long. Well this guy was lazy as fug.  Everytime we had to do something physical he half-assed it, fell behind, or complained of some sort of ailment.  Well needless to say Drill Sergeant Mahoney (I swear that was his name and in no way a reference to Police Academy) had had enough of it.  After evening chow we marched back to the barracks thinking we were going to shower, straighten up or poo, and hit the rack.  Well, that didin't happen.  DS Mahoney started smoking us in the quad in the mud and the reason was because good 'ol Butros wouldn't play in the reindeer games like the rest of us.  After a few minutes of this poo I look back and Butros is just standing there.  I was the platoon leader in basic and somewhat responsible for the guys in the barracks and overall making sure they were doing what they were supposed to.  Probably because I was one of maybe 3 college graduates in our Battalion so they thought I was more repsonsible or something. So, I look a DS Mahoney and request that I "motivate" Butros in this ass kicking we were all receiving.  All he said to me was "You can't touch him."  That's all I needed to run back and begin a verbal assault that would have made R. Lee Ermy proud.  Well, one guy just in front of us had had it...he jumps up runs by me and does the best Thomas Davis impression I have ever seen.  I mean he plowed this fugger in the ground.  As all of this is going on all you can hear from DS Mahoney is, "Front, back, go, don't touch him, front back, go, don't touch him" as now 3 guys are beating the poo out of Boutros.  DS knew what was happening and let it.  Awesome.  We get done with the activities in the quad and head into the barracks...no less than a dozen guys have already grabbed Butros' mattress, uniforms, blankets, etc., and had them fully lodged in the shower with water running.  Soaked everything.  Shaving creamed applied to all his poo. Next day Butros got recycled and had to start basic all over with a new battalion.  I heard he washed out about 2 weeks after that.
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  2. Jimmy added a post in a topic Rookies Report   

    Please take this with a grain of salt...I was not impressed with Shaq today. 
    I know he is a little behind the curve because of the idiotic quarter system rule that held him out of OTAs.  With that said I saw a lot of looking around.  A lot. Whenever the LBs lined up for drills he continuously was looking over at Glanton to make sure he was doing things right.  It just didn't feel natural to me. Maybe he's just learning and trying to do things right but it looked to me as if he was mirroring what everyone else was doing instead of just doing the drill naturally. 
    Speaking of Glanton, I was sure it was going to be him, Luke, and TD lining up with the 1st string.  But he wasn't, AJ Klien got 1st string reps instead on the weak side.
    Funchess...2 blatant drops, now that surprised me. 
    It's easy to point out the mistakes but the 3 guys I was impressed by were Byrd on kickoff returns and Ward during running back drills and Artis-Payne did really when his number was called.
    Again, it's early and they're rookies so let's see how the rest of training camp goes and some presason games.
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  3. Jimmy added a post in a topic A great way to get no more cheerleader pics   

    I don't know what happened but I do know I completely bypassed the cheerleader tent and headed straight for the beer tent.  #itwasntme
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  4. Jimmy added a post in a topic Michael Oher vs Frank Alexander   

    Pass blocking I give him a passing grade. Hands to the face will bend anyone backwards. It didn't look like Oher gave any ground to the inside but kept him on his left shoulder so the QB could step up. 
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  5. Jimmy added a post in a topic Training Camp trip - Back to Football Party   

     #6.  5 minutes out. Challenge won!

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  6. Jimmy added a post in a topic Fantasy team name   

    This year I named my team Dumpster Fire.  Self explanatory 
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  7. Jimmy added a post in a topic Good news for folks trying to sign up for All-Pro   

    Will it renew each month automatically now? I received an email saying I need renew. Last year it just automatically withdrew the @$5 from my account.
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  8. Jimmy added a post in a topic Training Camp trip - Back to Football Party   

    Challenge accepted. What will be offered from New Belgian's line?
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  9. Jimmy added a post in a topic Calling Line Gurus   

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  10. Jimmy added a post in a topic Training Camp trip - Back to Football Party   

    Hour and a half bus ride...I'm good for a 6 pack in that amount of time.
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  11. Jimmy added a post in a topic RR/Getty PC today   

    Squashed that out of shape talk about KB from the get go. Smart move. One less potential distraction.
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  12. Jimmy added a post in a topic Training Camp Roster Battles / Competitiveness by Position   

    Eh, if it's Panthers related and has some meat to it and it's interesting don't worry about the length. I think this was a good post and I might have missed it in the blog section.  It also gets people debating about the team which isn't a bad thing when coming to position battles. Good job.
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  13. Jimmy added a post in a topic Camp starts in 3 days   

    I'll be there
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  14. Jimmy added a post in a topic Brady's suspension upheld   

    Suck it Pats!
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  15. Jimmy added a post in a topic How do You Just Pick up And Leave?   

    I hear Seattle is going to fall in the Pacific because of an impending super earthquake, so there's that.  Degrees are overrated depending on what path you want to take.  I have 3 of them and my drop out high school buddies make tons more money than I do because they learned a trade and now own their own businesses.  If I had it to do over again I would never work "for" another person again. 
    Find a job you're interested in, find roommates to share the rent, and learn learn learn whatever it is you decide to do and become an expert at it, start your own business, kick ass, move out and buy your own place, put your former employer out of business, sell your business, retire at 35.
    Caveat to earning a 4-year degree...some jobs require it, I really want my medical doctors to have degrees.
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