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  1. Did I find it hilarious? We'll wait while you find that evidence. This is pretty much the equivalent of you thumbing your nose at that guy in the mirror for doing whatever he did to offend you
  2. Here's the difference between @Gazi, those like him, and me. I recognize his right to be a complete douchebag when he makes some bad-taste remark about my son being a special needs child. Doesn't mean I agree or sympathize with him, but he has every right to say whatever. People like yourself can't seem to fathom how someone can support the rights of another without inherently agreeing with their stance. I don't believe in ideas so awesome that they're mandatory. I don't believe in the thought police. I believe in freedom through the maximum absence of coercion. You want people to judge you by a standard that recognizes that we don't all fit into some neat and tidy box while piling onto tired tropes of how anyone that wants fiscal responsibility and smaller federal governance must be some misogynist, racist, bigot, fascist, .... whatever. Anyone that doesn't tow some party line must be hiding some irrational phobia to underpin whatever strawman you deem to be morally reprehensible. You want to actually start a dialogue that will bring interested parties to the table in good faith? Try getting your own act together first. Your guilt by imaginary association will eventually come for you in some way you don't like. There won't be any amount of virtue signalling or apologies that will wrest you from today's hysterical victim trophy pandering.
  3. twylyght

    Infinity Wars spoilers discussion

    They likely think they're being clever in some multiverse perspective, these characters are dead while their counterparts are alive and well.
  4. If a crime is committed, then said speech can be investigated for motive. Otherwise, why do I care?
  5. We have some of the @Gazi train in here. He should be primed for a thread like this.
  6. twylyght

    Infinity Wars spoilers discussion

    I'd wager that you'll get this in spades for A4 Evans has been pretty vocal in that his interest is being more behind the camera than in front of it. As many sad pandas as there were this go-around, there will be lots more next year.
  7. twylyght

    Lost in Space

    The plot felt fairly contrived to sub in some stock drama for the first few episodes, but they made up for it on the back end. I hate that it took as long as it did to come around, but overall, I definitely put it on the plus side of binge series.
  8. twylyght

    Infinity Wars spoilers discussion

    This film seemed like a huge back-story for Thanos. I like how they fleshed out his character. There was a ton of silent people when the screen went dark. I even saw a few people throw up their hands. I get that a lot of people forever want the super-mega-happy Scooby Doo ending, but I think this film delivered on almost everything it set out to do.
  9. twylyght

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Search away.... I'm still waiting on scores of unfounded accusations to be supported with a record of what I've said.
  10. Is this forum down to Googly shouting back at his own echo yet?
  11. Ironic that you'd assert projection when I've consistently demonstrated what I care about. You (and this forum apparently) need a Trump supporter strawman to rally your increasingly anemic and homogeneous DNC rally in here
  12. Right.... so nothing's changed. Please feel free to strap on another Che Guevara shirt for whatever rights parade your overlords have staged next.
  13. Caring about reliving the Clinton investigation all over again? If the FBI truly wanted to do their jobs, they have decades of work in front of them in DC just waiting to get their raid on. But no.... Now, America wants another in a series of sex scandals all over again. Now, America is suddenly concerned with the budget. Now, America is concerned about privacy on the internet and property rights. Now, America thinks Russia is a threat again, except in specific circumstances particular to DNC scandals. Flip the channel and now, America doesn't care about sex scandals Now, America doesn't care about fiscal responsibility Now, America doesn't care about privacy and property rights Now, America doesn't give a whit about Russia except in specific circumstances particular to DNC scandals Lemme guess who lines up on whatever side.... I wonder how it will shake out? Has anything changed?
  14. twylyght

    not really sure how to feel about this

    One of these HAS to be Dee Snider