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  1. twylyght

    Here comes the Sun

    I suppose if you can't argue the facts, then you can whip out the ever-ready race card. Predictably played, yet again.
  2. twylyght

    Upgrade (NSFW Trailer)

    First time I saw him in action. His performance could not have been better. I likened him to Sharto in District 9, but his performance was better.
  3. Out in theaters now as a limited release. Hits a lot of the same spots as District 9. The lead for this film was fantastic
  4. My comment was referring to the federal retirement qualifications rather than elective retirement: https://www.nasi.org/learn/socialsecurity/retirement-age
  5. With the retirement age increasing (and likely to increase further), the pressure on older workers to justify their salaries in the face of younger workers will continue to push that demographic. If you look at the rate from 1950 to now, one can argue that we are "where we should be". However, as this non-working populace requires resources to exist, that offset of funds has to come from somewhere. Namely, that is going to come from the population that is working along with a dwindling investment class of people that will drop due primarily to disincentive drivers. The latter will either pull their funds from increasingly risky ventures or move to a more amenable country. As the rest of the world continues to pressure the western work force with respect to productivity the only out for businesses is to move their shops elsewhere or increasing automation where the price point allows for it. Either way, those of use still working will find ourselves in a market with much steeper competition. We're setting ourselves up to be Greece in spite of watching how that disaster continues to play out. All that said, while the numbers do seem to be getting better (for the moment) adding in factors like inflation and participation rates do more to round out the picture of how we're actually doing. I wouldn't be breaking out champagne and doing a touchdown dance on these reports.
  6. The labor force participation rate remains depressed. We still have a lot of work-capable people (more than a third of the total in BLSs availability pool) that have opted out of the labor force: https://data.bls.gov/pdq/SurveyOutputServlet While wages are rising, they aren't commensurate with the supposed unemployment numbers. To me, this is indicative of the market pressures of why the demand isn't being reflected at the with just the unemployment rate alone. When the participation rate comes back up, the wages should respond in kind.
  7. twylyght

    Question for conservatives that hate Trump...

    We've been building another bubble as fast as we can since 2008. We've been propping it up with artificially low interest rates for almost a decade. It's a wonder that it's lasted as long as it has. It's not a perfect analysis in my opinion, but this article hits pretty damn close: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/trillions-of-reasons-why-a-huge-storm-is-looming-for-investors-in-one-chart-2018-05-29
  8. twylyght

    Question for conservatives that hate Trump...

    Why respond if you weren't insulted? I meant it in the most complimentary of ways
  9. twylyght

    Question for conservatives that hate Trump...

    Also, @PhillyB, you missed one
  10. twylyght

    Question for conservatives that hate Trump...

    What I assume is that you and Fry kiss each other goodnight. I'm thinking Fry is the little spoon
  11. twylyght

    Question for conservatives that hate Trump...

    Wouldn't be the first time the English language was bastardized. Case in point: how progressives ruined the word "liberal"
  12. twylyght

    Question for conservatives that hate Trump...

    This is simply you being uncomfortable with people questioning the root of your stances. To assuage your fragile ego, you probably envision me as some neck-beard, hillbilly, lily white, inbred.... whatever tired trope that is forever tied to non-DNC stances in your little mind. If being classically liberal is outing myself, then you're way behind. If you are insisting on some delusion that I'm David Duke or Adolf Hitler, then the number of clues you have is less than zero.
  13. twylyght

    Question for conservatives that hate Trump...

    If one learns nothing else from TB, it's that you can't reason nor win a shouting match with a gaggle of 12-year-old girls