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  1. Interesting Cam stat I just saw on NFL Network

    Jesus...NFLN is using QBR now too...
  2. So enjoy them, but one added bonus. Read the Youtube comments. Yes I said it. I'm not embedding the video so that you'll read the comments and see what people now say about our QB. Funny funny funny. Prima Donna. Fake Smile. Bust. Overrated. Can't Throw. Cry Baby. Sore Loser. "0:40 He has to have fingers of steel to hold onto the ball like that" "Cam is becoming a great quarterback" "Can makes throwing a 50 yard pass look easy." "Cam is this years MVP straight up. There's no way anyone else should even be in consideration at this point." "Cam Newton > Aaron Rodgers 8-0 > 6-2" "Ladies and Gentlemen it's official Cam is in his prime.. So it's time to put him in the ranks of Tom,Peyton, Ben, Aaron" oh and THIS ONE is my favorite: "wow look at Carolinas receivers coming to life! Cam Newton's positive attitude has literally inspired these men to play out of their minds."   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVfa68SiDBw
  3. Julius Peppers is a Bitch

    Wow. What a story. You know, I just kept watching that over and over again for a minute or so because that right there is the purest form of joy on the face of that kid. Something about it just made me smile
  4. Cut Steve Clifford A Little Slack

      I'm not a Steve Clifford lover, but I will say I'm more in the camp of blaming a Marvin Williams 7 mil a year deal and a Lance Stephenson going full retard than I am blaming our losing games on Clifford playing Jason Maxiell or his rotation.   I also think it's worth noting that comparing Clifford to Bud, a Thibedoux-like coaching genius that was Pop's right hand man for 17 years, and Steve Kerr, a rookie coach with front office experience and the most powerful dynamic duo in the league, is somewhat ridiculous. I'm not saying that we didn't drop the ball by not hiring Bud or Kerr, but let's be real. You have to realistically understand what you have, and although we don't have a tactical master like Bud, we don't have a coach that's a bad as you guys say or think he is. Verdict is still out on Kerr who appears to be a really good coach, but I can tell you that if you think he wouldn't struggle with this roster you should reconsider that opinion.
  5. In October, What if i told you...

  6. GDT: Hawks @ Hornets

      Was referencing their effort on both sides of the ball, and their offensive execution. They played hard for 4 quarters despite being given a tough challenge (for a set of backups) and a short bench. That speaks to their coaching, which is why they are so good at full strength. That's all I was saying.   Obviously they're going to have some defensive lapses because 1. it's the NBA and 2. they weren't as talented.  
  7. GDT: Hawks @ Hornets

      No doubt there
  8. GDT: Hawks @ Hornets

    They did exactly what they were supposed to do. Hawks rested their starters, Hornets won by 15. Tonight was a success.   People act like Popovich doesn't rest his starters and win by 10+ every season. Bud is a Pop desendent and his teams play like it...no matter who is playing on the floor they're going to give their opponents a game. That system and the ball movement in it are both works of beauty, basketball art. I know they lost tonight but they still showed how good they are in that loss.
  9. Get Ready

    Clifford, as a descendent of the Van Gundys, will always advocate for a good low post scorer.
  10. Hornets at Nets 7:30 (PLAYOFF GAMES!) ... not really

    After this game Hornets fans are saying "wow I'm really glad we didn't get Joe Johnson" and Nets fans are saying "wow I'm really glad we didn't get Stephenson"   Good, strong performance by Charlotte tonight in a game that mattered
  11. PJ inactive vs Magic

      Why in god's name would I play an immature rookie that's missing my morning lifts? fug that. To the bench he goes, grow up PJ jesus
  12. Time for a Re-vote

    Look at what this guy has been given, realistically.   He lost Kemba, Lance Stephenson has been a massive headcase failure, He got Marvin Williams on a bloated 2 year contract, Big Al has been hurt, and he has spent the majority of the season with little to no consistent outside shooting threats on the wing (Gary Neal and Brian Roberts inconsistent, PJ just isn't there yet, Jeff Taylor inconsistent and was suspended nearly half the year). He finally has a dead eye shooter in Mo Williams but even then he's limited in his ability to play at the 2 guard position for more than 10 minutes.   To say he should be fired after the results from last season with little to nothing after the tumultuous season this team has been through is ridiculous
  13. What happened to Al Jefferson?

    He's a 20-10 big man. That's what you get with him. He's not going to be a rim protector, and there's never been any hiding his defensive weaknesses. He's going to score 20 points and get 10 rebounds a game. And by and large he's done that for this team
  14. What happened to Al Jefferson?

    It's mainly defensive laziness and injuries. He's still had a very effective season when healthy and played the exact same he always has. Anyone who says otherwise is overreacting. We got exactly what we paid for.