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  1. Anyone know when NFLN is starting the countdown this year?
  2. Dave Gettleman...Thug Life...Enjoy

    Person's voice annoys the hell outta me...
  3. Todd McShay's 2016 LAST Draft that's his Mock.

    Seems like Dodd's little write-up is the only one with negative info....
  4. NFL.com's 7-round mock draft

    Whether this is true or not, I literally laughed out loud when I read it, ha
  5. I Want An Update..

    Yeah, waddup frivoletics admin??
  6. 'I have major concerns about the NFL exec. of the year,clearly he has no clue how to draft or make personnel decisions....."
  7. I still know a couple people...what happened with josh

    ^^Bingo. Hasn't everyone figured this out about Gman yet?
  8. Panthers rescind Norman's franchise tag...

    I hear ya man, but think about it....If we let Josh play this upcoming season under the franchise tag, what if he tore an ACL? What if his play regressed? At that point, we basically just screwed over a local NC guy from a multi year contract (from us or any other team for that matter). The dude wanted to get paid big money not just in 2016, but for the next 3-5 years. You can't blame him, he's gonna be 30 before ya know it. Plus if he was gonna show his @ss even more than he already does playing under the tag, everyone should know DG is not gonna let ANYONE be a distraction in our stellar locker room. I understand the people that like it and the people that don't. It's just the business side of football ladies and gents.
  9. Panthers rescind Norman's franchise tag...

    This has probably already been said a dozentimes since your post was 15 hours ago, but damn there are 41 pages to read through in this thread......anyhow, I honestly don't believe that this hasanythingto do with DG's "pride" getting in the way. It's his philosophy dude.....big men allow you to compete....this shouldn't be shocking to anyone at all. I'm happy we didn't give him north of 15 mil a year for the next 3-6 years or whatever the contract lengthJosh and his agent were after.
  10. Appreciate it fellas!
  11. Not to mention it's simply a hypothetical question....
  12. Rotoworlds Panthers Draft Needs

    knew someone would catch / comment on this, ha, and I'm w you!
  13. Looking for a wallpaper for Samsung Galaxy w/ new 2016 schedule. Anybody came across one yet? Or can make one perhaps? Had this one all last season and loved having it set as my lock screen to view our schedule easily anytime.