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  1. Not the ones I'm friends with that I either grew up with or went to high school or college with! More than 1 person said something along the lines of "You defending that hit is awful. Like makes me lose respect for you awful." Other Panthers fans chimed in saying that if one of our defensive players hit Matt Ryan (or any QB for that matter) that we would not be defending it.
  2. dpm0409

    Cam Jordan best 7 Player in NFCS

    That's always the conundrum with these ranking type lists. What have you done for me lately? Or what have you done over the course of your career? He definitely seemed to incorporate both, especially with Peppers, which isn't too surprising since Jordan is also a DE.
  3. Sorry, probably should have clarified that. I didn't even mean here on the huddle necessarily. I was referring to all my social media Sunday afternoon/evening. Falcons fans were saying that the hit wasn't dirty and that if Cam runs he needs to expect to get hit like that. All kinds of people (Panthers fans and fans of football in general) were calling them out, but they maintained they saw nothing wrong with it...
  4. The worst part about that hit is how so many people were defending Kazee....come on people, it was dirty AF....and don't give me any of that "He couldn't pull up when going full speed" BS because the freeze frame of the video above clearly shows Cam already on the ground and Kazee's head/eyes are still looking right at Cam. He knew what he was doing.
  5. dpm0409

    Playoff caliber offense?

    Further evidence of a fan who just doesn't like Cam imo. Don't get me wrong, CMC will play a huge role this year, we all know this.....but the only player that your above bolded statement can be realistically applied to is Cam. I think even RR has been on record as saying something along those lines.
  6. I wish the Panther cat wasn't the one getting truck sticked! haha, but still funny
  7. dpm0409

    Cam's "Body Prayers"

    All I know is Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothin' to fug with and that cash rules everything around me.
  8. Don't think that qualifies as context
  9. Cris Carter sure did. No idea how he sat there and tried to take KB's side. It was literally laughable. smdh.
  10. KB has came off looking like a moron throughout this whole beef between him and Cam. haha, what a fool
  11. Is there a replay or gif out there of when Williams' injury occured?
  12. Almost spit my coffee out, haha, well played sir
  13. dpm0409

    If Silotolu Starts...

    I was also thinking that he's making it sound wayyy too easy to be an offensive lineman at the highest level, haha, I mean damn dude! Why do you think there are so few quality o-linemen these days? (esp. at T) Which is why they are so sought after and are hugely valuable commodities.
  14. dpm0409

    If Silotolu Starts...

    Yeah, they're getting too caught up in the wording from the OP and missing the larger point.....the fact that Amini still has a job. Which is really what the thread should be titled, ha. I knew he was below average, but after yesterday....I'm really hoping he doesn't see the field on Sundays anymore.