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  1. Who Are Your Top 10 Panthers on the Roster?

    1. Cam Newton 2. Luke Kuechly 3. Greg Olsen 4. Kawann Short 5. Thomas Davis 6. Trai Turner 7. Ryan Kalil 8. Jonathan Stewart 9. Star Lotulelei 10. Can't decide to put Oher, Norwell, or KB here Honorable Mention: Funchess, Shaq, Coleman, and Ealy.
  2. OTAs start Tuesday

    Couldn't agree more with @emhoward. There is no denying that the rookies are always intriguing to see, but the second year players are what I want to hear about more than anything. Shaq, Funchess, & D. Williams specifically. Expecting/hoping for exponential growth from all 3.
  3. Unlessss Luke decides to get some fresh ink before the season....maybe the CPI logo to take his endorsement deal to the next level??
  4. Arian Foster?

    Thread has been highlyyy entertaining on a slow Friday @ work, haha
  5. NFL Top 100 - Ryan Kalil #79

    Anyone else notice that between ranks 75-93, there are 6 Chiefs players? Hopefully it'll be the same for us, with the only difference being between ranks 1-25!
  6. Bill Barnwell's NFC South Offseason Report Card

    Kinda amusing to me that according to almost everything you read (due to the JNo situation) most pundits say we "regressed" this off season. We still got the best grade in the NFC South according to that article though! ha
  7. Panthers Question on Jeopardy

    St. Pierre?
  8. Couple of first round picks meet....

    Was going to say something about this, but didn't know if I was the only one, ha
  9. I know David Newton can be a tool, but anyone read his article today with 27 quotes from Cam to celebrate his 27th bday? Pretty entertaining. http://espn.go.com/blog/carolina-panthers/post/_/id/20724/celebrating-cam-newtons-27th-birthday-with-27-memorable-quotes
  10. Breaking the curse of "the year after"

    Look no further than the '09 season opener against the Eagles. I was there and it was terrible....
  11. ESPN Post Draft Power Rankings

    <--- That's me whether it's a Panthers TD or Cam getting sacked. Just a little game I like to play where it's impossible for me to lose.
  12. I'm hoping the proverbial window will be at minimum another half dozen years. After that, not sure that Cam will still be running through LB's, but hopefully I'm wrong..
  13. What about Jameis? ha
  14. PFF Top 101 Players for 2015

    Doesn't make any sense to me either man