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  1. Who knows what will happen come week 1, but it was utterly laughable when they were favored over us in 2015 on Thanksgiving.
  2. dpm0409

    Player’s Opinion on new Facilities

    ^ Yep And of course the whole 1 team, 2 states motto has most thinking that the new practice/multi-purpose facility will land in SC.
  3. Exactly. Not to mention that I'm not even sure we need to have "a true #1 WR" as people love to say these days. I know I'm not the first to say it, but how many true #1's are there? AB, Julio, AJ, Hopkins, OBJ, and you could maybe throw in 2-3 more names, but that's about it. None of our WR's were anywhere close to being #1 receivers during Cam's MVP season. The change at OC has me more excited for the upcoming season than almost any FA WR signing we could have potentially made.
  4. Would immediately overtake the Olsen trade with Chicago as Hurney's best move as GM, haha
  5. No idea if dark horse is the right term for these guys necessarily, but I'm interested in Ian Thomas, Donte Jackson, Alex Armah, Daeshon Hall, and Da'Norris Searcy.
  6. Title should read: "One of Panthers smartest offseason moves: Trading CB Daryl Worley" I mean he was arrested within a few weeks of us trading him....and then cut by PHI....
  7. Not bad company there! Really hoping Funch stays healthy all year b/c if so, he's in for a big year.
  8. dpm0409

    Cool story on CMC

    Agree that he's definitely a candidate for a future captain spot.
  9. World Cup has been helping me out this year
  10. Great response, this made me laugh out loud.
  11. Damn slideshows are the WORST
  12. dpm0409

    So, I asked Gil Brandt about Norv

    This is the most important thing here.....you game plan, but then you must adjust accordingly depending on how the game is playing out. We never seemed to do this with Shula as our OC. Sooo tired of having decent leads and then just playing not to lose instead of playing to win. Some of that has to do with defensive calls as well (fuggin' prevent D and all that) but I don't want the offense taking their foot off the pedal whatsoever if they're rolling this upcoming season. Hopefully Norv can make that happen.
  13. dpm0409

    Luke comes in at #..

    It's true that these rankings shouldn't mean anything to you or I, but they do mean something to the players. Getting recognized by your peers as one of the best in the sport has got to be a nice feeling. Especially when your consistently high on the list and the highest rated MLB. Do they help win games though? Nah, of course not, but considering the time of year it is......I'll take a video of other NFL players talking about how good one of our Panthers is.
  14. dpm0409

    Don’t ask Cam about the SB fumble...

    Yeah, the audio is a bit hard to hear exactly