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  1. If Carolina wins the coin toss...

    defer, love getting the ball to start the 3rd qtr
  2. Brian Urlacher....he mad

    I concur with this.  It's getting to an absurd level that I've never seen before...
  3. Cam...

    Obviously this has been posted before, but Cam probably is at least 6'6'' if the king is 6'8''....just sayin', the weight tho, I have no clue
  4. Sweet Motha Russia!

    And Argentina! ha
  5. Anyone else have one of these?

    It's amusing that Miller Light cans now look like that again, ha
  6. Nothing Skip says means a thing to me.  No respect for that guy when it comes to evaluating other NFL teams.  He gets a small small amount of fan respect for sticking by his beloved cowboys (even when they are god awful) but even then, he falls into the delusional category.. 
  7. When the 12s are down 31-0 at the half

    foot on the gas......and don't let up
  8. I don't wanna hear jack $hit about the condition of the field, we're playing on the same field, right????
  9. You my friend, took the words right outta my mouth, ha
  10. Lilsmitty09's Playoff Hype Video

    They're always good, but this one is probably you're best.  Thinking about it, it's kinda like our players and coaches always say, it's probably the best because it's the next game, which is the most important.  Just glad I waited to get home from work to watch...ha
  11. You go home and see this on your couch

    I'd have a "RW white girl" reaction, haha
  12. Seahawk fans respond to Cam getting All Pro

    Epitome of "hater's gonna hate". smdh...
  13. KB looking spry!

    Glad I'm not the only one who immediately thought these things.  The euphoria of this season has almost caused me to forget we'll have him back next year......can't wait.
  14. Completely embarrassing stuff Tom said.  Does he really think anyone believes that poo?  And they should receive the same punishment?? haha, that's got me doing the patented TC hands on hips and head tilted to the side:
  15. I think if it was still up in the air before yesterdays game, it's case closed now.