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  1. I really hope we can win out and play well enough in the tourney to bump us up to an 11 seed, I do not want another play in game
  2. That's cool, buddy. Just wondering.

  3. Hey Ace. I know you are semi-retired from this but when you get a chance, do you think you would be ale to re-tool a sig for me? Thanx...

  4. Final voting is open, vote for me!

  5. dont forget to vote me for huddle mod

  6. Alright, will do. Thanks man. Keep up your skills

  7. Haha yeah, it's a whole 'nother ball game when you try it out for yourself. Just keep reading guides and doing your own stuff and you'll get better, even I got a long way to go

  8. people say it's the same basically... just less features. yeah i have watched a couple of videos so far. i got the technique down of cutting out backgrounds and a few other little things. I have been wanting to make sigs forever, just haven't got around to trying it. makes me see how really good you are at it. cause it ain't too easy and takes time.

  9. Not sure, I use photoshop haha, but just google for some beginner tutorials and you'll get the hang of it

  10. I downloaded gimp2.. is that petty good to learn with? I'm learning as I go. It's really confusing learning how to use it. haha

  11. its cool buddy...take ure time :D

  12. I'll be working on it shortly :)

  13. whats so funny?