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  1. I think the stats are starting to agree.
  2. I for one choose to believe that Kap is great, but our defense made him look horrible.
  3. They have a lot of talent. Those 10 points were hard earned today.
  4. Ron Rivera freaking defense (McD helps too)
  5. Ok, I am crying. Don't care who knows it.
  6. Well. I'm going to go throw up.
  7. Game on the line. They fumble the snap. Brilliant.
  8. Mike Tolbert. I love you.
  9. He tried getting down.
  10. Don't know hat Ativan does. I'll take 3.
  11. Ron Rivera knows how to coach up a defense. Holy moly.
  12. Would have been a perfect call on third and like 4.
  13. It was, it was down man. Now we have the qb that can do things like that.