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  1. dos poptarts added a post in a topic Any huddlers play World of Tanks on 360 or XB1?   

    That was for WOT Blitz by Wargaming, same company. Tried Blitz, but didn't really like it. I can't play tablet games.
    WOT has been on the 360 for a while, but they just launched for XB1 last month. It combines 360 & xb1 players in the same matches. (does require xbox live gold)  I just saw it on my xbox dashboard one day and figured why not. I have fun. And you never have to spend a dime if you don't want to. (most players don't spend $) I admit I bought a few premium tanks, because i put in alot of time playing and they offered the Freedom (SuperPershing painted with the stars&stripes). Cause 'Murica!!!
    If you want to see some WOT vids, search Mighty Jingles on youtube. The Good, The Bad and the ugly series is good and "You Heff to be Mad" is gameplay shorts set to music/sound effects.
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    Any huddlers play World of Tanks on 360 or XB1?
    I'm looking to try platooning.
    btw...WOT is a free-to-play and you don't need real money to unlock anything in the tank tree lines. (real money to buy premium time (earn silver "game currency" and crew XP faster than non-premium time). But the game is definitely not pay-to-win.
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    I'm gone for a few months and this is the Tbox?
    First time I've logged in since May (I think) and everyone is soooo uptight. People bitching in Arsen's cow thread???? It's 14 pages based on economic cow internet meme??? Must have been a tough offseason...
    So I leave these here...and fug anyone who's offended. :P

    and this one is pretty accurate: I know quite a few Vietnamese nail salon workers.
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