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  1. Getting laid off in july

    Find yourself a sugar momma. Problem solved.
  2. Bucs trade for JPP

    Vinny Curry and now JPP. Instantly just upgraded their defense line, but will it matter? Their coaching is pretty mehhhhh.
  3. Star vs. Poe, comparison.

    Star had an awesome rookie year, but has since regressed. Poe's best days are still ahead of him.
  4. Dontari Poe to Carolina Panthers/3 yrs $27m

    Star had a great rookie season, but regressed after that. He's not what he once was. Poe is similar player, but his best days are still ahead of him.
  5. Dontari Poe to Carolina Panthers/3 yrs $27m

    Ian Rapoport confirmed.
  6. Star likely to test free agency this offseason

    He never wanted to be here to begin with, but he was a good sport about it. Hence why his offseason home is still in Utah.
  7. Swapping Ted Ginn for Russell Shepard was probably one of the biggest offseason blunders to date. Ginn's speed would have prevented teams from stacking the box against us time after time. Thanks Gettleman.
  8. Gettleman failed us this past offseason with his signings. See: - Matt Kalil - Swapping Ted Ginn for Russell Shepard - Captain Munnerlyn - Charles Johnson
  9. Kaelin Clay > Shepard

    Clay looks pretty dangerous with the ball in his hands, need to get him more involved in the offense. He kind of reminds of Steve Smith (ish). He's got the return ability, but raw as hell as a receiver. If he can develop his craft as receiver, he could turn into a nice player for us. Not going to say he's the next Steve Smith (likely not), but he has the same blueprint.
  10. Panthers Sign Michael Oher

    How much did he cost? any word of the contract details?