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  1. Dingo_ate_Babies

    Worst starters that you can remember?

    If I recall, he was our 6th running back in 04. He got knocked the fack out in the 2005 nfccg.
  2. Dingo_ate_Babies

    Worst starters that you can remember?

    David Carr Chris Weinke Deshaun Foster Nick Goings Drew Carter Matt Kalil Matt Willig Russell Shepard Rod Gardner Everette Brown
  3. Dingo_ate_Babies

    Matt Kalil

    If that were completely true they would have already cut him before they exercised the $10 million option bonus in March.
  4. Dingo_ate_Babies

    Brett Kollmann draft recap

    The guy said that Tampa is now tied with Atlanta for best D-Line in the division. REALLY?
  5. Dingo_ate_Babies

    Getting laid off in july

    Find yourself a sugar momma. Problem solved.
  6. Dingo_ate_Babies

    Bucs trade for JPP

    Vinny Curry and now JPP. Instantly just upgraded their defense line, but will it matter? Their coaching is pretty mehhhhh.
  7. Dingo_ate_Babies

    Panthers Sign Michael Oher

    How much did he cost? any word of the contract details?