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  1. Charles Johnson SUSPENDED four games.

    When a player is suspended, he isn't paid for those games. What happens to the salary cap in this situation? Are these game checks prorated and reduced from the salary cap?
  2. Charles Johnson SUSPENDED four games.

    He's gone after this year. Will free 3.5 mil of cap room.
  3. Kaelin Clay > Shepard

    Clay looks pretty dangerous with the ball in his hands, need to get him more involved in the offense. He kind of reminds of Steve Smith (ish). He's got the return ability, but raw as hell as a receiver. If he can develop his craft as receiver, he could turn into a nice player for us. Not going to say he's the next Steve Smith (likely not), but he has the same blueprint.
  4. switch the already #1 D to a 3-4, good idea.
  5. Is it a coincidence that Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews always do commercials together? It's not like they even play together at the same time. GEEZ
  6. Players have taken shots at Kuechly as well. There is definitely a correlation between race and talent, and popularity. Jealousy will always follow.
  7. Samuel out for the season!

    Not just looking at the numbers. Having watched him for the past 10 games, I could see this: He has considerable speed and athleticism, but is clearly still very raw and is still at least a season a way from being a solid player. He has flashed in moments, but he's not the guy whose going to carry us deep into the playoffs. He has a long way to go.
  8. Samuel out for the season!

    Samuel wasn't exactly lighting it up, this is a manageable loss.
  9. Samuel out for the season!

    Philly Brown come on down.
  10. I don't think we're going to miss him much. He's been active all season long and has only made what..1 explosive play? He's also dropped an easy touchdown and fumbled against Chicago. Byrd will replace him just fine. I think Samuel will develop into a nice player EVENTUALLY, he's just still too raw.
  11. Philly Brown?

    Charles Johnson (WR).... What his deal?
  12. what's the deal with Charles Johnson (WR)? Is he really hurt that bad? We can't elevate him or cut him/bring him back?
  13. Got a job offer..

    Employment is generally at-will in most situations, meaning any company can you dump you at any time and for any reason. There's no loyalty in the government consulting world. If someone high-up wants you gone, you'll be gone in a matter of time. Being an employee might just slow things down a bit. There are perks to be an employee vs a contractor and vice versa.
  14. Got a job offer..

    I work in the same type industry and live in the DMV area as well. I was recently put into a similar situation, but I took the job offer (20k raise, 100% telework, less work and stress, but inferior benefits). Haven't looked back since (My last job underpaid me). I'd say if the money is the same at both places, then stay where you are comfortable and happy. Also, I don't know where you currently work, but Booz is a high-end consulting firm. They are more likely to ride you, expect more. and earn that money plus the commute. Sometimes you can't put a price on peace-of-mind.