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  1. UNC Academic Scandal

    What do you want to know?   Its the same scandal we already know about, only this time its a basketball player taking the classes.  So a basketball player majoring in AFAM took one of the "paper classes" in the AFAM department, shocking, I know.   Of course, the NCAA didnt care about these fake classes during their last investigation, so I have a hard time believing they will do anything this time around. It was declared an academic issue rather than an athletic issue because those classes were available to and taken by normal students as well as athletes.   We can get into the reasons the NCAA takes this sort of position on situations like this, but despite what some people would like to think it has less to do with a bias towards major athletic programs like UNC and more to do with the limits of the NCAA's jurisdiction (the NCAA doesnt want to start a precedent of setting academic standards for its member universities). 
  2. UNC Academic Scandal

      Considering there is nothing new here and the NCAA has already investigated this very issue, I'm guessing the NCAA wont bother  
  3. UNC Academic Scandal

    So the only thing the NCAA punished UNC for academically was the one tutor, not the AFAM classes
  4. UNC Academic Scandal

      Got a link to that? Genuinely curious.   I think Roy probably did what most people do in that situation, turn a blind eye and dont go digging into the matter
  5. UNC Academic Scandal

    I'm pretty sure everyone knew that football and basketball players (as well as athletes in other sports) took these paper classes.  The NCAA never punished the school for it though because some non-athletes took the classes too.   Football team only got punished for the connections to agents, so I'm not seeing anything new here.   Correct me if I'm wrong bigcatdaddy, I know you've been masturbating to following this story very closely the last few years
  6. UNC Academic Scandal

      Was he though? I thought the article said he was going to be ineligible but took some summer "classes" to maintain eligibility.   Not really anything new here, we knew UNC had fake classes to keep athletes eligible that frankly had no business being in college.  If they can show that Roy knew what was going on that would be pretty damaging, but a guy in his position isn't going to dig too deep into stuff like this and just let the advisors and tutors take care of it
  7. No, you're a towel!