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  1. eleaf14

    psl ticket sales question

    thanks all! will give a look into that option.
  2. eleaf14

    psl ticket sales question

    long time no post and apologize if this isn't in the correct spot. a buddy and myself just purchased psl's after many years kicking tires. to soften the blow of big bucks in year 1 (psl's & tickets) - we were debating selling half the games to lessen our total $ on tickets for the year. question for current owners - since tickets aren't in hand until later in the summer- is the best option for resell the Ticketmaster exchange? are their other options (like say stubhub)? the previous owner is a friend & has paid for the 2018 season, though we will have to pay for tickets once it hand. we're trying to tag team & sell what we can ahead of time. thanks for any advice.