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  1. Such A Tease...

    Peanut will be our DB coach in 2-3 years.  He'll play one more year I bet
  2. Great article on Cam from Jordan's perspective seeing him grow from rookie season until now.
  3. Are blankets allowed in Bofa

    Sunday night...Favre Vikings vs Matt Moore FTW was pretty damn cold!  22 I think
  4. Awesome NY Times feature on Luke

    I remember that draft vividly.  I remember reading about how safe a pick Luke would be...But the "experts" said he's already reached his ceiling.  At the time I didn't hate or love the pick...I just strongly did not want Coples.  I just had a feeling he would be a bust.
  5. I'd just like an explanation of the "panhandler"....I don't get it...  
  6. Go under 51pts!!!  Go D!!
  7. Thinking of making a move.

    Obviously, jobs are more limited in smaller towns...But the Sandhills area is great.  Pinehurst Southern Pines area....In the middle of everything.  1 hour to Raleigh, just under 2 hours to BOA stadium, 2-2.5 hours to Wilmington/Myrtle.  Golf is pretty much there's that.  
  8. If Stewart doesn't play - does CAP take majority of carries?

    Don't get it twisted....I love D-Lo!  But the only time that he was our "feature" back was when he was forced to be with injuries.  I'm sure the Steelers would rather have him as a complimentary back also.  I've been shocked he's been able to stay healthy this year.  I'm pulling for him though....Will always love D-Lo!
  9. If Stewart doesn't play - does CAP take majority of carries?

    touche..... In the preseason though....Just watching both of their styles....Wegher seems to be built stronger and more like a feature back.  CAP reminded me more of D-Lo and more complimentary.
  10. If Stewart doesn't play - does CAP take majority of carries?

    I disagree....I think CAP has more of a complimentary back type build.  I think the only other back is Wegher that resembles a "workhorse" "feature" back. I don't care though...I just want to see them both bust some big runs on the Vagiants!
  11. If Stewart doesn't play - does CAP take majority of carries?

    What have you seen to make you think CAP is a feature back?   Committee is what it will be...I'm just hoping that Wegher and CAP get to see some touches.
  12. Early Line Versus NO

    ^^^ Nice explanation....But when I'm explaining to my friends how the moneyline works, it's easier to understand based on $100 bet... If the moneyline is: Panthers -320 Saints +260 You would have to bet $320 to win $100 for Panthers.  If you bet $100 on the Saints, the payout would be $260.  Basically the same thing, it's just easier for people to understand based on a $100 bet rather than $500.
  13. What Redskins Fans Are Saying

    It's dumb that they filter Romo into "RomoSUCKS"....Can't they be a little more creative like The Golden Calf of Bristol
  14. Obviously I hope none of them are able to play in it...But worse case...I hope TD and Luke pull a package deal type thing.  Since the pro bowl is really just a popularity contest/joke and now the "legends" draft their teams ....Whoever gets "drafted" 1st just bring the other to the stage. Deal with it!
  15. FanDuel Discussion, anyone?

    I do have a friend that made 5Gs in 2 seasons playing NBA.  His strategy would be to pick his best lineup every night he would play...and then do 40-50 $1 head-head matchups.  Interesting strategy...He claims everytime he would do that, he'd only lose like 5 matchups...So over time he built up a nice little account.  And then increased to $5 and $10 matchups head-head. He doesn't play NFL though...just NBA.