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  1. Harry Giles Watch

    He's going to be fine!  Surgery being done at Duke and rehabbing there as well so recovery time is anywhere from 6-9 months.  You better take beating Duke anyway you can.
  2. Harry Giles Watch

  3. Harry Giles Watch

    I see what you did there!
  4. Harry Giles Watch

    Announcing tomorrow at noon!
  5. Harry Giles Watch

    I consider myself pretty knowledgable about the situation and I would be shocked if he chose Wake over Duke.  At Duke he gets to stay close to home, play with one of his best friends, and have a very good shot at a title run.  Not to mention play for the GOAT!
  6. Harry Giles Watch

    I have to agree with NCSU here, I would be completely shocked if Giles chose Wake.  Giles from everything I have heard is a heavy Duke lean and it only helps they get the last visit.  Tatum is one of Harry's best friends and Duke is going to be loaded for another run at a title next year so I can't see him turning down Duke and that spotlight for Wake.  
  7. Harry Giles Watch

    I feel like Wake and Giles is like NC State and Ingram, there was no way Ingram was picking State and I don't think there is any way Giles is picking Wake.  Last year this time Giles was a lock for unc, his friend and former Wesleyan teammate was getting ready to play for chapel hill and he was spending a lot of time up there.  That's all changed with unc since there are going to be sanctions and recruits like Harry don't know what they will be.  Duke is clearly the front runner especially with his best friend just committing there last weekend, plus Duke is recruiting him the hardest.  
  8. Harry Giles Watch

    That would be a huge get for WF but I think it's a long shot. I just think Duke has way too much momentum right now. The huge haul for Duke could actually be in 2017 though. There are talks of a package deal with Wendell Carter, Gary Trent, Michael Porter, and Trae Young all coming to Duke. Jeff Capel and Jon Scheyer have been killing it on the recruiting trail.
  9. Harry Giles Watch

    A year ago I would have said there is no way he doesn't go to unc because his old teammate, Pinson, plays there. He also goes up to chapel hill and plays pickup games quite a bit.  I look at him a lot like I look at Brandon Ingram, these guys were unc locks IMO but this academic scandal has scared them off.  I now see Giles as Duke's to lose, he is best friends with Tatum and they have talked about a "package deal" just like Okafor and Jones.  Plus Duke can walk into a visit holding the championship trophy which is a huge advantage.  Like you said they will either get Smith or Jackson to run the point and another stellar recruiting class.  
  10. It was funy as hell, even for a unc fan. Haha.

  11. Final voting is open... vote for me!

  12. Who is your avatar? She is smoking hot.

  13. not sure if you still have the 3 psls and tix available but I am interested.