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  1. His success as well as the entire offense will depend on how this O Line works out.
  2. Im waiting for a "meet me in south charlotte" call out!!
  3. Mr. Pickles is awesome!
  4. Is this the smack forum??
  5. damn
  6. Nothing to post right now.
  7. At least we know who our quarterback is.
  8. I've been saying it for a while. This stooge isn't a broncos fan. Has to be a falcon or saint fan. Maybe Dallas. No real bronco fan would still be here. Possibly an alt just fugging around. Or just a dumbass. Probably just dumbass.
  9. This clown isn't a bronco fan. He is either a saint or falcon troll. Way too stupid, even for a bronco. Plus he is still here. Maybe an alt. Either way it's here in the smack and even though it's an idiot, it gives me something to do when I'm on the can.
  10. I think he is an alt. Too stupid to be real.
  11. You stole that. Pathetic.
  12. No. Not here. You embarrass yourself and look pathetic. You don't even have a good strong troll here to carry you. But keep trying. It's kind of funny.
  13. Actually our expectations are much more realistic then yours.
  14. That's what I keep saying!!!
  15. You're right. Contain Cam, double Olsen. Go with that. It's worked out so well up to this point.