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  1. Gameday Menu

    I will be washing down my pulled pork mojo tacos with several glasses of your finest whiskey!
  2. Just remember, it burns the same upon exit as it does upon entrance. Prepare yourself.
  3. Im guessing that doesnt apply to Thursdays.
  4. NFL cant compete with prime time college games these days. Dont see Saturday games ever outside of preseason.
  5. I got into a twitter spat with him. One that he initiated. He spouted off about me still following him. I replied that it was just leftover from before he got fired from WFNZ. He lost his poo. I clowned him a bit and he got pretty vulgar, spewing about his big market sports job and personally insulting me. I posted that I wondered what his big market employers were gonna think of his juvenile tantrum. He pouted and blocked me. He is a complete douche.
  6. Hello - Eagles fan here

    Philly filth make falcon filth seem less worthless.

    I need oxygen. Still
  8. Dumb pass but byrd quit in that one. He slowed up at the end. Didn't even try
  9. VFW and American Legion speakout about protest

    169 unarmed people were killed by police in 2016. Of those 39 were black. 26 were shot, 4 were tazer related and the rest happened in jail or custody. I dont how many of those were deemed just or unjust. They were all horrible situations none the less. But claiming its everyday or an epidemic isn't accurate.
  10. Geuax Saints (for Jangler)

    Never mind. Change your name to fatass alice and you will do well here. The similarities are uncanny.
  11. Thanks for the tickets

    The look on all those dumbass bills fans was beautiful. They were a confident group this morning. This afternoon it was just a bunch of fat, sunburned, sweaty clowns. Hahahaha!!!!
  12. Thanks for the tickets

    And your pathetic bills lost. But of course you're used to that disirregardless.
  13. Now they are turning the October race into a damn road course, taking out most of the infield. Desperation
  14. It might be a little early but the NFL is flirting with what happened to Nascar. They catered to the corporate money and alienated the common fan. Attendance crashed and now its in the gutter. Charlotte Motor speedway has removed close to forty thousand seats. No more back stretch. No more turns one and four seating. Just corporate RV areas now. Food and drink prices are incredibly high and the founding fanbase cant afford to attend. They left all the grass root historical tracks for vanilla super speedways. Now corporate money is drying up. After the Lowes contract ended they had to revert to good old Charlotte Motor speedway. Nascar is on full desperation life support. NFL needs to take heed.