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  1. MCCNASTY added a post in a topic Who is going to the game Friday night?   

    Section 133, Row 8, Seats 5-8
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  2. MCCNASTY added a post in a topic Victoria's Secret Snub   

    Youre killing me smalls.  Im well aware of the magical world of Google.  I was referring to the actual VS website.  I believe that was specifically mentioned in my post.  However, I did really enjoy the Google tutorial.  Made me laugh!  I do appreciate quality smartassery.  
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  3. MCCNASTY added a topic in The Lounge   

    Victoria's Secret Snub
    My wife was hyped because the new Victoria's secret NFL stuff is out.  So she went to the Victoria's Secret website to check out the new Panthers stuff.  Not happening!  They have 28 teams stuff online.  No Panthers, No Jacksonville No Rams, No Titans.  She called and asked why??  The lady she spoke to thought the Carolina Panthers was a college team.  My wife was put on hold to wait for a supervisor or someone less stupid.  Eventually another woman answered and advised that there was not enough interest in certain teams.  However local Victoria's Secret Stores may have Panthers apparel.  Here is what is hard to understand.  Every year the Panthers gear is constantly sold out.  Online and in the stores that happen to carry it.  I know because I buy the overpriced crap for my wife because she likes it.  Anyway I needed to bitch and complain and the huddle us a wonderful place to do that in.  Fug Victoria's Secret.  That is all.
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  4. MCCNASTY added a post in a topic Typical Saint Fan   

    Based on th dumb shat you people blather about on here it seems quite fitting to assume thats what all of you look like or wish to look like.  
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  5. MCCNASTY added a post in a topic Man With "Who Dat" Forehead Tattoo Accused Of Grabbing Officers' Testicles   

    Not surprising at all.  He is a saints fan.
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  6. MCCNASTY added a post in a topic Listen Up Fan Fest Attendees   

    Yes they do!
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  7. MCCNASTY added a post in a topic Have you ever wanted someone to be attacked by a shark?   

    Canada. All day long.
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  8. MCCNASTY added a post in a topic Have a happy and safe 4th of July   

    Drunk already again. Yep. Clowns.
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