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  1. Since its a slow news day and in keeping with my poor content contribution im wondering if some of the younger huddlers can predict what Cam is going to do after a TD. Im not as hip on all these new dances and what not. Im more of a Reebok and Running Man type with a side of Pop Lock. Now that the NFL has changed the rules it should be epic! My 13 year old daughter said Dab and hit da folks is kinda old.
  2. His eyes are too close together. Never understood how he was an offensive coordinator. We tried to make the draw play a drinking game while watching his offense. Not a good idea.
  3. I have a life size Delhomme stand up. He lives under the guest bed.
  4. I have a Bob Christian poster. i also have a gourd painted like a Panthers helmet my mom got from the Southern Christmas show. Some 300 year old lady famous for painting gourds around here. I think she just passed away a couple years ago.
  5. Bucs fan saying Luke is done

    Hahahaha!!!!! Bucs fans.
  6. Heads up! Huddle changes...

    Who's art?
  7. Finally a post of reason and positive information. Thank you. Camp cant start soon enough.
  8. All this hate and stupid sht over nothing more than assumptions based on nothing. He is interim. So far thats all we have to go on. Everybody contemplating switching teams, death to JR and attacking each other need to calm the fk down. Not one snap has been played this season and everybody has us losing for the next ten damn years. RELAX. Unfounded speculation is a mean bitch.
  9. All this gloom and doom based solely on speculation, rumor and panic is exhausting. No one knows poo about any of it. I have no use for Hurney either however, guessing the future of this team based solely on speculation, rumors and panic driven stupidity is pointless. Its like a contagious disease. Nobody has a damn clue of what is actually going to happen. Im just ready for camp and football. That i know is going to happen.
  10. I think they are vile. I lean towards the darker stuff. Stouts, Ales, Ambers and Vienna style lagers. IPA's try too hard to out do each other with exaggerated levels of bitter grossness. They just got out of hand. Sours are the nastiest poo ive ever tasted.
  11. Thank you, I agree 100 percent. In keeping with my awfulness, I also think sour beers are awful. But that's just me, and i am pretty damn awful.
  12. My version is fresh minced garlic, chopped cilantro, a jalapeno pepper, fresh squeezed lime juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. You can also throw all of it a food processor and make a liquid marinade. If im feeling it i will add some fresh parsley to it. Put it on veggies or any meat. Freaking amazing. Or go greek with olive oil, fresh garlic, fresh oregano, red wine vinegar and lemon juice. You will rule the grill!!! Add a homemade tzatziki sauce and you're in business.