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  1. The Armed Forces shouldn’t be using taxpayer funds to pay the NFL to play the anthem to begin with. Beyond that, I don’t have a strong opinion; employers obviously have the rights to set expectations of this sort for employees, but this seems to be a paternalistic, mountain-out-of-a-molehill response to a few guys kneeling, both by the owners and the fans who are boycotting because of such protests.
  2. Borat

    NFL Logos Ranked

    The graphic designer saints fan gave her opinion on the logos themselves, but didn’t contribute to the rankings. She actually said the Panthers’ is her favorite.
  3. Borat


  4. Cam isn't a good passer, but he's a very good QB. Unorthodox sure, but you can't really argue with the output.
  5. FA is gonna have a busy Monday. Hopefully they don’t get too sloshed tonight.
  6. I think this is a Bayern year for the CL, since we’re making predictions.
  7. Very exciting game today. Arsenal are boneheaded at the back, and Pool are just crap. If Klopp had a 'defensive coordinator,' they'd be CL-winner quality.
  8. City spent way better, which is what Nev is getting at. Pretty sad that so many starters are Fergie leftovers, given the outlay.
  9. https://twitter.com/GNev2/status/942392094047592448
  10. Lukaku was nothing short of a disaster -- two goals given away at his end, then a botched equalizer at the death. One of Zlatan, Martial, or Rashford needs to start up top in his stead for a few weeks, give him a few weeks out of the spotlight.
  11. Shipping 2 goals to a top 6 side is going to result in 3 points dropped 9 times out of 10. Hard to call that playing “very well,” regardless of what happened afterwards. Arsenal definitely looked the better side from 10m on, but when it came down to it, they ‘drew’ 1-1 after the two gifts (and United botched a few others on the counter). Sitting back after a freebie, two goal lead is a prudent strategy especially when you have the best keeper in the world. The bus-parking lead to some close calls with the two starting CBs out, but I also don’t think the football would have been as negative without the head-start. Return fixture will be interesting, no doubt.
  12. Even so, City have an insanely expensive front 7. B. Silva €50MM, Sane 50, Jesus 32MM, Sterling 64, KDB 74, Aguero 38, D. Silva 28 (last two in '11 and '10, pre-explosion of fees). They've definitely gotten more bang for their buck than United, though. Zlatan on a free and Rashford via the academy are quite nice, of course.