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  1. '89' would put up ~1000 yards and 5+ TDs next year for any team with a Top 25 QB.
  2. Listing the average is a little silly given the crazy amount a few select teams have
  3. Considering that PFF grades based on volume of pressures, sacks, and penalties, wouldn't these rankings be skewed down from their 'true' value -- i.e. ~10ish if the Panthers ran a more 'normal' offense?
  4. In terms of earning potential, sure. But I've done all 3 and concussions are by far the most detrimental to quality of life.
  5. I have had several massive concussions [ @TheRed, @Saca312, etc. you probably already thought this ;D ] and even watching some of the collisions on the screen makes me cringe.
  7. Saw it on AFMB in both '10 and '16. Bizarre, but hey, who am I to tell someone how they're supposed to view what is basically an entertainment TV series.
  8. Eh, the Panthers romped through the NFC (including a NFCCG blowout) in the regular season and playoffs and still got beat down in the SB. Pretty hard to make that case.
  10. I think it's some sort of tribalism spilling over from SEC guys used to rooting for their own conferences.
  11. $10 says that Norman probably wasn't even aware that they swiped the #. And I have a little trouble believing a report that cites DHall as "the true leader of the team."
  12. Weird he couldn't snag a better gig, but can't say he doesn't deserve it
  13. My college roommate grew up in Pittsburgh and the Steelers/Penn State fans were such louts that he now hates sports.
  14. Edit: