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  1. Fun fact: I live in Boston and now get to listen to a bunch of bearded, Sam Adams-swilling fat asses explain how they're superior NFL fans because they root for a team that is in the SB every other year.
  2. To be fair, it's not like I start talking about Deion Jones in Thomas Davis threads -- I generally stay on (Panthers) topic.
  3. Whelp, that non-run that took us out of FG range supplants the Seattle goal line throw as the worst playcall in SB history. You'd think I'd be numb to this by now as an Atlanta fan, but damn... Havent been able to post since before the Packers game, but as the resident troll, had to do my duty and check in after this epic meltdown.
  4. And now Glazer is reporting that the birds are looking at Chip Kelly. How do I post that gun to head emoji again?
  5. FYI, this thread is the equivalent of perusing porn sights then wondering why you keep getting cam girl ads...
  6. In other news, I am (and will be watching the game tomorrow) in enemy territory.
  7. **Cam Newton likes this
  8. He was #16 in passing yardage in 2015. While he may not have "won the MVP award by running," he definitely wouldn't have won it just with passing.
  9. Elliot, until Fournette is drafted at 8 and instantly becomes a far superior prospect.
  10. Maybe, but only in a very limited window -- his passing skills alone aren't good enough to ever warrant MVP consideration, so it's only possible as long as his running ability remains at the top of the QB heap.
  11. '89' would put up ~1000 yards and 5+ TDs next year for any team with a Top 25 QB.
  12. Listing the average is a little silly given the crazy amount a few select teams have
  13. Considering that PFF grades based on volume of pressures, sacks, and penalties, wouldn't these rankings be skewed down from their 'true' value -- i.e. ~10ish if the Panthers ran a more 'normal' offense?
  14. In terms of earning potential, sure. But I've done all 3 and concussions are by far the most detrimental to quality of life.