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  1. If only, if only... Though it makes perfect semantic sense that he's not around for the Saints' "lean" years lmao
  2. Awesome game -- honestly, they should just give preferential treatment to high-scoring, iffy teams for TNF scheduljng. Makes for the best matchups and endings, given the sloppy play that comes with the short week.
  3. Sure, but the skills that makes him a good QB (historically at least) tend to age better than rushing ability. Cam will have to greatly improve other aspects of his game as his ability the make plays with his feet erodes. For what it's worth, I'm just as shocked as anyone re: Ryan's last season. Didn't think he had it in him -- there's always a chance that Cam could make a similar jump in reads / decision-making.
  4. 1. You're fixated on on my use of "regular throw" when I defined it multiple times to mean comprehensive passing output. The point is and always has been that Cam is the most physical capable QB in the league, but hasn't been able to turn that into consistently high level production throwing the ball. 2. Look at what I've quoted, and back at the thread for more proof. You brought up TDs, not me, in response to my assertion that 2015's success was highly dependent on rushing prowess. Your continued insistence that I'm "just throwing out a number" is thus laughable. 3. More free vocab: "high water mark" doesn't mean "minimum standard." 32 QBs threw for more TDs than picks last year, so mentioning that Cam Newton does it every year really doesn't add much to a discussion re: his worth as a passer. Further, acting like I implied that minimizing turnovers isn't important, is totally fallacious. Not once have I said that, or anything close. Being unimpressed with TDs>INTs because most QBs manage it, doesn't mean the same thing -- in fact, the reason almost all QBs manage it is because it's so important in today's game. It's crucial, but hardly allows diferrentiation between most QB1s because so many are now capable. 4. Zero axe to grind. Have tons of family in Apex, like that Cam is an Atlanta kid, and think he's great for the game. You're just rhetorically challenged.
  5. My definition is "regular throw" is the average of all those he makes -- many cumulative passing stats (QBR, QB rating, etc.) have him comfortably in the bottom half in terms of productivity. You keep mentioning the "fact" that he is a "better passer" than all these other players, but cannot provide anything other than subjectivity and antecdotes to 'support' your claims. Am I downplaying? Or are you exaggerating? Further, my referencing three seasons (out of six) under 20 TDs is "lazy" or "fitting a narrative," but your bringing up 35, to which I was directly replying with the mention of <20, is not? Even better, you call my rationale "bizarre" -- do you even know what "exception to the rule" means? I'll give you a hint -- TDs [21, 19, 24, 18, 35, 19] and QB Rating [84.5, 86.2, 88.8, 82.1, 99.4, 75.4] are pretty good examples. And honestly, I have no idea what to make of your assumption that I implied he was "wildly inaccurate and threw more interceptions than touchdowns at any point in his career." We haven't really discussed interceptions, and throwing more TDs than INTs is hardly considered a high water mark anyways. You can engage in all the name-calling ("disingenuous," "boring," "cliche," "ramblings," etc.) of my reasoning that you want, but that's a poor substitute for substance on your part. As far as what Cam wants for himself, you probably know better than I. However, he has a mountain to climb, in my eyes, as the aspect of his game that has propelled him to his past successes is among the game's most fleeting. We shall see what transpires.
  6. "Regular" throws are those that he has less success completing, scoring, etc. than ~20ish other QBs in the league. Yes, he threw for 35 TDs in one season of six -- crucially, that happened the one season when he was running at an otherworldly level. He's also thrown for under 20 three times. At what point do we admit 2015 was the exception, not the rule? "Running MVP" makes perfect sense, by the way -- he has never put together anything close to remsembling an MVP campaign without running playing a crucial part in his contribution, but his passing output has been serviceable (in a vacuum) over his career. But ultimately, we're going in circles. You're bullish on Newton's performance (both past and future), and I'm bearish, as I don't feel like he's really fully put it together any season other than 2015, and don't think his skill set will age well. We can spend forever debating the past, but we clearly won't agree, and even longer guessing at the future, but it hasn't happened yet (and we may not agree when it does).
  7. You've downplayed the importance of making the regular throws, and talked about the "throws you've never seen anyone make" -- that's what I'm referring to with "brilliance." And while you may have also seen "insane accuracy" at times, that simply isn't the case on aggregate. And I've downplayed none of his achievements. He is arguably the most physically gifted to ever play his position. And he was the the best player in the league in 2015, but a lot of that was due to his rushing ability. Take it away, and he's been a bang-average passer (at best) over the course of his career. And, back to the original point, age/injury have quite a history of eroding rushing talent, so fans have ample reason to worry. He's not a "running QB," per se, but he is a "Running MVP" for lack of a better word -- as it stands, the truly elite Cam doesn't exist without that skill set.
  8. Right, in the same way occasional feats of athletic brilliance alone do not make an elite thrower. I'm not talking about completions anyways -- clearly there is far more to 'general passing ability,' which is why I've tried to use more comprehensive statistics instead of just harping on completion percentage, etc. And regrettably, ever since Smack Central dried up, the amount of shitposting I've been able to do on this forum has dwindled to pretty near zero.
  9. I'm totally open to talking about Matt Ryan, it just doesn't have much relevance to a discussion about Cam Newton's dependence upon his rushing ability. And it's not just 2 games -- Cam is right on track with his career averages. But ultimately we'll have have to see. I and several others here don't think Cam has too great a chance of again reaching his MVP heights, while you think differently. Only time will tell who's right.
  10. 1) We're not talking about Matt Ryan, we're talking about Cam Newton. And regardless, there were plenty of QBs without Julio Jones who are far more effective through the air than Newton. 2) Not many, but Cam sans his rushing ability would certainly not be among them. 2015 Cam was a first down waiting to happen and a bonafide superstar, however. 3) I never said he's the 20th best, just that he would be (/already is) when he can't make plays with his feet. And since said ability tends to rapidly diminish with age and injury, both of which his is accumulating, there certainly should be cause for concern. And you can define "elite thrower" however you like, but from a pure production standpoint, it's far more useful to be able to regularly make regular throws, than it is to occasionally connect in a one-in-a-thousand (be it off balance, across the body, squeezed into impossibly tight spaces) bombs.
  11. For all the poo being flung, there are definitely elements of the truth to the OP. Cam has had 1 season in 6 with a QB rating above 90 (and is at 85 this season, which is about in line with his career average) -- like it or not, he has not been overly impressive, from a passing standpoint, for the bulk of his career. This is due more to accuracy / decisions, as we know he is more than capable of "making all the throws," but the fact remains, in today's game, a QB rating of ~86 is only good for ~20th in the league. What makes Cam such a unique threat, when everything is working, is his running ability. His MVP season, he averaged 4.8 YPC, rushed for 10 TDs, and accounted for a first down on 42% of his attempts. That's a stellar season for a RB. Add it to an average passing QB though, and you have a bonafide superstar. Issue is, if this rushing ability is taken away -- be it due to age, injury, discontentment, or even to a lesser extent, team and opponent scheme -- you're left with a guy who's about the 20th best player at his position. And rushing ability doesn't tend to age well in the NFL. Note: I know that traditional QB rating is somewhat flawed, but similar arguments re: passing can be easily made about completion percentage, TD/INT, ESPN's new QBR, etc. -- the passing numbers aren't really there.
  12. Stoppable force meets moveable object.