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  1. Sickening that he'd (essentially) threaten another player's livelihood like that. He should be suspended, and the nomination yanked.
  2. Late Games Thread

    Seattle are an embarrassment — very fitting that Bennett is their nominee for Man of the Year.
  3. Late Games Thread

    Jags are winning the SB with Eli next year.
  4. Lukaku was nothing short of a disaster -- two goals given away at his end, then a botched equalizer at the death. One of Zlatan, Martial, or Rashford needs to start up top in his stead for a few weeks, give him a few weeks out of the spotlight.
  5. He had his arm like a leash, but Minny WR definitely pushed off at the end -- if he'd turned his head, I think ref swallows that flag.
  6. Stewart find the fountain of youth during a weekday camping trip?
  7. Pretty sure he was freaking out about a LB that an OL had by the neck.
  8. For all Panthers fans who like them some Falcons schadenfreude, Ryan actually threw FIVE picks in a game ~5 years ago that we also inexplicably won (against AZ, I believe).
  9. For all I know, it could be totally correct. Just taking it with a grain of salt until I can have a look.
  10. Kind of feel like the Vikes are due for a letdown.Brain says 23-13, Vikings, but gut says 27-24, Panthers. Think I’m going with the gut.
  11. Saints may very well win out (if these injuries are minor).
  12. They were citing the NFL’s player safety release, I believe. Given their obvious, vested interest in keeping TNF around, I would like to know the regression techniques / choices that were chosen (it won’t open on my phone).
  13. It's ridiculous. The quality of play (and coaching) is well below weekend level, and the players clearly suffer in terms of injuries. How can you expect a guy to finish up a game, get home Sunday night, then have a flight on Thursday morning (or even late Wednesday) and be fully recovered from the last contest? NFLPA needs to push back next bargaining session.
  14. Inexcusable ball security in that situation. He's general pretty good in that regard, though.
  15. Matt Ryan made two of the worst throws of his career, and Brees' game-ender wasn't exactly a great decision either. In other news, TNF is a disaster and should be cancelled post haste.
  16. We had ZERO business winning that game. Huge statement from a young defense, but there's also no chance we win that game against a full-strength NO. Deion Jones (other than JJ) is the Saints' worst nightmare, two years running -- what a player.
  17. More boneheaded crunch time calls.
  18. Bryant is so ridiculously good. What a pickup.
  19. Kamara (who may very well be their best player), and another ~5 or so starters who were casualties of TNF.
  20. Clayborn REALLY wants that last big payday.
  21. That's the case for all these WC teams, and exactly how I feel about the Falcons right now. Honestly, if I were a Panthers fan, this game is the ideal outcome. Ryan shell-shocked, and half the Saints roster banged up.
  22. Pretty big exception, unfortunately. And the Saints are down 6 starters now.
  23. Regardless of the outcome, he owes his D and RBs some nice watches.
  24. Did Matt Ryan become a Saints fan over the weekend?