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  1. The Armed Forces shouldn’t be using taxpayer funds to pay the NFL to play the anthem to begin with. Beyond that, I don’t have a strong opinion; employers obviously have the rights to set expectations of this sort for employees, but this seems to be a paternalistic, mountain-out-of-a-molehill response to a few guys kneeling, both by the owners and the fans who are boycotting because of such protests.
  2. Borat

    NFL Logos Ranked

    The graphic designer saints fan gave her opinion on the logos themselves, but didn’t contribute to the rankings. She actually said the Panthers’ is her favorite.
  3. FA is gonna have a busy Monday. Hopefully they don’t get too sloshed tonight.
  4. I think this is a Bayern year for the CL, since we’re making predictions.
  5. Very exciting game today. Arsenal are boneheaded at the back, and Pool are just crap. If Klopp had a 'defensive coordinator,' they'd be CL-winner quality.
  6. City spent way better, which is what Nev is getting at. Pretty sad that so many starters are Fergie leftovers, given the outlay.
  7. https://twitter.com/GNev2/status/942392094047592448
  8. Lukaku was nothing short of a disaster -- two goals given away at his end, then a botched equalizer at the death. One of Zlatan, Martial, or Rashford needs to start up top in his stead for a few weeks, give him a few weeks out of the spotlight.
  9. Shipping 2 goals to a top 6 side is going to result in 3 points dropped 9 times out of 10. Hard to call that playing “very well,” regardless of what happened afterwards. Arsenal definitely looked the better side from 10m on, but when it came down to it, they ‘drew’ 1-1 after the two gifts (and United botched a few others on the counter). Sitting back after a freebie, two goal lead is a prudent strategy especially when you have the best keeper in the world. The bus-parking lead to some close calls with the two starting CBs out, but I also don’t think the football would have been as negative without the head-start. Return fixture will be interesting, no doubt.
  10. Even so, City have an insanely expensive front 7. B. Silva €50MM, Sane 50, Jesus 32MM, Sterling 64, KDB 74, Aguero 38, D. Silva 28 (last two in '11 and '10, pre-explosion of fees). They've definitely gotten more bang for their buck than United, though. Zlatan on a free and Rashford via the academy are quite nice, of course.
  11. Not going to (seriously) defend the comment — hopefully it’s just a failed attempt at humor in a non-mother tongue. Karma has bitten him in the butt anyways, as he’ll miss the derby with a red. You may want to check your “front 7” math, though. Lukaku+Matic cost about the same as Sterling+KDB alone.
  12. He just wants things to be fair
  13. Arsenal looked really good today. Masterclass from Ozil.
  14. http://www.espnfc.us/english-premier-league/story/3260499/arsenals-Arséne-wenger-refs-unacceptable;-sterling-dives-well Via FB section below: "I think medical science need to do a thorough study of Wenger. Mere mortals see their eyesight get worse as the age, but Wenger's eyesight seem to have gotten better over the past 15 years. He used to not see what happened when his players like bergkamp, pires, reyes, henry, etc dive for penalties, but now he sees them clear as day."
  15. Rebound was much needed after last weekend. Kane is very arguably the best player in the PL, but Pogba injury is at least counterbalances his absence to a degree (though obviously not fully). Still very much a statement win, as you said.
  16. That’s literally your entire argument — if you’re going to play credentials, you can usually expect others to do the same. And re: wastefulness, I’m making a relative point — both clearly struggle, but Ozil is more productive despite his warts. Ipso facto, on a reasonable fee for a club that is rolling in dough, he’s a prudent move. But ultimately of course, we’ll see (or not, as I doubt Ozil will end up moving).
  17. I have a massive Arsenal fan in my family, see basically all of their games as a result, and am also ethnically German. From your non-factual comments about Ozil’s Madrid stint/usage, I clearly watched him more than you prior to his Arsenal move, and have continued to watch the player on a regular basis since he broke into the NT. I wouldn’t be so quick to declare yourself an expert in comparison, and even so, that’s largely useless ad verecundiam. Moreover, I have watched pretty much every single United game Mkhi has played in — it’s pretty rich that you are simultaneously telling me I’m “misjudging [Ozil’s] contribution” because I’m not nominally an Arsenal fan, and then telling me why I’m wrong about Mkhi. He has not failed due to physical limitations (as he is not asked to outpace or outmuscle people from the #10 slot), he has failed because his occasional, incisive brilliance does not make up for his wastefulness. While he is undoubtedly more skilled at take-ones than Ozil, he rarely shoulders that burden at United. He was not “considered one of the most technical talents in Germany” — he had a single banner year in 15/16, a Mahrez-type season. Ozil is considered by basically every German to be a far superior talent. Young midfielders are instructed to watch him (and Kroos) play. And finally, I never once suggested a “huge money” move — Ozil makes sense because he is available on a pre-contact in January. A transfer fee will be cut-rate or non-existent (if United waits till the summer). You are welcome to your opinion that Mkhitaryan is a superior footballer, but the majority of those who follow the sport do not share it (including most Arsenal and United supporters).
  18. I doubt you’d find very many who would agree with you re: the relative worth of Mkhi (who is also neither physical nor fast, btw). Your third explanation of Ozil’s departure is your most correct yet, but requires some nuance — ADM and Ozil didn’t (and still don’t) play the same position and were both in the starting XI the year prior to Ozil’s departure. Bale more directly replaced Ozil, and ADM filled a position that, until Bale’s arrival, didn’t really exist at Madrid. While it is true that ADM played as the most advanced member of a midfield three in ‘13-‘14, Ozil very rarely played this position when they lined up under Mourinho (and was a de facto #10 when he did). With Alonso and Khedira in the side (and Modric yet to establish himself fully), Madrid more frequently utilized two DMs and allowed Ozil to operate as a pure #10 or deployed Ozil as a wide(ish) attacker in the event a 4-3-3 was chosen. ADM played opposite Ronaldo when Ozil was a #10, and was a spot starter in a midfield 3 when Ozil was shunted out to the right. Bale’s injection into the lineup massively diminished Ozil’s usefulness — with Ronaldo already in the side, Madrid suddenly had two, must-start, nominally ‘wide’ attacking players who liked to operate more centrally. This necessitated a 4-3-3, and left no room for Ozil in the starting XI as the only two positions to which he is reasonably suited in that formation were firmly filled by Bale & Ronaldo. You are right in that ADM was a “better fit” in a post-Bale XI on the whole, but he was never considered a better fit for any of the specific positions that Ozil played while at a Madrid. #10 ceased to exist, and the RW became Bale’s.
  19. That’s not at all what you said the first time, and hardly the main factor (if included in the club’s calculus at all). Ozil was sold because Madrid bought Bale, who, at the time, was one of the hottest young players in world football. They broke the transfer record for him, and Ozil became surplus to requirements and, given that Madrid has no sugar daddy, an unnecessary extravagance. Ozil is absolutely inconsistent, but he is still more consistent than both Mkhi and Mata, and a better player besides. He’s not a panacea, but he would be a clear upgrade and makes financial sense given his contractual status.
  20. ? Mou left Madrid before Ozil did (albeit by only 4/5 months). They were both employed by the club for the same 3 seasons, and Mou sanctioned Ozil’s transfer in ‘10.
  21. They lack the creativity to break down compact sides — Ozil is one of the best in the world at providing that. Plenty of physical, fast players around him.
  22. They’re 28 & 29 and never relied upon athleticism. A more pressing issue than age, I think, is that neither is very good. Ozil would be a decent shout on a free, but I think he’s most likely to re-up with Arsenal. It’ll be Griezmann, or the like, IMO, along with a true winger and another starting fullback.
  23. They've got to get healthier and figure something out on offense -- Mkhitaryan has been woeful as a #10, save for a few incredible displays (and Mata subpar on the right wing). I would shunt Mkhi out right (where his best, albeit still wildly inconsistent, form has occurred) and play Pogba as the most advanced member of a midfield 3 once he gets back. A world-class attacking signing is pretty much a forgone conclusion for next summer, IMO.
  24. Spurs and City are both legitimate CL/league contenders in my book. Don’t know if the former has the depth to push both fronts, but we’ll see.