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  1. Just protecting QBs from Bucs / GB raid. Not the worst idea. Southward ain’t exactly a hot commodity.
  2. Sunday Games Thread

    Fair enough on both points. I don’t blame Cam for his tipped ball INTs, and this is even harder to pin on QB since it was in breadbasket. As for decision, I don’t totally mind being aggressive and going for jugular — stuff like this occasionally happens as a result, and after a half-decade+ of ‘Smittyball’ maybe I’m not as risk averse as I should be.
  3. Sunday Games Thread

    He gets a ton of attention and can’t really get his usual separation in that close. But definitely the weakest part of his game — 6’2” ain’t huge, but he still should be able to bully corners with speed/ups.
  4. Sunday Games Thread

    Double quote not working. 1) Yeah I know but you injected him into the convo for some unknown reason. 2) Probably not the best decision (dunno if there was a better option as I didn’t see zoomed out replay), but he still was open enough and was delivered a very well-thrown ball. DB just made a great play — sometimes you’ve just gotta tip your cap. And honestly, after that meltdown, we didn’t exactly deserve that game.
  5. Sunday Games Thread

    and actually I just watched it again, it wasn't a bad throw but no doubt a poor decision to throw into double coverage there
  6. Sunday Games Thread

    ? Don’t remember mentioning Cam in my post. And the ball was in Hooper’s hands/numbers — the DB ripped it from him and to his teammate. Great play, but pretty tough to blame the QB.
  7. Sunday Games Thread

    Not Ryan’s fault if you watch the replay, but jeez what a capitulation.
  8. Sunday Games Thread

    Things may turn around later in the season, but playoff teams don’t blow 17 point leads to the Dolphins at home, regardless of today’s outcome.
  9. Sunday Games Thread

    We're doing our best to gift wrap this one for the Phins. Stay tuned.
  10. Sunday Games Thread

    It's not encroachment unless they touch an OL or have a clear path to QB.
  11. Sunday Games Thread

    Wondered that too -- maybe TV line was wrong? No contact, so maybe they just thought there was direct path to QB.
  12. Sunday Games Thread

    Eh his completion % and yards per attempt are about in line with/above career averages. Issue has been INTS, not all of which have been his fault. From an efficiency standpoint, he and Cam are having pretty similar seasons (Cam's usage is just way higher) -- am I really hearing Saca, at least implicitly, admit Cam is "very inconsistent?"
  13. Sunday Games Thread

    Falcons aren't looking nearly as sharp last year, and have been way more injury-bit besides. Hopefully the turnover differential returns to the mean and the O gets the kinks worked out.
  14. Sunday Games Thread

    Yeah they needed a FG there, at least. Lucky for them there isn't enough time to ATL to put enough points up.
  15. Sunday Games Thread

    Brees is such a freak. That backfield looks good too.
  16. Sunday Games Thread

    Was thinking just this.
  17. Sunday Games Thread

    First all-rushing TD drive from the Falcons I've seen in quite a while.
  18. Sunday Games Thread

    He’d need to to be lights out for last 3/4 of season. First quarter was ok, but nowhere near MVP level.
  19. Hyde would be an immense pickup. Yes, the run-blocking isn't great, but one one the reasons Stewart is being hit behind the LOS so often is he takes a while to get going -- it ain't '09 anymore.
  20. He definitely deserves to be in the conversation.
  21. He's an excellent #10 feeding by far the most talented attacking force in the league -- great player, but I'd still take Kane and (last year's) Alexis over him.
  22. They’re going to win the league at a canter if they can avoid their winter, South American slowdown.
  23. World Cup Qualifiers

    Youth soccer is too travel-happy (costly) and centered around getting college scholarships, not pro contracts. Not for nothing, few American parents would be willing to place their kid in a youth academy for a still-small chance of eventually making a living from the game, when such an investment may have detrimental effects on their kid's later life prospects (or even just his childhood enjoyment) -- for every Rashford making his way out of the academy (and into the money), there are many, many more who end up as plumbers, etc. Totally agree about the over-politicization of the squad selection -- no clue why the old guard was brought out again -- Michael Bradley was the worst player on the field in T&T (Mark Bradley was a WR, I believe).