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  1. Our House

    I don't see a new ownership group wanting to spend an additional $500 to 700 million on the NFL relocation fee after spending $1 or 2 billion on buying the franchise. https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/07/13/rams-chargers-raiders-nfl-relocation-fees There is no doubt though that the new ownership group will start trying to get the taxpayers to pay for a new stadium. Sebates has already started campaigning for it.
  2. PDiddy is a Criminal with a background

    Someone told me that Diddy has used the n-word before.
  3. Is it time for BoA to be demolished/rebuilt?

    The escalators that I normally use were out of order on Sunday!! Of course the 500 level escalators were out of order, but the 300 level escalators were working just fine!! You City of Charlotte tax payers bought some cheap ass escalators that only worked for a few seasons!!!! Burn the stadium down to the ground!!!!! Actually, I think the stadium is really nice and it is a good thing that the Panthers own the stadium unlike most teams who don't.
  4. potential ownership groups?

    Looks like the %'s break down like this: Richardson Family 46 Wordsworth Family 17.09 Close Family 10.35 Levine Family 10.35 Belk Family 5.18 Donald R. Keough 4.14 HC Bissell 2.59 Harris Family 2.33 Erskine Bowles 0.97
  5. potential ownership groups?

    I don't know if this has been posted somewhere here, but this is the current ownership group for the Panthers: Carolina PSLFC, LLC (53%) JMB Football, LLC (owned by the Estate of John M. Belk, Claudia Belk, Mary Claudia Belk Pilon and the John M. Belk Trust f/b/o the Children of Mary Claudia Belk Pilon) owns 5.1945%; The Big TomKat, LLC (owned by Katherine McKay Belk, Katherine Belk Morris, Thomas M. Belk, Jr., H.W. McKay Belk, and John Robert Belk) owns 4.5720%; H.C. Bissell owns 4.8833%; Erskine Bowles owns 1.8353%; DSC Football, LLC (owned by Derick S. Close and the DSC 2007 GRAT) owns 9.7666%; Close Football, LLC (owned by Elliott S. Close, Frances A. Close, Crandall C. Bowles, Katherine A. Close) owns 9.7666%; Cameron M. Harris owns 2.4416%; John W. Harris owns 1.9533%; Donald R. Keough owns 7.8133%; Levine Football, LLC (owned by Leon Levine, Sandra Levine and Amy Beth Levine) owns 19.5331%; Jerry L. Wordsworth owns 16.1202%; Steve A. Wordsworth owns 16.1202%. Panthers GP, LLC (46%) PFF, Inc.** owns 10%; Jerome J. Richardson owns 63.6672%; Rosalind S. Richardson, Mark S. Richardson, Jerome J. Richardson, Jr., and Ashley R. Allen each own 6.5832% **PFF, Inc.-- Jerome J. Richardson owns 70.7412% and Rosalind S. Richardson, Mark S. Richardson, Jerome J. Richardson, Jr., and Ashley R. Allen each own 7.3147%.
  6. Jerseys

    Bought a fake Cam jersey last year for $20, but I bought a black one since I knew the blue would not match our blue. The blue on the sleeve is off like the blue in the original post, the patches on the sides are jacked up in blue (authentics don't even have sleeve patches), and in the collar it says "KE EP POUNDING" The $20 was worth seeing how close it would be to authentic. Now I have a cheap jersey to mess around in and not worry about messing it up.