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  1. Bradberry given JNo's number

    He wore #21 in college, which is currently being used by Teddy Williams, so he probably chose #24 since it was available. Since when does Gettleman or anyone else besides the player, choose their jersey numbers?
  2. This paper is located in Cabarrus County, which is just northeast of Charlotte/Mecklenburg County. Looks like this guy is from Boston and covers HS sports and NASCAR. Hopefully he is better at covering those sports than the NFL.
  3. Jared Allen signs one-day contract with Vikings

    I thought he dropped the mic when he announced his retirement and literally rode off into the sunset. I guess when you are Jared Allen you can pick up a mic once you've dropped it and re-announce your retirement.
  4. NFL Coaches Group Photo

    Did somebody say Ron looks like a substitute math teacher?