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  1. The last time we played against Aqib Talib, he needed to "ice up" after the game!
  2. Best 1,2 pick in Panthers history?

    Cam Newton and Terrell McClain for sure!    
  3. It was so worth it!   Fug the seahawks!
  4. Stewy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I will always love Jake! Go Panthers!
  6. Carolina hasn't played anyone...

    Didnt the cards beat seahawks, bengals and vikings? All playoff teams.
  7. "[Matt Ryan] doesn't have many weapons"

    Somebody say game manager?
  8. Another Panther adopts a superhero nickname

    Matt Ryan wants to know if he can be Wonder Woman.
  9. I think in honor of their lesbian leader it should simply be known as the "Ice Hole".
  10. I bet the Elf can throw farther.
  11. GIFs from the Cowboys game

    Looked more like a bitch slap to me.
  12. Refs

    That wasnt a pic by Cam at the end either. He bobbled it like a mutha.
  13. Indianapolis Colts look a like thread.

      I didnt know Luck played for the Bulls?