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  1. To do list

    I'd honestly be surprised if we did this because identity or whatever. And the coaching staff apologists would be all over defending this regardless of the outcome.
  2. I'd much rather read this than threads about how we should put DA in for Cam. I need all the optimism I can get at this point.
  3. Get your bottled water

    i thought the same thing, but it doesn't appear to be the case. i think we just lucked out.
  4. is there some kind of contest for the most poo in an OP going on i don't know about?
  5. Get your bottled water

    some beef with you? no. i don't know you. sent you some message? oh....the warning. you used the 'n' word a couple times. we don't use that and we don't let anyone use it. it's just a no no. welcome to the huddle and all that.
  6. Get your bottled water

    Why would it matter if i was or wasn't? Don't you feel like you are?
  7. Get your bottled water

    You don't think you are?
  8. it's one thing to admit a need for help and seek it out. it's another to implement and change and i don't really see that happening. the mind is willing, but the decision making is weak.
  9. shady is a bust or something. he's not a real RB. too small and stuff like that.
  10. Get the lead. hold the lead. Good idea, but when you are dealing with a league that makes it easy for passing games to excel plus a climate that has the panthers as the bad guys that needs to be put in their place (read into that whatever you want tho it largely has to do with them not liking cam)...you can't just sit on a lead. Use your D to hold them back while you grow your lead. You can't ever let up. The best way to protect a lead is to put it out of reach for the other team.
  11. No excuses.

    i agree, but i also thought the same thing about KB going out a couple years ago. olsen > than KB, but with that said cam has shown a tendency to rely on those two guys almost too much. olsen being out might help cam spread the ball out even more. of course then it could be he just throws to KB more. i don't know. i'm hoping that with armah coming in to help protect cam we'll be better off and that we'll start seeing that we've got some other decent targets worth throwing to.
  12. i think he wants to prove it will still work. fox did the same thing. i think to a large degree, shula's failing is rivera's failing and vice versa. i don't know who it is that is making the decision to change nothing, but right now i don't get the sense that this evolution was anything more than dreams without either the true intention or ability to make it happen.
  13. 2 adjustments should always be made. 1) to your available personnel, their strength and weaknesses. build to strengths. work around weaknesses. for example, OT has been a weakness of cam for a while so...quit putting him in situations where he has to rely on them for so long. i don't care what your philosophy or grand master plan is or how brilliant you are. if you can't do the above, you shouldn't have your job. chud was never aware of even who was on the field in any situation. he threw plays out there regardless of whether they fit the personnel on the field or not and making the assumption that they all should be capable of the same things might be ideal, but it's unrealistic naive. 2) to your opponents. one thing that fox was horrible about was looking at the opponents strengths and planning to ram heads with their strengths rather than go after a weakness. if a team was great at stopping the run, we focused on running the ball. might show you've got balls, but so does a 6'2 120lb drunk russian kid taking on a 2400lb bull. I dont think shula is that bad, but i don't think that he makes adjustments. when you see that some team is beating you like crazy on the edges and getting to your QB regularly on your long drawn out pass plays, stop doing it. its that simple. find an alternate plan that gives you a chance of success. the manager that puts 100% of their trust in their plan going into a venture and sticks to it come hell or high water is destined for one thing, failure.