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  1. Not sure what the color of his skin has to do with the ignorance of his comments. Black people have been calling him out for lame poo like this as well. Point could have been made just as well without pointing that out unless you were trying to either point him out as racist or just trying to get more clicks on your thread.
  2. of course we did. why change? especially at halftime when it was obvious nothing we did was working? lol even fox's superbowl team figured that one out. shula reverted back to bad shula.   he wasn't the only problem, but he could have done things better.
  3. My take on the Cam Newton fumble.

    yep, but where is the media frenzy focused? it's on cam not jumping on a ball and walking out of a press conference. priorities.
  4. Seahawk Frank Clark laying into Cam Newton

    i'm a pretty peaceable guy, but "men" who hit women and children need to be hung upside down by their toenails and their nuts yanked out through their nose.
  5. My take on the Cam Newton fumble.

    wow. i'm speechless.
  6. My take on the Cam Newton fumble.

    anyone who questions his commitment to winning, esp. the biggest game of his career, either hasn't been watching him or really isn't fit to be called a fan. that's rayzor's razor.
  7. Seriously wtf is this Charlotte?

    True. The CO tends to think that beung objective means being negative or contrarian. 
  8. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    I think the comments blaming protection issues against miller on a lack of adjustments to help Remmers is right on target. We stopped watt and others because we made changes.  We made few adjustments anywhere that game. The whole team, especially on offense, special teams, and Shula were essentially deer caught in headlights.  We just weren't ready for the reality of that game mentally. 
  9. Seriously wtf is this Charlotte?

    Bill voth,  who I usually like, took on the same rhetoric afterwards as well saying "this isn't a good look" and chastising cam without trying to investigate the "why". As good and as fair as he may seem,  he's still 100% one of "them" the press and their modus operandi is sways,  especially now where the emphasis is always to be the quickest draw rather than the most accurate, is to shoot first then ask questions later....maybe. ..as long as it's still a hot topic.
  10. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    Sorry,  but blaming the loss on the OTs or really any one facet of the game is a bit short sighted.  It was 100% a team loss,  though the defense did better than any other part of the game.  The truth of the matter is that this OL is the best we've had in years and that includes the OTs. They were good enough to get us to  17 wins this year and the superbowl. Does the mean they couldn't be improved? Nope, but they were still good and not the liability the OP makes them out to be. Remmers will probably be replaced by big Daryl (whom I think is going to be an absolute stud) and Oher is reliable enough to get us back to the superbowl again, but if Gettleman does happen to find us a VET LT (which, if we're serious about getting back there this year is the only direction we should go if any change is to be made to LT) then cool. if we are looking at the fix to get us back to the superbowl this year being an LT we pick up in the draft, we're going to be disappointed.  you won't find that guy outside of the first 5, maybe even 10 picks and even then finding one that is ready to start at a high level right out of the gate is rare.  What we have is what we need....continuity on the OL. Changing out more than one part of that OL would set us back probably half a season unless we were able to pick up a couple absolute studs who perfectly fit the blocking scheme and we're in place by the earliest OTAs.  It's true that one might fall through the cracks and Gettleman could pick him up, but I wouldn't count on it.   The biggest issues to address is DE and the secondary. I think Early is ready to the over, but there are too many long term question marks in the rest of the group and in the secondary we have two old vets and one high priced FA that might hit the road. Aside from that,  though, with Benjamin comin back I think we aabsolutely have all the pieces in place for us to go back and actually win it all next year.  I've said before (as if that matters) that the reaso not we didn't come home with a Lombardi wasn't the personnel,  it was that the moment was too big for us and we made uncharacteristic mistakes that I think were rooted in nerves. All we needed to do was do one more tim ssomething that the Broncos offense couldn't do at all, and that was get into the end zone. and if it wasn't for that fumble cam lost that resulted in Denver' s only score we would have won that game ( not to put the blame of the loss on cam).   Point is that this team, as is, was good enough to win it all this year. They were good enough to have a perfect record, but their two lone losses this year can come back to not the other team being better, but our team not having their heads where they needed to be. And this is a good thing because it's the issue that is easiest for this team to fix. any changes in personnel (aside from maybe losing 24) is essentially gravy.
  11. Seriously wtf is this Charlotte?

    Moral of the story....bow to the media and be their bitch or they will crucify you. Media isn't a mirror of society.  media  molds society.  And that's referring to all forms of media, especially social. But these reporters really have an exaggerated sense of self worth to the world and they despise anyone who doesn't play their game and they will go out If their way to tear you down, which is a power they fully believe they have.  they can build you up and they can destroy you. The most unfortunate thing about It Is society as a whole are exactly the sheep the press/media needs it to be for it to have its control.      
  12. Big Congrats to the Carolina Panthers

    Yep yep yep. Lots to be proud of and we're really just getting started.   
  13. Who was at fault?

    Hard to read all that wall of text especially.  with a migraine but it was a team effort.  there is no one person to blame. grade A certified fustercluck  
  14. Is Philly made of tissue paper?

    his head slammed on the turf after an incredible catch....and this was after talib tried ripping his head off. dude got massive respect from me. no way am i not calling him tough after that.