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  1. History is meaningless in deciding or predicting present events.   none of that poo has any bearing on what happened this season or in this game.
  2. Trying to pump myself up for this game

    You were the child your parents needed you to be. I'm 100% positive they would say you deserve this trip. Even tho you paid for it, consider it a 'thank you for loving me' gift from them. I won't say "try to enjoy" the experience out there because you're going to feel what you're going to feel. You don't get to decide that. Just open yourself up to all of it. It will be healthy for you. Just embrace whatever emotion comes your way. The important thing is to just live and accept what comes. I'm sorry for your loss but excited for the release that both you and your father just experienced. Again, just embrace this moment in its entirety and don't feel guilty for feeling or experiencing anything. Just live.
  3. Reminds me of a comment made by a Seahawks fan after the playoff game "if they didn't score so much in the first half we would have won." Only the Seahawks fan was serious.  
  4. Utterly ridiculous. Super Bowl should never be played there.
  5. Haven't listened to it yet but that question does sound like a something person would do. Funny that there are others who thought the same thing.
  6. It's NOT about race!

    Make her famous, boys and girls. Make her famous.  
  7. Well this explains a lot...

    Wilson is Carlton without rhythm. Pretty spot on otherwise.  
  8. Madden Predicts Super Bowl 50

    This video is private. thanks.      
  9. Calvin Johnson to retire

    They killed Barry Sanders desire. Now Megatron. Detroit: where the soul goes to die.      
  10. I saw him play in the iron bowl and I was hooked. Auburn was behind at the half and he rallied them to a big and spectacular win. I watched how he was with the team and the effect on the people in the spectacular ands and I knew this was a guy I wanted. I was cool with either him or luck but when luck didn't come out I was 100% for cam. Imo there was no other way to go.
  11. The 12s just won't let it go...

    What's this modeling ourselves after the Seahawks poo?we made some changes for sure after losing to them but the changes weren't to be like them, it was to beat them...which we did. And all we did was change what we were looking for in our secondary. As far as scheme and philosophy on defens we have been consistent from the beginning only getting better. On offense it was always going to be built around cam....you know,  the guy we took with the first pick overall, well before wilson was drafted.                  
  12. Next week is gonna be nuts

    Panthers are far more interesting than the Broncos.  could you imagine the snooze fest it would be had it been the cards in the superbowl? People are just now really sering the Panthers and realizing just how cool a team this is. There will be a good few loud mouth and opiniated detractors,  but for the most part I see this as just the beginning of the Panthers takeover of the nation. The more I think about it I don't really see the Seahawks losing a lot of their bandwagon, I just see two large bandwagons emerging and taking over, us and the Seahawks. People are going to be either team seahawks or team Panther. The AFC is just going to be that other group that sends teams to play either the Panthers or Seahawks in the superbowl (which will usually mean us).    
  13. Gil Brandt does it again

    I was heavily leaning towards cam after  the iron bowl, but it was brant's write up on and endorsement of cam that completely sold me on him. the man knows. that said. ..after the Panthers at 1 and  Seattle at 2 it's all just grasping at straws. Really those two teams are the class of the league and it will be likely those two teams at the top of the league for years.