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  1. science is good for both devices...but neither are perfect, in fact brian cushing's concussion that he got in week 1 (before the 10 week peds suspension) happened while he was wearing the zero1. interesting excerpt from a little article about it here: what i bolded and underlined is what the "glorified cock ring" is trying to accomplish. it's not just the hit that can cause the concussion. it's the jarring of the brain inside the skull that is the issue. the Q-collar helps the brain swell slightly so that there is less room for the brain to bounce around in the skull. obviously it's not perfect. no collar or helmet is going to eliminate the damage that can come from a head getting hit or bouncing around. it doesn't have to take much, either. i've been dealing with a concussion that i got a couple months ago and while my head did hit the ground i think that the whiplash effect caused the most damage and that's pretty common in a lot of people who suffer from concussions. it doesn't have to be an external impact that causes it, in fact there are quite a bit of people who suffer concussions solely because of whiplash. helmets won't help with those type injuries. i think @jfra78 is right...maybe he should be wearing both. it could be that he starts wearing it in conjunction with the Q-collar next year. both devices are pretty much in test stages right now anyways. players go with what they feel comfortable with. kuechly might have had a few concussions, but he's no dummy. i'm certain he's done a whole lot more research into things that can help stave off concussions or at least limit the damage than anyone here and i'm sure he's had more experts looking into options. he chose the Q-collar for a good reason...the science is sound. it could be that the next step is adding the zero1. at any rate, i'm sure he knows about it and he's considered it.
  2. how often have we come out of the bye week with guns blazing? aside from the last couple years, we hadn't done very good with rivera after having a week off. we thrive on momentum and to get/keep that momentum going, we can't allow ourselves to focus on anything other than the game in front of us. that, at the very least, has to be the primary focus.
  3. just wondering how it's looked the last 2-3 weeks.
  4. i've actually got a couple packs of these in my pantry. there's a few other brands that are good as well. that's about all i can find and usually my seoul sister (more or less adopted after she stayed with my family as a foreign exchange student) brings different varieties of ramen noodles (usually the spicy ones) when she comes in to visit. i've found them at the asian market near here, though. my family and i eat quite a bit of korean food. i eat kimchi just about every day and we eat bulgogi once or twice a month and eat kimbap quite a bit as well. my young daughters eat kim nori like potato chips. last time my seoul sis was here she had me do the fire noodle challenge. pretty intense. made me cry, but i finished it.
  5. i think rivera hinted when he came here that there would be some 3-4 looks in the D based on his background in san diego. i believe people were expecting more of a hybrid defense than what we've got. aside from not wanting to get away from what we have been pretty near dominant at overall the past few years, i think we could pull it off or pull off using more 3/4 formations than we do...i just don't see a need for it.
  6. My wife and two little daughters disagree. Lemon pepper wings is for people with tummy twubble.
  7. didn't know we were linking articles to the cat scratch reader in here.
  8. since i've got a couple business degrees and was self employed for a long time there was a couple friends who thought i would be a trump supporter and were shocked, i guess, that i wasn't. they said, "don't you think it would be good to have a businessman running the show than a politician?" i said, i don't have a problem with a businessman as president, but i would rather it be a successful one. they laughed at me, but then i pointed out that he's failed at or quit pretty much everything he's done in life, esp. in business. the only thing he's ever been successful at is getting people to believe he can put money in their pockets and/or make their dreams come true only to watch it fall apart and him scoot away working on his next gimmick. when i was in school working on my bba and mba (late 90's to early 00's) trump was one of those characters that you never took seriously in choosing successful CEOs and other business leaders to study and i never saw anything that would change that mindset. none of this surprises me. all he's ever been able to do is make himself seem more than what he is and the bad thing is, he's always been able to find suckers who believe him.
  9. conspiracytheory was that heroeshealers guy that kept spamming the main forum with random threads about reality tv shows...just in case anyone was wondering.
  10. Roger Goodell wants a 40% raise

    pretty obscene, but it's corporate america so he probably won't be too far off his target.
  11. pretty much this ⤵ ↓ ↓ the dude has increased the market share and profits exponentially since he got the job and it's still trending upward. it's all about the $$$. like others have said, jerruh is just pissed because one of his players got suspended again.
  12. Explain to me why...

    not going to lie. i glanced at that image and i was trying to figure out what cam was trying to say in this tweet. i need more coffee.