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  1. had sling. hated sling. ps vue most like having cable or satellite than any other. best and most channel options. kind of has a built in DVR. that said....the only time i use it is watching sports (no problem watching panthers or any of the ncaa tourney). aside from that...i'm usually watching netflix stuff and occasionally stuff on amazon. seriously thinking about pulling the plug on ps vue except for march madness and football season. its all i can do the rest of the year to keep up with the few shows i actually have time to watch (which is pretty much 0 except for weekends i'm not working). my daughters pretty much just watch stuff that's on netflix and amazon and youtube. my wife just watches whatever is on tv in those few moments she gets to sit and do nothing.
  2. This ain't about football anymore. Same ol arguing over the same ol thing accomplishing the same ol thing with people reading too much into other people's opinions and making judgments on their character based on their opinion on a single issue. Weak sauce. closing thread.
  3. Johnny manziel

    And manziel's time has come and gone. He was always going to only be a flash in the pan like T-bow. Only problem was johnny was too stupid to flash. He missed his moment and became seen as untrustworthy. Hes just not worth the sideshow.
  4. Johnny manziel

    That is the reason NO TEAM will pick Hardy up and he won't have many, if any players championing for him the way some have done for Kaep. Hardy is considered psycho by many. He's always been thought of in that way. Even while in college he was seen as odd and it only got worse as he got older. He's unmanageable and nobody wants to touch him. Talented? Yes...but the side show that travels with him apparently overshadows that talent. Let go of the dream, Hardy boy.... it's over.
  5. i'm still bullish about this coming season. going forward beyond that....i'm kind of in wait and see. lots of changes coming round the bend. could be good, could be the browns.
  6. if the league wants him to own the team, regardless of his bid, what incentive would there be for him to stay active in the bidding. everyone can keep one upping each other even pushing 3bil while he sits there saying "i'm not going to go above 2.3bil" and still end up winning. playing that game makes me actually like him more. the league likes him, but he's still going to play by his rules.
  7. how would you be able to tell?
  8. Johnny manziel

    wait...you're serious?
  9. Is this it ? Is it? Yea

    like he would know the difference.
  10. Goodbye, Color Rush Uniforms

    good bye headaches.
  11. No kidding. He and the Rooney's were kind of polar opposites politically. Personally I'd rather have an owner who didn't give a flying fig about politics and just kept it about creating the best football team possible.
  12. Tepper. Hard core business guy but not a corporate man. Serious real from the JR mold so old school people would hate him but I think PC people will hate him as well so it's a win/win for me there. Big thing will be loyalty might be throne out the window if you fail to get your job done.
  13. Is this it ? Is it? Yea

  14. i'd be surprised if it lasts more than 2 seasons...at least without becoming an NFL farm league.