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  1. I can overlook whoever i want to. you know why? because i'm just a fan and i can do whatever the hell i want to do. if i was a player or a coach, it would be different, but i'm not. i'm just a fan.
  2. i just love it when fans try to tell other fans how to be good fans.
  3. what does it matter to you how anyone else looks at the season and what makes your opinion of how to look at the season? i mean what are you trying to prove, that anyone looking at the big picture is a foolish fan? what makes you the authority?
  4. I don't have to be prepared for anything. i'm just a fan whose excited about the potential for us to go undefeated this year and think it can happen.
  5. i'm a fan of how the team is thinking. i think that's how they should be thinking. i just don't think that as a fan you have to approach the schedule the same way. it's fine if you do, but i don't see it being mandatory for all fans or think that one way is better than another.
  6. that doesn't mean that its not alright AS A FAN and look at how our team is doing and who we have on the docket and think we can't win them all. 
  7. Matty Ice is melting....

    matt ryan isn't helping them win, that's for sure. he's also not pulling everyone together like a vet with his years of experience should be doing. he's crumbling. he needs a vacation...or just replaced.   nevermind....that's only if i wanted them to do better. i'm 100% fine with him turning into a big pile of boohoo.
  8. dude's a grade A jackass. i just read that neither him nor the ownership is all that concerned with winning. the rams more liked him because of his experience in coaching a team transitioning from one city to another. i've always thought he was overrated. he's been coaching for what...over 20 years and has had only a half dozen or so winning seasons and maybe 3 or 4 trips to the playoffs? you can only go so long blaming the FO and personnel. at some point you have to look at the one common denominator...fisher.
  9. doesn't sound so silly. i mean what's so bad about it? i'm calling this the beginning of a dynasty. does that bother you? i've got confidence in what this team can do. don't you? we're quite possibly going to at least 16-0 and we aren't at full strength. next year we get KB back and it looks like we'll have pretty much everyone back , plus we have another offseason with gettleman dealing with FA and the draft. there's no reason we can't do this again next year. we'll be better.
  10. we don't have to focus on one game at a time. the players and the coaches should, but there's no benefit or cost to us thinking down the road. we can't effect it, so why not think more than one game ahead?
  11. Reminder: At New Orleans 2014

    you're thinking too much.
  12. what did fisher say? i missed it.
  13. looking at the rest of the schedule, that's enough of a rest in itself. it's like going up against high school teams.
  14. i think we can do it and probably will do it....mainly because the rest of the teams on the schedule suck.   we could go with cam and luke sitting out and pull it off fairly easily. that's not being cocky, that's just noticing how bad the falcons, saints, giants, and bucs are. all of them lost today, most lost to teams we already beat. none of these games today were really close. the only team i am at all cautious about is the cardinals, but even then we've got homefield advantage all but locked up and i think we're just flat out better all the way around.