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  1. No matter how good a CB is, he will only ever essentially take one non-QB out of the game. DL can shut the whole offense down. No matter how good the QB or receiving talents are on the other teams, they better be able to get their job done in 2 seconds because that pocket is going to be non-existant in the third second.
  2. That's why we'll never be a good dominant team. We don't listen to the wisdom of pundits talking out of their arse.
  3. Douche move by those teams. I hope it's not us
  4. I remember thinking that cam would probably go there and that would be a great fit because they had started using the pistol formation the year before. I thought cam would be lethal in that offense.he probably would have been. I don't blame them for being upset they didn't get to draft him.
  5. JaWalrus Russell's open letter to Jerry Jones

    Big guy with a cannon for an arm. That was his selling point. The ONLY selling point that got him even in the conversation for top pick that year. People realized after Al Davis made that mistake that you need more than than big guy with a cannon for an arm. Props to Russell for not giving up on his dream, but he needs to move on. He had his chance. He blew it. It's sad, but there are some opportunities that only come along once in a lifetime. That was his. He needs to find himself in another situation.maybe mentoring other football players to help them not make the same mistakes he did.
  6. It is draft week people... look alive...

    i'm getting ready to give my trigger finger a work out. don't ask....
  7. Blame for this falls on Norman's agent for not keeping Norman in the loop. Of course blame ultimately falls on Norman for hiring this clown in the first place.
  8. Sideswiped

    Getting sideswiped is easy when the driver (your agent/family guy) can't see the whole road because he's got huge blind$pot$. Enjoy the extra couple mil you're getting from a team you won't like who will cut you in a couple years because Snyder has his eyes on some other flashy free agent. And enjoy watching your former team from the luxury of your expensive couch while you remember that one run you had when you were with a real team before your pride got in the way. You should have listened to CJ, TD, and Harper rather than that joke of an agent. Oh well, hope the extra cash makes it worthwhile. Just remember a team is bigger than just one guy.
  9. An outlier among teams with the most cap space

    we'll be using a significant portion of it to lock up a couple incredible cogs long term that will be far more valuable to long term success than a corner...kk and star. and it will be money well spent.
  10. I will see the wwisdom and logic in anything gettleman does, if not initially then eventually. The guy knows a whole lot more than i do about managing this team and has done an incredible job making this team better every year. I trust him and whatever he does. And that doesn't make me a sheep. That makes me wise. I recognize his strengths and can not argue with his success.the man knowswhat he's doing and he's earned my respect and trust. I may not understand what he does right away and I will have my own opinions but I defer to him when i hear he is looking at a player that makes me scratch my head, I'll just say, "I guess he knowswhat he's doing."
  11. I think we'll get more than we pay for. Takethat however you want. I'll just say I'm not expecting an all pro year.
  12. sounds like damage control to me.
  13. Interesting choice. i guess the Vikings do make sense. He did well there and they gave up a good amount to bring him there.
  14. Rams trade to Number 1

    When was the last time a trade like thatever worked out for someone?