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  1. we'll trade up to get him in the second. it's the panther way.
  2. the problem was there, supposedly, but how many times has he gone to the dominican republic, cut his foot, had it get infected and need a skin graph since he's been in the league? can't say i blame them for being skittish in giving him a multi year deal like they were planning on.
  3. you seriously have never hear jourdan rodrique associated with the panthers? oye.....
  4. dude goes to the dominican republic, gets his foot cut on something and it gets infected and the cut is bad enough that it needs a skin graph and will require several months before he's able to pass a physical again? that's kind a deal breaker when you want to compete right now. you need guys who can hit the ground running as soon as they are able to start working out to make sure everyone is ready and obviously that wasn't a 100% guarantee it would happen. you don't want to invest that kind of money into someone who has that many question marks. i think the thing that would make me want to run from the deal is that it is stemming from something that happened when he was in fourth grade? Newton said breeland told him it was just like he had happen in the 4th grade. if there is some kind of long standing health problem that could cause situations like this to recur, i think that would make it even harder to sell me on. it's good they had the option to void that contract. it's not really a situation you run into every day or year.
  5. poe is better, one year younger and has one year more experience in the pros. incredible value.
  6. Is Dontari Poe Good?

    who would have thought otherwise? you mean the #blewdat in his avi pick wasn't a clue? btw....no insults. see you in a few months. enjoy watching the other NFCS teams get better while you sit there with the other falcon fans and wonder "why can't that be us?"
  7. Star vs. Poe, comparison.

    star wanted a contract for a top tier 4 down guy. panthers offered him a contract that was more in line with what he actually is, a solid two or three down guy. he's not a 4 down guy. he got the contract he wanted and we got a true 4 down DT for what we were offering star. poe got to go where he wanted. it's a win-win-win.
  8. I sure wasn't saying that. I've always liked Poe. Also star is a beast, but Poe is an upgrade. More disruptive interior force.
  9. Especially since we got an upgrade. Hurney is starting to grow on me.
  10. Kind of the way I see it, but I see willson as being much more consistent and reliable while ebron would bring more headaches than big plays. I'd be happy with both but willson would be the better choice.
  11. Cam & Kia pregnant again

    is this going to be an annual thread? i've got a feeling it is. not a bad thing, btw...
  12. What Are You Listening To Right Now....

    getting ready for a backpacking trip with some friends next month. got this song on my brain.... i guess i like this version a bit better....