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  1. Saturday Games Thread

    so why are we having saturday night games?
  2. they didn't make an effort to keep him around. this is kind of why. e's got some mileage left, probably, but between what he thinks he's worth and his personality that just flat out annoys the people he's around he's sitting on his couch when he's not making an arse of himself on tv or twitter.
  3. Just got into a road rage fight

    you ever thought of taking on a less....umm...."exciting" lifestyle? seriously...you've got to get control of yourself.
  4. I Have an Announcement

    au contraire, brother, it's that kind of food that helps make life good.
  5. I Have an Announcement

    not big on moldy cheese. sorry. i wish i liked it. probably use extra sharp cheddar. seems appropriate for some reason. it's got to be yellow cheese whatever i use b/c cheeseheads. velveeta or cheesewiz is probably more fitting for their fanbase, but i can't stomach that poo.
  6. Just got into a road rage fight

    you know it's not impossible to control that. it's also a much better thing to regret walking away from a stupid fight than to get hurt or killed not walking away from it. you've got to get some control over your life, dude, or it's going to get you into some serious trouble that you'll regret for a long time.
  7. I Have an Announcement

    i'm going to let everyone else worry about the JR drama tomorrow. my plans involve grilled cheese bacon and jalapeno cheeseburgers while watching the panthers beat up on the packers and then take a nap.
  8. Just got into a road rage fight

    and if some moron starts punching your truck....lock your doors, roll up the windows, pull out your phone and record the whole thing, get the license plate and report it and post it online so the whole world can see what kind of special moron they are.
  9. Just got into a road rage fight

    did you not help in escalating the situation to that point? He started having words with you so you started having words back with him and why? why not ignore him? he was in his car you were in yours. just because someone screams at you or whatever doesn't mean you have to scream back. that whole "fight fire with fire" is the DUMBEST thing that has ever been thought by people. when i've got a fire going on i don't want, i don't go and say "well, i've got to build a bigger fire!" how stupid is that? you extinguish it by taking the oxygen and fuel away from the fire. the whole thing could have been avoided and each step along the way you had a chance to keep it from escalating to that point. you chose to fight back and make the situation worse and you could have wound up getting killed or, worse yet, something could have escalated between you two to the point that innocent bystanders were seriously hurt or killed. make all the excuses and justifications you want, even though it may not have been you that started the whole thing, you didn't help the situation. you made it worse. it takes two to tango or whatever, but if one walks away, the other looks like a fool/raging lunatic.
  10. i don't care anything about trump. JR is another matter. i don't like the hoping for death or a ruined life just so we can have a "better" owner of a football team. priorities are completely out of whack.
  11. i hate weak coffee...

    Parents thought they would be nice and bought me a bag of dunkin donuts medium roast or whatever their regular poo is. i just made a pot of it with my pour over coffee maker and it's like drinking coffee flavored water. i expect my coffee to be black. it was barely dark. you could see through it. i might keep it for when they're over and want some coffee, but it's been a while since i had coffee that wasn't dark roast or espresso. this is probably the kind of stuff that i started drinking 20 something years ago, but man...just not digging that taste at all. there's something just off about it.
  12. Just got into a road rage fight

    life's too short and precious to get caught up in that poo. face your battle like a man? meh....sorry, but i don't really see that as being a "man." i wouldn't have gotten in that situation to begin with. "exchange words" with some stranger that's pissed off while y'all are in traffic? why not just ignore the guy? seriously not worth the effort. especially when you've got nut cases out there carrying guns. best way to deal with conflict is to not let it escalate. i've got no desire to get into it with anyone and nothing to prove. i've done all the proving i need to do and priority one is making sure i'm around to take care of the people that need taking care of, my family. that's where my effort goes. not with some moron with a bit of road rage. not trying to pass judgment or anything. that whole situation just seems too avoidable and there's nothing to gain from it.
  13. Im that weird guy

    doesn't the dough stick to your teeth? that would bug me. i'll eat some cold pizza and used to on a regular basis in college, but frozen...bleh.
  14. it's a rare time for me to have noting on the plate. i mean there's several things that i need to do at some point, but right now...meh. not this weekend. i might save the little drinking for tonight after everyone is asleep and i'm stuck in third shift sleep cycle mode. get caught up on some netflix stuff.