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  1. i'm curious about that "misinformed" part as well. and if we are misinformed, then maybe the problem is the one feeding us the information (or the information spun the way he wants it to be spun)? but seriously, what is it that we are misinformed about?
  2. Forte won't be re-signed

    only RBs we need are ones with a whole lot of experience in modern option offenses. not everyone can handle it. doesn't matter how good or talented they are or have been. they need to fit what we do and this isn't something that you can teach an old dog to do so easily, esp. if they come from a traditional "pro-style" offense.
  3. Cam Newton and the Burden of History

  4. Are there any players on The Huddle?

    Since the Superbowl...maybe. Prior to that? Absolutely and not infrequently. They lurk as do people in the FO from time to time.   At least that's what I've heard.
  5. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    I guess it must be frustrating. Before the Superbowl nobody was talking about them or giving them much love or credit because all the attention was on the panthers and then you win and still nobody is talking about them, showing them any love or giving them any credit. It must be because not only is your team incredibly boring and will be all but forgotten next year, but because everyone knows that you guys wouldn't have win were it not for help from the refs.  Suck it up, buttercups. Go back to your own little fan forum and keep on whining about the disrespect you're getting. You have the Lombardi. Just be happy with that. And that goes for those lurkers that monsta and I flagged as spammers for running in here and trying to talk trash after the win. I see you guys ha-ha. BTW, thanks for the dollar you donated to St Judes..
  6. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    "Oh no!!!!! Someone on an opposing team's message board is saying things I think are wrong!!! I MUST correct this injustice!!!!!! " Lol I'm getting an itchy trigger finger.
  7. the only FA decision gettleman made i have hated was tagging hardy. honestly, i trust him for everything else. i have no idea if CJ is worth even the  restructured amount, but i do like him being on the roster and think that he and actually allen are both needed presences. i hope we can work it out to keep both of them, but we could probably find better talent for less money in FA.   it's a tough call that i'm glad i don't have to make.
  8. Getting Benji Back

    i would be 100 fine with this. and maybe 1 more wideout for depth. these guys are going to be incredible together this coming year. i don't think we'll have a 1000 yard receiver, but that's a whole lot for a defense to account for. KB is legitimately going to be drawing double teams and you know that this year teams were constantly trying to figure out how to take olsen out, and with funchess coming into his own as a legit threat...i mean you've got to or three guys right there who could be drawing double teams regularly and then you've got the shifty/speedy/downfield threats that philly and.or ginn bring? plus whatever RB we have on the field? plus the threat that cam brings (and which you need have a spy on)? defenses are going to be getting spread thin. i really think that if we did nothing to this receiving/TE corps we would still be in incredible shape. if someone falls into our lap this year, fine, but i think the focus on improving the team should be in beefing up the OL a little, addressing DE and the secondary. money and draft picks shouldn't be spent on a position group that is so solid, imo. what we've got is going to be a nightmare for defenses.
  9. whoa.....umm....it might be time for you to back away for a while.
  10. I can't be the only one who grimaces every time he sees Sam Mills name associated with SMF. 
  11. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    i do know that when you speak out against refs, the ref union takes it personally and will all turn against you. we saw that this year quite a lot.
  12. yeah, i was shaking my head at that one as well. the board was pretty evenly split, but let's not let truth get in the way of a good attempt at trying to put a guy on a pedestal. SMF has made me SMH more than just about anyone in here, even you.
  13. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    i don't think there was a conspiracy, but i absolutely believe that a reffing crew's bias in favor of the broncos absolutely influenced the way they called the game. they let obvious things slide if it favored the broncos and when in doubt, called in favor of the broncos. that is obvious. the sad thing is, there's not a thing that can be done about it. no accountability. nothing. they screwed us. whether it was intentional or not, i don't know and don't really care. they screwed us out of a lombardi that we deserved and would have won had the refs actually called the game even close to fairly. but people could come out with proof it was intentional and it still wouldn't matter. the lombardi would still be in denver and that's a travesty. does that mean that we should just let it go? absolutely not. i don't care if people consider us bitter cry babies. it was wrong and that reffing crew and the league that allowed a reffing crew  with that relationship with a team should be called on it.