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  1. Is WFNZ in trouble?

    Media doesnt Like being cock-blocked. This is the outcome they are ultimately hoping for. 
  2. Giants cutting two former Panthers

    no more nostalgia, please. only vets we bring in or keep should be ones that can help us going forward in a capacity beyond that of mentor.
  3. Tom Brady: The Winner

    it's an unfortunate truth.
  4. Dameshek defends Cam

    well.... get started, yo.
  5. Voth talks about Rivera and Newton

    it's not just black people who are considered property. it's anyone on the big stage. just some people are better at being puppets than others. i mean you look at the way the general public via paparazzi views celebrities or anyone else at the top. the media thinks that the fact that a person is in the limelight that every part of their life is up for the rest of the world to see. when you get on that big stage you lose the right to privacy and everyone else is entitled to every second of your life. not only that, you are expected to fit some mold that the public has defined (and that mold is constantly evolving) and if you dare step outside of that mold the whole world is waiting to crucify you. the reason that some people are more able to be the puppet that the general public expect is that they are from the basic same demographic group that has been setting the standards. but that doesn't mean that they all (black/white/latino/asian/whatever) aren't all considered property of the people looking up at them on the hill surrounding them from the valley below. btw, i think we're all guilty of this to one degree or another.
  6. Voth talks about Rivera and Newton

    that's what was so disappointing. voth went for the quick, easy, and wrong explanation and the only reason he did that was because he was one of them...the media guys who he walked out on. "how DARE he?" i just thought he had risen above that, esp. after spending so much time around the team. the more i look at it, jeremy and maybe jonathan joseph are about the only people who are worth paying attention to. both know the team and the players and are willing to look at the bigger context. voth, imo, showed his true colors. it's going to take some doing for me to consider him legit after that.
  7. This is crazy

    yeah, that's not on oher. it's just one of those little tiny things that factored into us not being able to get the 7 points we needed to win. this was not a convincing win for the broncos. there was no overwhelming dominant play from either side that decided the game. broncos D was not more dominant than ours. we just had multiple little things that happened to prevent us from coming out with the win and if any one of them had been different, we would have.
  8. Voth talks about Rivera and Newton

    i don't know how realistic this option is considering the control the media has on the league, but i don't see why players are forced to take part in that, esp. so soon after a game. it's ridiculous. the more i look at this whole situation, the more anti-media/press i become. i guarantee you that even as balanced as voth is compared to some of the other hacks we have talking about the panthers, that he would be right there out in front bitching and whining about not having immediate access to the players. he did it when the media wasn't allowed at a player organized practice during the lockout a few years back. i don't see that changing. press people have a massive sense of entitlement, but i guess their jobs depend on that so....
  9. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    will. not. happen.
  10. God Damn theirs a lot of pent up Cam hate

    what's funny to me is that they are ridiculing him for "crumbling" in the superbowl....after a season tha tthey won 17 games....after blowing out the 2 best teams in the NFC (which, despite our loss, i think the top three teams in the NFC were the top 3 teams in the league).   point is, he and the panthers won more games than any team in the league last year and came sooo close to winning every game, including the superbowl. if that's all they got, lol. it's funny, after winning 17 games this team is still going to go into next season as the underdog by many and will be seen as a team who chokes away any chances they have. they'll learn differently this coming year.
  11. yeah, we basically got screwed out of 2 superbowls, but what can you do?   here's hoping next year we come out next year and leave no room for conspiracies to matter. every team gets this treatment.  
  12. Not sure what the color of his skin has to do with the ignorance of his comments. Black people have been calling him out for lame poo like this as well. Point could have been made just as well without pointing that out unless you were trying to either point him out as racist or just trying to get more clicks on your thread.
  13. of course we did. why change? especially at halftime when it was obvious nothing we did was working? lol even fox's superbowl team figured that one out. shula reverted back to bad shula.   he wasn't the only problem, but he could have done things better.
  14. My take on the Cam Newton fumble.

    yep, but where is the media frenzy focused? it's on cam not jumping on a ball and walking out of a press conference. priorities.
  15. Seahawk Frank Clark laying into Cam Newton

    i'm a pretty peaceable guy, but "men" who hit women and children need to be hung upside down by their toenails and their nuts yanked out through their nose.