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  1. Win a framed and autographed print of "Luke in the Rain"

    Thanks. I have brought up my kids with Panthers Football in their blood. Every year we go to training camp, fan fest, and at least one game. If we have a primetime game, the kids know they get to stay up until the last play even though it's a school night.
  2. Win a framed and autographed print of "Luke in the Rain"

    This is no joke, my daughters first word was "Luuuuuuke". I can't say I was too upset. Of course neither was the wife. That Christmas we all got Kuechly jerseys and my daughter got a custom jersey with "LUUUKE" on the back. Photo Proof of Jersey Attached @JCS_Designs
  3. Mini-Melee: Josh Norman VS Cam Newton

    According to Jeremy, Luke and Lucas DID get into it during the scuffle.
  4. 27 years young and before the Panthers rolled into the Carolinas... I never had a team. On Sunday's I would watch the Redskins games with my dad (his favorite team) but couldn't have told you a single players name. Then in 1995, I went to my first NFL game... In Clemson SC. 105 degrees. And my team got stomped by the Rams in their first ever home game. Since that day, I've been a die-hard Carolina Panthers Fan!
  5. Blue Goose Huddlers

    Planning on bringing back a weekly photoshop series this season. Last season, me and the family had a lot going on so it was difficult to find the time. Hoping to post more, but also to stay silent through the "dark times" we are currently in. I'll have a lot more to say and post come Draft time.
  6. Blue Goose Huddlers

    I take the offseason off to avoid all the "quality" threads, and I'm forgotten like Armanti Edwards. I see how it is. 11 pages and no mentions... I'm hurt guys. Really and truly. Let me just leave a little refresher of what I bring to the team...
  7. Huddle Mod Semi-Finalists Announced

    My vote goes to Montsta. I've never seen him rage post or get into it with any other Huddlers. He has all the knowledge and traits to be a successful Mod. No disrespect to the other Finalists. Everyone picked has contributed to the Huddle in some form. I would have gladly gave my vote to RR for all he has done for this community, but he has declined.
  8. Deflate-Gate: Patriots Being Investigated For Deflated Footballs

    Heard them talking on the radio about this. First thing that popped in my head was "THIS RIGHT HERE explains why LaFail is all of a sudden a pro bowl wr!
  9. The Huddle Gameday Live - Buffalo Bills Edition

    Ravens Fan spotted in the crowd... That's sad BOOM! Huddle iPhone app.
  10. Official Panthers - Cardinals Gameday Thread

    I've had mine since they became available online
  11. Official Panthers - Cardinals Gameday Thread

    LUUUUUUKE FUGGING KUECHLY,!!!!!,!,11!1!1$)17
  12. What would the Huddle do if a tie-breaker came down to strength of schedule... All we've done the past 5 years is bitch about having the hardest in the league. What IF that is what won us the division!?!?! Boom! Mind.... Blown.
  13. Best Buffalo Wings in Charlotte?

    Has to be D.D. Peckers. I haven't lived in Charlotte for 5 years now, but every time I go to a game... I swing by there and grab some wings on the way home. Wing Wings Cafe = Generic wing taste you can get in the frozen foods section.
  14. Carolina Panthers Training Camp Update

    How hard is it to get your kid in the Panther Pals? I'm taking my 6 year old down with me tomorrow and this would make his year.
  15. -Game of Thrones-HBO-