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  1. Boxhead85 added a post in a topic I literally cannot remember a single time our D has looked this bad..   

    Dude you are too much. Celebrate the W for goodness sakes.
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  2. Boxhead85 added a post in a topic Official Huddle Fantasy - Week One - Second League Added   

    I'm in it to win it (or get top 3).
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  3. Boxhead85 added a post in a topic Predict the Numbers   

    Olsen = 950 / 8
    Philly = 650 / 4
    Ginn = 550 / 2
    Funchess = 650 / 4
    Cotchery = 400 / 2
    Norwood = 250 / 1
    Dickson = 200 / 0
    Swolebones = 75 / 0
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  4. Boxhead85 added a post in a topic our starting WR's for Jax   

    My thoughts exactly!
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  5. Boxhead85 added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    According to Matthew Berry...
    ...Cam will have career lows this season in three areas.
    Carolina Panthers: "I say Cam Newton has less than 3,100 yards passing, fewer than five rushing touchdowns and less than 500 yards rushing, all of which would be career lows. My thinking: Bad offensive line, keeps getting beat up and no one to throw to except Greg Olsen. There's only so many times you can get hit before you don't want to get up anymore, you know?"
    Bold, yes. Wrong? Hell yes.
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  6. Boxhead85 added a post in a topic Impressions - Preseason Three   

    I am also just watching the game right now. I love what the defense is doing. They show that they are capable of special things. Really love the Kurt Coleman pickup!
    Offensively, from what I have seen, Corey Brown needs work on his hands...or at least hand-eye coordination. He's too much of a body catcher. Feel like Ginn should be starting alongside Funchess Week 1. Even with the drops...seems like Cam is comfortable and trusts the O-line. Looks like we can move the ball.
    Just gotta stop imploding.
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  7. Boxhead85 added a post in a topic My updated game by game prediction/record post KB injury   

    What happened to all of that positivity from yesterday? We aren't losing to the Saints twice. We'll still get 5 wins in the division. We are still at least a 9, 10, or 11 win team.
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  8. Boxhead85 added a post in a topic 2015 Jersey Color Schedule   

    Superman > Batman
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  9. Boxhead85 added a post in a topic Russell "Golden Calf of Bristol" Wilson   

    Do that and you'll be my hero.
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