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  1. Bomani jones is truly is...
  2. Brian Urlacher....he mad

    It comes with the territory...winning brings out the haters How come urlacher didn't say this prior to this season.....because cam has been celebrating ever since he came in the league
  3. Nobody is insecure. I am just pointing out how the media like to anoint a QB like Luck. Ever since being drafted, Luck was suppose to be the next great thing and people like Bradshaw wrote Cam off even before he took his first NFL snap.    
  4. Who can forget Terry Bradshaw 5 years ago saying this......and now interviewing Cam winning the NFC title.....          
  5. I still remember when all the experts picked the Colts to make the SB and Luck winning the MVP.
  6. Hahahaha   Who can remember this by that joke called Adam Shein      
  7. No Fun League    Especially with Cam hated so much....U never know what they cooking     
  8. Giving little kids football after TDs
  9. NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    If you can't beat Seahawks then you are not truly a great team 
  10. One thing that sucks about this loss

    I just needed to say that. Hahaha
  11. One thing that sucks about this loss

    Get over it dude, it is a good loss. We need to be more focus on the playoffs now. Losing the game exposed a lot of things we can fix before the playoffs.
  12. One thing I will guarantee you is that if Andrew Luck had Cam's stats and record right now, trust me there wouldn't be no doubt who the MVP will be. They won't even mention Brady or Palmer. They will find a way to make Luck look like he got no weapons like they make excuses for him when he sucks.  Cam is having the season most media experts picked Luck to have, but their golden boy flopped this season. 
  13. Official Panthers - Falcons Gameday Thread

    I know right hahaha
  14. I am grateful the organization kept him even when the going were rough. Can you imagine having a coach like Mike Shanahan after trading 3 first round picks for Rg3 and then drafting a qb in the 4th round. Does that make any sense? Ron and Cam both came into the league as rookies at their different position and I am so happy to see how far they have come. Cam's success this year has been a long time coming, we are just reaping the rewards of having a continuity of coach and player. Seeing Cam's play in his 5th year only happened because of trust and patience the organization had with him along with coach. Rg3 never had a chance in D.C, the weekend he was drafted,  the countdown began to his last days in a skins uniform. I am just glad we have coaches surrounding Cam that have helped him grow and not tried to change his playing style. They let Cam be Cam and we are reaping the rewards today. He can beat you with his arms and legs, it will be tough for a lot of teams to stop that.