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  1. Sound FX: Superbowl 50

    I rewatched the actual game the other night, sober, rewinding and watching all the "penalties" and bad plays and just sat by myself, laughing/crying for a few hours. 
  2. Potentially important or not bonus reason to signing him...we play the AFC West next year. Who would know them better than a former All-Pro defensive player from the Chargers? 
  3. Well, he went to he's gotta be ours at some point.  If he's willing to play another year or two, I think he'd take a decent contract and chase a ring here with his old coaches.  Also retweeted Olsen's beard shaving pictures, so he could have Kalil/Olsen to talk beards with next season.    For those saying he's old? Yeah, he was 1st team All-Pro in 2014. I'd say he has some gas left. 
  4. Mike Wallace expected to be cut

    No all. 
  5. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

      And shouldn't your own point there speak VOLUMES to what we may not know?  Maybe the reason we give Alexander a chance is because it's weed, and maybe he'll turn a corner?  Not even really entertaining bringing Hardy back, where we've shown we'll give some guys a 2nd, or 3rd chance? Yeah...I'm trusting the guys in charge who were around Hardy all the time here. With a business to run. And who also essentially had 13 million dollars stolen from them from immature/dumb actions on a player's part, who then CONTINUED to make an ass of himself all year in Dallas, where he knew the spotlight was on him.  The playoffs this year also helped show that occasionally, good character guys matter. Ask the Bengals how Burfict and Pacman are.  Hardy the player - beast Hardy the person, who you're also signing - an absolute damn moron.     A fun thing too...our DE's (whole DL) next year could be young. IIRC from articles, Ealy is also a bit of a headcase going back to Mizzou...imagine Greg Hardy being the de facto vet leader of the DEs next thank you. 
  6. Forte won't be re-signed

    Yeah he'll go thrive in NE for a season. Wouldn't mind him, or any of the "old" RBs as a potential stop gap, though...depending on Stewart. 
  7. Panthers interviewing special teams coaches

    Interview some ST players while you're at it.  Some that may tackle a guy who didn't call a fair catch perhaps? 
  8. Cap Casualties - Top 25

    He's battled some injuries, but Chris Long could be a decent fit to start opposite Kony, with a draft pick or two/Addison behind them.  Also random and probably completely wrong...but I swear I remember years ago Howie Long saying on the Fox pregame show his kids were Panthers fans. Also went to UVA, so maybe some "local" ties. Granted, he did get thrown out of the Rams/Panthers game a couple years back and was an ass that day, but I'd welcome him.    Matt Kalil just makes too much sense if released. We'd have the inside track on signing him I'd imagine, and he'd hopefully take a short "prove-it" deal 
  9. Is Kony Ealy the next great Panthers defensive end?

    If he can cut out the occasional dumb penalty, he's going to be not only a force, but a consistent one with Ron's trust. 
  10. Getting Benji Back

    I like the WRs next year...KB, Funch, Philly, and Ginn could be a helluva top 4 if the young guys keep progressing.  Cotch as a potential 5th is a wildcard...but we may also be in a position in the draft to take a home run shot on a guy like Braxton Miller and have a potentially young/crazy potential WR group. 
  11. What might a Charles Johnson extension look like?

    Unless his cap number goes down to 5-6 million or so for next year, I don't see a way to keep him. The savings are too great, and money for leadership can only be so expensive.    I'd rather have Olivier Vernon, Malik Jackson, or someone else on 1 decent sized contract...than pay the same amount for a pair of CJ and a third tier DE 
  12. I re-watched the game today (I hate myself), and yeah...a lotttt of bad calls and outright dirty poo from the Broncos...but we should've made plays. Anytime we'd get momentum, dropped pass, Tolbert fumble, Remmers screw up, Cam throws high, penalty, or the lovely ST punt coverage blunder that really did us in IMO. 
  13. 2016 Top NFL free agents - running backs

    Johnson is getting cut, or taking an outright paycut...we'll be clearing 11 million from a cut of CJ.  Stew is trickier. If he's played his way into staying, he makes his money.  Or, he's a June 1st cut, save around 4 million IIRC. Which could be enough to sign an Alfred Morris perhaps.    I ran some numbers on probable cut players a few weeks ago, and we can end up with around 35-40 million in space, while keeping Kalil (another big cap hit) and Stewart's numbers as they are I believe. 
  14. Didn't Cam always sit in Voth's media seat before pressers?    Well that could be awkward now. 
  15. 2016 Top NFL free agents - running backs

    FWIW, from what I remember fantasy gurus always saying, Alfred Morris was BY FAR at his best when RG3 was playing.  Aka, zone-read, QB threat to run, yada yada.  Cousins didn't allow him the same opportunities. Also is supposedly a high character/quality guy.  I think Morris could come in and at least be a dependable, move the chains guy.    May seem weird, but Morris could be a steal.