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Ivan The AwesomeDaveThePanther2008

There's where you're wrong Dave, I checked the whole entire thread, NOT ONCE, did anyone call you a name, except when I called you a sad little man for calling me an ass kisser. Check the thread, read it in its entirety, I have plenty of opinions and I have even debated with people I've agreed with in the past. Heck I've even agreed with you on some of your points. You for some odd reason "believe" that I don't have an opinion. That's your prerogative. You're still trying to diminish my opinion by saying that I just agree with others or "Bandwagon". Which is totally false. Just shows that you absolutely don't like me. Which is fine as well. I'm not asking you to like me, but what I am saying is that you shouldn't dislike me for things that I haven't done. I don't even have a problem with you at all Dave, heck we root for the same team for petes sake. I'll go ahead and leave you be. But the minute I see you insult me, don't be surprised if I retaliate.
Aug 15 2011 03:48 PM