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Found 5 results

  1. This week's edition of Along the Sidelines is now available for your viewing pleasure. Each week during the regular season and post season (God willing), I will be bringing you the things I saw from along the NFL sidelines all in high definition. I hope you enjoy. Along the Sidelines - Patriots at Panthers
  2. This week's edition of Along the Sidelines is now available for your viewing pleasure. Each week during the regular season and post season (God willing), I will be bringing you the things I saw from along the NFL sidelines all in high definition. I hope you enjoy. Along the Sidelines - Patriots at Panthers View full article
  3. I realize many want to quickly forget the Friday night game in Foxboro, and while much of the game can (and should) be thrown out, there are a few things worth mentioning and remembering. No one should ever question the skill level or importance of Luke Kuechly to the Panthers defense. Over the past two seasons, media voices have said he has benefited from an excellent defensive line and simply pads his numbers based on that fact. However, when Kuechly left the field on Friday night, there was a huge drop in defensive performance. I noticed Luke was wearing extra padding on his right wrist and thumb. Kuechly usually does wear wrist braces, but this was something else. It looks as though he may have seen limited play as a precaution. See for yourself... Star Lotulelei was one of the bright spots on defense. He posted a couple of tackle, an assist, and this hurry on QB Tom Brady. Another bright spot was rookie Kelvin Benjamin who had five receptions. I noticed a familiar face tackling Benjamin. Former Panthers linebacker James Anderson (55 below) was signed by the Patriots in June. Benjamin continues to improve and refine his game as the preseason progresses.Things like pointing our the line of scrimmage marker and making sure he is lining up absolutely perfect shows he understands how much of his position are about the small details. The Patriots tried shutting Benjamin down by placing veteran CB Darelle Revis on him. The result was an 11 yard reception and a first down. Jonathan Stewart once again had the best performance of the running backs, but that isn't saying much considering the poor performance by the entire offense that night. But Stewart did manage to almost get 3 yards per carry, while Deangelo Williams averages less than 2. Stewart is strong enough to power through initial contact.... ...and nimble footed enough to avoid it. Cam Newton had a rough night, but still managed to post a respectable 88.2 QB rating. I wonder what his rating would have been without Kelvin Benjamin on the field. Cam was under pressure for 8 of his 17 snaps. The most troubling statistic is that Cam was only blitzed twice by the Patriots defense. That means the Patriots were able to apply pressure 6 times from their base defense. Not good. On one awkward fall, Cam strained a back muscle. Noticing he was unable to get up out of the huddle, Greg Olsen motioned for a trainer. Along the sidelines, Ron Rivera was not satisfied with Cam's performance. Rivera has said Cam will play in the last preseason game. He needs as many snaps as possible with his completely new receivers before the season starts. Thomas Davis posted six tackles on the night. While others are getting up, walking away, Davis remained intensely focused on the first down marker, making sure his man didn't get there. Tom Brady was free to throw the ball all night long, only being pressured four times by the defense. Only one of those pressure came when the Panthers played their base defense. For a team built on applying pressure with only four down lineman, that is not a good showing. If there is one thing Brady does extremely well and Cam needs to improve on it is moving in the pocket while under pressure but still making the throw. Brady is a master at moving his feet just enough to stay in the protection, but never taking his eyes off his receivers. The turf at Gillette Stadium is very soft, packed with plenty of small rubber granules that act as soil. Kicks resemble a golf swing as the rubber divots fly. Brenton Bersin was targeted twice, had two receptions, and racked up 42 yards. People laugh when Bersin is mentioned as a number two receiver, but I don't understand why. He does everything well, from catching.... ... to run blocking. People overlook the fact that Bersin is 6'3 and 210 pounds. Bigger and stronger than Brandon Lafell. At the end of the night, the entire Panther bench looked deflated. Notice all of the pursed lips..... Psychologists will tell you that particular facial expression means the patient is feeling unsure, frustrated, or disappointed. I'd say that sounds about right.
  4. In what became one of the most exciting and inspiring game in years the Panthers ultimately defeated the New England Patriots, The night began with fireworks during the national anthem. The entire evening was a dedication to the military and their families. Earlier in the week I predicted Steve Smith, despite being covered by Talib, would make an impact in this game. Almost immediately 89 began to remind Talib why Smith is known as one of the toughest players in the game. Talib, while helpless to stop Steve Smith resorted to trying to twist his ankle after the play. The result was a Patriots penalty which energized the crowd more than in recent memory. In fact, the Patriots played the dirtiest football I have ever witnessed at Bank of America Stadium. After each play they were sure to get in extra kicks and hits. The Panthers, however, play between the whistles and sometimes even offer a helping hand to the opposition once the play is over. Cam Newton had, in my opinion, one of the best games of his career. Without his elusive running ability and sure handed passing, the Panthers would not have been in this game. However, the thing that I liked most about Cam last night was his presence and leadership. Each week, Cam is getting more comfortable in his role as a leader on this team. Last night, he led a clutch game winning touchdown against a solid team. Brandon Lafell doesn't seem to get much credit from the media, but this season he has turned out to be a legitimate threat in this league. No one is happier about the emergence of 2nd and 3rd receiving threats more than Steve Smith, who understands while he may not be getting the number of catches the team is getting the wins. After the Tedd Ginn game winning touchdown Steve was sure to celebrate with Ginn. It almost looked like a passing of the torch... Thomas Davis had a monster night. It would have been difficult to photograph a defensive play without him in the frame. Luke Kuechly was in a chess match with Tom Brady all evening. For a second year player to go toe to toe with one of the greatest QB's of all time speaks volumes to Luke's ability before and after the snap. During the last Patriots touchdown, you could feel the energy collectively let out of the stadium. Immediately there were concerns the game may be lost. How ever, Cam Newton was having none of that. And put together a solid scoring drive. Once the defense took the field for the last time the game was within reach. The Panthers defense harassed Tom Brady with the most pressure he had seen all night long, In the end, Robert Lester intercepted a ball as Tom Brady cried foul. After the game, Bill Bellichick was man enough to shake the hand of Ron Rivera... but Tom Brady was no where to be found. In a completely classless move, Brady headed for the tunnels without shaking hands with Cam Newton. But you know what? Cam wasn't even mad. And even did a victory lap, administering high fives to his fans who stayed until the very end. What a great night to be a Panthers fan.
  5. In their most anticipated Monday Night Football game in years, the Panthers seek to establish themselves as a top tier team in the NFL. The Bank will be blacked out and louder than ever this evening. On TV: ESPN Radio: 1110WBT I will be tweeting observations and pics starting at 7pm, follow @CarolinaHuddle Keys to a Panthers victory: 1. Long sustained scoring drives, keep Brady off of the field. 2. Apply pressure from the front 4, blitzing will not phase Brady. The ball comes out too quickly. 3. Take advantage of Patriots rookie safety Harmon with Ted Ginn on deep routes. 4. Run, Cam, Run. Cam breaking a long run will force the Patriots to rush less and contain more.