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Found 2 results

  1. I've seen enough. Kalil is too slow of foot to handle the better pass rushers in the league. Gettleman made him almost a top 10 paid LT this year, and he had not and has not done anything to earn that kind of money, money that would have been better spent elsewhere.
  2. Everyone from hardcore fans to members of the national media are just as perplexed today as yesterday about the specific reasons that Dave Gettleman was fired. And while perhaps one of the most head-scratching firings that I've seen in the world of sports, it is also just super compelling because all one has to currently rely on is speculation because of the personality of the owner and culture of the organization. Honestly, until J-Rich becomes his less stoic and gruff self (which is probably not going to happen), the soap opera nature of this situation is going to be prime time for not only Panthers fans, but all NFL types. Anyway, I guess it's Will Brinson's turn to weigh in. I guess this is as about as high of quality speculation and a kind of synopsis that we're going to get. So read it if you're as fascinated as I am. But don't whine about it not saying anything, because that's part of the nature of the beast when the owner isn't saying anything. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/panthers-appear-to-be-choosing-family-over-football-again-for-better-or-worse/ "But in the same way that Irwin R. Schyster could never be a fan favorite, there was no way that the frugal Gettleman -- a scout at heart, a film junkie and a guy charged with cleaning up the cap -- could keep everyone happy. His moves came at a price, one that is often realized in the NFL world under the term 'business.' " "The point being is that these decisions are not football decisions. They appear to be decisions made in the interest of family rather than football. Dave Gettleman was not going to make family-friendly decisions. He also wasn't interested in maintaining a buddy-buddy relationship with the players on his roster. That's his prerogative, just as it's Richardson's prerogative to relieve Gettleman of his duties if he believes the GM is treating the players poorly. "