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Found 2 results

  1. Gman is the front-runner to be the Gm for the giants, that has been said before I know, but apparently, Wilks is one of his top candidates for head coach. Who do we go to if it all plays out this way?
  2. Several weeks ago, I remember when I created a thread delving into the differences between Steve Wilks and Sean McDermott, and how that may impact the defense. I mainly concluded (from some of the players own words) that there was a difference in Intensity, energy and expectation---a raising of the bar. There may have been a couple of huddlers that basically sneered at the thoughts as just "boilerplate." I am not going to mention any names, but here is the thread: Well, I doubt anyone is laughing now at the thought of this Wilks-coached defense being anything but more intense and energetic, as well as more expectant of pure excellence than in years past. People in the know are taking note, and one of those people is one of my personal favorites, NFL analyst Bucky Brooks. Brooks was already interested in the Panthers defense as evidenced by his blurb in an article last week, but when Julius Peppers said that this unit was the "best" that he had ever played on, Brooks' interest was piqued, and he went to see what exactly was happening for himself. So there you have it. Wilks is channeling his spirit of aggression through a clearinghouse of sorts, Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis, radiating it throughout the entire defense which has the football smarts, athleticism and speed as a unit and individually to do more than just sit back in a zone and wait to react while opposing offenses comfortably carry out their game plans. Wilks has the personnel to dictate to the opposition, so he is going to ratchet up the pressure to maximize efficiency, while balancing sustainability through the express expectation that good and great players will be able to handle their business at all times. There will be no lack of energy, intensity, expectation, or communication. He realizes and fully understands that he has the ingredients of a special defense, and is going to optimize it to the best of his ability. Call it a window if you like, but the mix of smart and young upstarts, and experienced older---yet capable---veterans is not going to last forever, and Wilks is primed to take advantage of this opportunity. The defense is not going to just spectate and react, but dictate and dominate. I suggest that you also read what Brooks has to say about Dez Bryant. I couldn't help but think of our receivers and how they will fare once they hit their prime, and whether or not they are or will be known individually as a "jump-ball god" (as Aqib Talib referred to Dez). Are our receivers seemingly part of the problem of our offensive woes like with Big Blue, or are our offensive woes more about coaching, QB decisions and play, as well as a lack of O-line play (but not just about O-line play) as is the case with the Giants? Brooks makes the case that it is a combination of questionable play calling, QB decision or indecision, the inability of receivers to separate, basically no running game, and bad offensive line play that are at issue with the Giants. As for the Panthers...I'll just say that I don't think that the receivers or the running backs are the main issues, per se, so far this year... http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000849394/article/dez-bryant-no-longer-elite-a-giant-problem-panthers-d-is-back