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A terrifying "what if"

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It nearly happened. 


The Rams were sitting at 33, and Hurney tried to get the Rams to part with the pick.  What he offered is uncertain, but Hurney was aftraid that the Vikings or the Chiefs would take him.  However, if you look back at the previous draft, he gladly traded away a first rounder for a mid-second rounder, and that was not what he considered to be a franchise QB.  I have every reason to believe that Hurney was free styling this draft, operating without the head coach (lame duck Fox) in his ear.  There is little doubt that he offered a first rounder in 2011 and our second rounder in 2010.


The Chiefs and Vikings, both desperate for QBs, passed on Clausen again in the second round. Hurney pounced on Clausen like a kitten on a foam mouse, thinking he had killed the prey.


Fox's reaction was obvious.  He wanted to win now, and a developmental QB was not what he hoped for with the pick.  I can only imagine how he felt when the third round was dedicated to Edwards and Lafell, and then a tweener (Norwood) in the fourth.  Clausen was immediately slotted as the #3 QB in OTAs and in camp.


Some of that is conjecture based on facts and history, but what you say nearly happened.

I tell ya what.



Yes we would be, assuming we didn't grab Luck the next season (do not RGIII playing a decade in the NFL). 


We were then, at least on draft days.  Remember 2009 (I think that is the year) when super Marty drafted Stewart, a RB on the operating table with the 14th pick, I think.  We had DWilliams and needed a WR and DT.  I was furious.  Then he trades away our second rounder and our first in 2011 for Jeff Otah, a right Tackle. There are not many RTs going in the middle of the first round these days.


In 2011, however, he had no pressure from the coaching staff--everyone knew it was Fox's last season going in.  Then the IDIOT (dubbed IDIOT by the Queen of England when he gave Delhomme, coming off Tommy John surgery and about 34 years old, three times what anyone else would have paid him--then he signed near-pro bowler Charles "I suck" Godfrey to a megadeal) traded away a second round pick for Armanti Edwards, a player most had going in the seventh round.  It was rumored that Indy and a few others faked interest in him to get Marty to pull the trigger.  If that is true, they are probably still laughing at him.

Yup. Hurndog owned the draft.


Jimmy wouldve been a future HOF


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Let me ponder on that while I am busy not giving a damn about what "might" have happened 3 years ago, and watching my sexy ass Asian gf make me a sandwich in her underwear~


Tell her to be careful, there might be some doodoo in there. That would ruin a sandwich.....


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I actually like the threads like this; they are very entertaining. 


My guess we would be competing with the bottom feeders of the NFL - Jags , Raiders, and Browns


Think of the chain reaction ---> No Cam ---> No Luke ----> Prob Luck or RG3 as QB ----> the next 20 yrs of panthers history changed

lol its scary to think about. Talk about butterfly effect there.

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I was hoping to get all kinds of hilarious responses to this.

... When I bite into a York Peppermint Patty, I get the sensation of running naked through a jungle while a bunch of Asian girls in schoolgirl uniforms shoot cold water up my ass.

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I swear every thread on the first page right now is a repost.


Ok well really just this and the Gettleman/oline drafting thread.


But still.

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